Interviews with AMAZING people!! (AKA Movellians)

This is just a book of interviews with authors.


3. Chapter Three: Crystal270

Fav book : The Mortal Instruments ( It's an awesome series :) ) 

Fave movellas : Um... Hard one... Daddy won't know and daddy won't see ( also a series, one of the first I ever read) 

Fav colour: Gold or silver :)
Best movella friend: .... Don't really have one :( (A/N:Well now it's me :P)
Fav of my movellas: Mysterious ( It's the first one I ever published ;) )
Fav movie: I think... Titanic ( It's so sad... *sob*) 
Fav food: Pizza ;)
Fanfic pet peeve: Fonts that are hard to read ( they're so annoying )
Some of my fandoms? Not sure about that... Possibly directioner, potterhead. I don't really know what they call fans for other stuff. Sorry... 

Least fav of my movellas: One Direction Truth or Dare ( There're totally almost no dares :( ) 

Do I watch any YouTubers...  Hmm... Not really. 

Fav dessert: Chocolate, definitely. :)   

This is her. (: She's awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. 

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