Lost from the World: The Final Battle

Miss Kook has agreed to an alliance with the Emperor of the Bermuda Pyramid, and Cervul must be stopped...


2. Bantits

Talon was having a terrible day. First, he woke up to a snake three inches from his face, that didn't end up to well. Then for breakfast he was rejected his third serving of beans, (he was infuriated! Every man needs his third serving of beans!) and then-cckkk! Talon whipped around! Expecting some sort of trouble, but there was only the guards, packing up the tents after breakfast. Had he just imagined a twig snap? Whether or not he had, he ran back to the packing camp and started helping for once. After packing up his tent he went to the brook to refill his goat skin water sack. He heard a twig snap again. He didn't hesitate this time. He bolted back toward camp, leaving his water sack far behind. the guards came into sight. As soon as they were within earshot, he yelled,

          "Something or someone's out there!"

          "What!" the guard said urgently, but Talon could tell that the guard was just amusing himself now. As if answering  the guard's question, an arrow shot out from a group of trees nearby, piercing through the guards armor and into his heart. The guard fell over, dead.

          "Bandits!" Talon yelled.

All the remaining guards surrounded Talon, all aiming their spears at the bank of trees where the shot had come from.

          "Where's Miss Kook?!" Talon cried.


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