The life of Albus Severus Potter

Read about the life of Harry Potter's son and the challenges he faces.


2. Hogwarts

Albus's P.O.V


I almost tripped getting off the train because all I could look at was Hogwarts. The castle was bigger then any building I've ever seen. All the first years stared in awe at the castle while all the older kids held open the doors and told them to get a move on. To my left a couple feet away stood a very tall man in a brown coat, his beard was bushy and brown and his long brown hair looked like he just got out of bed. He ordered all the first years to line up so he could take us to the boats.

I got in line, he looked down at me.

     "Ah, you must be Albus " he said " I heard a lot about you, I knew your father well"

      " Sorry sir but, who are you?"I questioned 

       " Rubius Hagrid keeper of keys and gems at Hogwarts" he answered

        "You knew my father?"I ask

        " Yep I knew him pretty well actually" he started tearing up " Then he grew up" he was sobbing now 

            " Well,I'm glad I met you " I say 

             "Really " he asked wiping his eyes 

              "Sure" I answer

             " Right then you too, best be off " he said " All first years to the boats"

           As all the first years started walking toward the lake he winked at me.

           "Good luck" he whispered

What for? I was about to ask but just then a crowd of first years swarmed over and almost knocked me down. Then I realized he meant the sorting hat.




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