Lost from the World: The Final Battle

Miss Kook has agreed to an alliance with the Emperor of the Bermuda Pyramid, and Cervul must be stopped...


1. Talon

Pathetic, Miss Kook thought as Talon yelled he "needed more food" (after already having his second serving of beans).

         "No! If you want to make your own beans...fine with me! But I worked hard to make these, make your own dinner if you want to pig-out on food!" was Miss Kook's calm reply. She had somehow gotten her cellmate's name, (he gave it reluctantly) which was Talon.

         Since the Emperor of The Bermuda Pyramid had sent them on a quest, promising to keep her class safe when they were gone, she and Talon (with guards armed with spears to protect them) had already made great progress, traveling far from the Bermuda Pyramid, which just happened to be in a fantasy world that wasn't so fantasy-ish. Anyway, they were heading to Cervul's kingdom, where she would get to be a high and trusted member of the court and then convince Cervul to sign a peace treaty between the two kingdoms, therefore ending the war between them, or so she thought, if it all worked out.

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