We thought it was over

Sequel to My five miracles!! So this story is about after harry and connie,Niall and Natalie have been dating for a few years and graduated. Harry and Niall say 4 words that suprize Natalie and Connie but other suprize awaits them.......


9. that was a close one!

Connie P.O.V~

Its almost been a week and I still havent been found. Im afraid they have given up on me and stopped looking....

Maria has been torchering me everyday in any possible way she could think of. She has burned me, hit me like punching kicking, she would leave me to starve and she would try to make me feel less than everybody in the world. I felt like it was over, I would never see the light of day or be in the arms of Harry and never see the guys or my best friend ever again.....

Then the worst parts of my days came in, "Hello Connie its almost a week and I've been thinking that no one is over going to find you so I might as well just finish you off. You are no use to me anymore I have finally got my revenge and end it making you feel what I have felt for the past almost 10 years!!!" She screamed.

I was terrified when I heard the words "finish you". "Maria what do you mean finish me?? And Im not giving up I wont let you hurt me again." I felt a rush of confidence I have never felt before. "Oh little one. Believe that all you want. But I will be back. And I will end you forever. See you in a few days." She laughed evily and smirked at me before she left. She locked the door and kept the keys. I knew I had to get out of here since no one was going to be coming in a while.

I have been planning my escape to leave this place, whenever Maria left, it gave me time to untie myself and think of how im going to leave and gather things to help me. Finally, I knew tonight was the night I would finally be free.....

Louis P.O.V~

Its almost been a week and still no sign of Connie. We are all worried sick about her. Harry wont come out of his room for nothing he has been crying for days, he only comes out to eat,shower, and do only life needed things. We go in there to talk to him and sometimes we go out to look for Connie or to take his mind of it for a while.

Zayn on the other hand, has been acting really different these past few days......

"We have the swat,helicopters,police everything! I cant believe we cant find her. Im sure it was Maria! Whoever did this must have had everything planned good because how did they know about the wedding and Connie." I yelled.

"We will find her Louis calm down! I know she is out there! And I wont rest until we search every single place on earth and find her! I cant lose her again!" Zayn exclaimed. "Wait-what do you mean by you losing her again? And why are you so concerned all of a sudden? Come on Zayn, why are you acting weird ever since Connie went missing?" I asked very confused I knew something was up. "You dont like her,do you?" It just came out of no where but I was sorta wondering it too.

Zayn was quiet now. He got up and was going ti leave. "Zayn! Whats wrong?!" I was getting mad because he wouldnt say anything.

Zayn P.O.V~

Louis kept pressuring with all these questions and I was so worried about Connie so I said something I regreted saying to him....

"Okay! Its true I dont like her!! I....I...love her...." I blurted out. I covered my mouth as soon as I realized what I just said out loud. Luckly Harry and the rest of them went out and it was just Louis and me who stayed at home.

"You. You love Connie?" Louis stuttered a little. "Since when?!" Louis yelled. "Since her and Harry got together! I realized she was perfect and nice and sweet. And I got to know her as we got closer as friends. Then I realized I was falling in love with her..... Then I found out Harry was going to propose so I sorta stopped talking ti her knowing that Harry would get jealous but I still love her. But Now that I- I mean we, have lost her again I started getting really worried." I explained to louis.

Louis P.O.V~

I couldnt believe what Zayn was telling me....

I mena I never thought he liked her,he always said she was just a friend. "Zayn What would happen if Connie found out? Omg What if Harry found out?!" I exclaimed. "Omg Louis thats why Im only telling you! You cant tell no one I dont want to start any problems." He yelled back.

Zayn started to leave. "Where are you going?" I asked. "Im going to try to look for Connie. And get some fresh air." He said as he walked out the door. I had to sit down. What is happening? I asked myself. After a while Harry,Liam,Niall, and Natalie came back. "We're back!" Yelled Harry as he came in the door. "Where is Zayn?" Liam asked as he only saw me. "Oh un he went for a walk." I tried to keep calm and not blurt out Zayn's secret.

"Are you okay Louis? You seem a little nervouse like you just seen a ghost." Niall said and looked at me with a confused look. "I..Im fine well i got to go look for Zayn he has been out for a long time now....well bye!" I said as I grabbed my jacket and headed out the door. Wow! That was a close one. I thought.

How long has Zayn been keeping this from us?

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