We thought it was over

Sequel to My five miracles!! So this story is about after harry and connie,Niall and Natalie have been dating for a few years and graduated. Harry and Niall say 4 words that suprize Natalie and Connie but other suprize awaits them.......


1. Catching up on life

Connie P.O.V~

So me and Harry have been dating for a few years now. And so have Niall and Natalie.

We finally graduated College and I moved in with Harry and Natalie with Niall.

It was Christmas Eve and louis birthday. We decided to spend Christamas our friends. I was getting ready in our room fix my hair giving it last touches. I was wearing a red dress and flats because I cant stand walking in heels. cx

Then Harry came up to me and hugged me from behind. He was wearing a black tux. "You look gorgeous." He said. "And you look handsome." I complimented him back. " Zayn,Liam,Louis,Natalie and Niall will be here any minute they texted me they were just stopping at store to pick up some things" harry told me. He kissed me. And we walked downstairs to get ready for the guest.

We heard a knock at the door and Harry went to go answer it. "We are here!!" Niall sang as he came through the door. I laughed and went over to greet them. Then after them came in Zayn,Liam,and louis. We sat down to eat and then sang happy birthday to Louis. "Happy birthday Louis!!" We all said in unison. Then gave him a group hug. "Aw thanks guys!" He smiled and thanks us.

We enjoyed the rest if the night and hung out. Then at 12:00 midnight we all hugged and said Merry Christmas. Then I walked over to go get something in the kitchen. Then Harry came up to me and took my hand. "Look up Connie" he told me. I looked up and saw the mistletoe. "Well I guess you know what that means." I said back. Then he kissed me. And we went back to enjoy our party.

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