Interviews with AMAZING people!! (AKA Movellians)

This is just a book of interviews with authors.


2. Chapter Two: Mrs.Gabby_Payne<3

Favorite Real Book: Charlotte's web
Favorite Movellas: Puppy Love 1 and 2(Both completed) 
Favorite Color: Purple
Best Movellas Friend: Horan Girl
Favorite of Your Movellas: Unexpected Passion
Favorite Movie: Men In Black
Favorite Food: Meatballs
Fanfic Pet Peeve(something cliche about all fanfics that you hate): People who uses to many ands in one sentence 
Some of Your Fandoms: One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer, Maroon 5, Justin Bieber(sorry)
Least Favorite of Your Movellas: Case Closed
Do you watch any Youtubers: I don't watch YouTubers that much
Favorite Dessert: Brownies 

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