We thought it was over

Sequel to My five miracles!! So this story is about after harry and connie,Niall and Natalie have been dating for a few years and graduated. Harry and Niall say 4 words that suprize Natalie and Connie but other suprize awaits them.......


3. Bad news.....

Niall P.O.V~

We planned this wedding for a few monthes now. We decided to have our wedding together with Connie and Harry's wedding.

Natalie and Connie went to go pick out their wedding dress since the wedding was this saturday. So that left me and Harry to go pick up our tux.

We were at the shop to go get the tux. When on the tv they had there said something that got our attention.....

"Can you turn it up please?" I asked the lady at the desk. She smiled and did. Me and Niall were glued to the tv screen as the reporter said something that made my stomach drop....


>>>>>Breaking news!!!<<<<<<<

We are here at the juvie that Maria was once at. A lady brought here at the age of 17 because of terrible reasons. Now here i am with the officer who was at the cell guarding that night.

Officer: yea so last night this giel went completely mad! She pulled me against the bars of the cell and took my gun and pointed it at me and threaten to shoot if i didnt give her the keys. Then she took them and hit me with the gun and jump out the cell and out the window!!! I tried to call dor back up but we lost her after a few miles.

Reporter: wow! So all you out there watch out for this lady. She said something about getting revenge on a girl she knew back in college. Here is a picture of her.

>>>>>>>niall and harry stopped watching at this point<<<<<<<

Niall P.O.V~

I was totally shocked! I cant believe what i heard. I looked at Harry and he looked so shocked and frightened....

"Mate are you okay?" I asked him. He buried his face in his hands. "Harry??"

I grabbed his shoulder and he got his phone out his pocket and started txting Connie. I did the same but i txted Natalie.


Hey babe is everything okay? Where is Connie? And we need to talk about something I saw in the news with Harry. Love you c: xox


We are fine. And Xonnie is in the dressing room trying on her dress is everything okay? See you guys in a few minutes. Love you <3 xoxo

Harry P.O.V~

I almost lost it when I heard about the escape. Oh god.No this cant be happening. Not her. I cant believe she is back. I got my phone and texted connie to make sure everything was okay.


Hey Cupcake is everything okay? I need to tell you something really imporatant when you get home. Dont worry too much though. Love you! <3 xoxoxo


Hey babe and yea everything is fine im just teying on my dress and is everything going okay?? You sound really concerned. See you in a few bye love you xoxo

I put my phone in my pocket and told the lady if the tuxes are ready. She came out with them and me and Niall thanked her and rushed out to get home and tell Connie and Maria.

When we got home Connie and Natalie we already there and just sat on the couch watching tv. When we got there I rished in a ran to give Connie a hug. I started crying when I saw her and kissed her many times.

"Hey whats wrong Babe?? Why are you crying?" She said as she brushed my hair with her hands and hugged me tighter.

"Im so glad you are okay! I will never leave your side and protect you!" I said as i wiped the tears from my face. I told her to sit down and Niall and me told Natalie and Connie the News.

Connie got up and hugged me again and kissed me saying that she couldnt beleive what she heard.

I told her that everything was going to be okay and Me and Everyone else is going to do everything they can to protect her....

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