Hidden Secrets

Mikayla Maddy Callie have always been friends, well almost always. They have been friends since they where 13. But that is forever in girl years you know? A couple of years ago we meet a big boy band and each of us fell for one of them, well Maddy and Callie fell for the same one, but Callie let Maddy date the guy and tried to move on. The band? One Direction. The boys? Niall and Harry. The problem? Callie still isn't over Niall five years after Callie tried to get over him.


1. The Preparation of the photo shoot- 1 (Callie)

Hey Guys Callie here. Before I start this Imagine I just want to say a couple pf things.

1- there should be three updates a week if we are all working proplerly

2- once every three chapters the title will change- The reason they will be the same is we will be switching POV.

3. There will be only one POV per chapter, the writers (Ether myself, Mikalya or Maddy) never Niall's or Harry's just the writers

4. We, or at least I will try and become more involved with the readers

5. I think that is about it but I will let you know if there are more in the end

Thanks all our Lovely readers, I love you all and hope you enjoy Forever and a Day

Now to the story



"I wonder what it could be." I whispered to Maddy and Mikayla in the coffee shop down the street from our work.

"I don't know but the sheet we signed said that we can't tell anyone who we will be working for." We grabbed our coffees that where on the counter and pay for them.

"Hmm. I wonder if they are hot." Mikayla day dreamed sipping her coffee, forgetting how hot it was. As soon at the coffee hit her tong she spit it out and started freaking out "Aww man that was hot. Why didn't you warn me?"

"Because we wanted to see your reaction as you were pulled out of a dream." Maddy manages to say where as I am laughing so hard I am almost crying.

"I am not giving you my clothes this time." I say and remember the time in eighth grade when Mikayla had a little Milk incident and Maddy and I let her borrow pants and a jacket.

"Shut up that was like forever ago." Mikayla glares at me as we exit the cafe.

"Hah, try six years." I smile and sip my coffee.

"I still don't see how you can drink coffee when it is that hot." Mikayla shakes her head.

"You just gotta be hotter then the coffee." I joke. They both give me glares. "Kidding god. I have just built up an immunity to warmth as I grew up. Same with cold things. I don't get brain freezes or goose bumps any more because I have built up an immunity toward them." I pull open the door to the studio.

"Oh, well I will have to see you two later. Hair and make up is this way." Mikayla walks off, but not before me and Maddie give her a hug.

"So who do you think it is?" I nudge Maddy's arm with my elbow.

"I dunno, I just think its weird that we had to sign a form promising not to tell any one about their whereabouts." Maddy shrugs. "Dressing room is just over there bye girl." We hug and I walk to the photography unit. When I get in to the first room I look at the set designer.

"Bill. You seen my memory card? Could have sworn I had it when I left after shooting the model last week." I ask grabbing my camera and the lens I will be using.

"Nahh I haven't seen it but you might wanna try the make up room. Didn't you give it to Mikayla so she could see how the models photos came out?" I nod and turn to leave.

"Oh and Callie?" I turn around. "Stop saying 'shoot', it might scare away the people that want pictures taken." I nod seeing how it may scare away customer. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, I work for a photography studio. I take the pictures, Mikayla does their hair and make up, and Maddy gets their clothes set out for them.

In the make up room I hear screams and I run to the room, Maddy just a little ways ahead of me. In the make up room I see five backs and hear Mikayla screaming "OH MY GOD IT'S YOU!!! I LOVE YOU ALL SOOOOO MUCH!!"

"Mikayla, hun, why exactly did you scream?" I ask and the five guys turn around. None of them in a million, no a trillion, may be even a gazillion years did I expect to meet. I stood there and my jaw dropped to the floor as did Maddy's beside me.

"Hello there love." The oldest spoke.

"You're- you're-" I stutter but Maddy finishes my sentence.

"One Direction!" She gasps.

"Exactly so." Liam Smiles and sits down in what we call 'The hair chair'.

"Well, I'm going back to the dressing room." Maddy announces and practically runs into the opening door as Bill comes in.

"Callie, what is taking you so long to get the memory card?" He asks unamused at my prolonged absence.

"I umm. Got distracted Bill, I am sorry." I mutter and walk over to Mikayla who is running her hands through Liam's hair, sculpting it into what ever she will make it. "Have you seen the memory card? I need the photos of the Model so I can send them to the editor of Victoria's Secret?"

"No, I put the card in your mail slot last night. You have been leaving in such a rush to get to that one mans home." Mikayla is slow to reply, but doesn't bother looking up.

"Oh, yeah. Olson." He is doing much better now, he is walking again. I smile.

"That is great!" Mikayla smiles as well but not bothering to make it sincere.

"That heart attack really took it out of the pour old guy." Mikayla nods no longer focused on my words, but focused on getting every hair in order.

At my mail box I find the memory card. Once I have that I walk to my computer in the photo room. Once the photos where sending I got my back up memory card knowing that 1,580 photos would take longer to load and send then the time Maddy, Mikayla, and I would be at work today. Putting that in my pro camera I take a couple of test photos, and of coarse they turned out perfect, that being the reason I got the job here in the first place. Looking through my lens I saw that there was a little tail sticking out from behind the couch on the first set.

"Umm. Bill, is there supposed to be an animal on set?" I question and walk closer.

"No, not according to this check list there is no animal scheduled for this group." He checks his stupid little check list. "May I ask why this question came up?" He glanced up at me now holding a little Tabby in my arms. "Oh god Callie. Where did you find that thing?"

"Thing? Say I'm not a thing I am a precious Kitty." I speak in my baby voice.

"You and that thi- er Kitty are going to get us into trouble." He rushed over to the door to make sure no one was coming.

"Trouble? Never! Why would such a sweet Kitty give us any trouble?" I coo and the Tabby head buts my chin. "See? Tabb likes me!" I exclaim.

"Um, Tabb?" I hear a British ascent behind me.

"Yeah this little Kitty I found behind the couch." I turn around and see Harry Styles standing near the couch.

"Oh yeah, I found this little one out side so I brought him in. All the boys said I would get into trouble but I can see that I probably won't." He chuckles.

"Nah. I got choo back." I smile and put Tabb down.

"Oh, um and Mikayla told me to tell you to call some person to get a specific hair gel or what ever." He said sitting on the couch.

"I am guessing Michel to get the manly moose cream?" I ask picking up my phone.

"Yeah that." He picks up the Kitty and starts petting her.

"Hello this is Garret at manly stuff galore how may I help you?" I chuckle as I hear a board man on the other side of the line.

"Hello to you too Mr. Michel, it is Callie. I need some more of that manly moose gel." I say trying to sound professional. But not so epically failing.

"Callie!! Long time no talk!" Well, I would say he isn't to board now.

"Yeah, I know. I can't talk now. I have a group in now and Mikayla is in need of that gel ASAP." I look at my watch. We need to start in the next 15 mins.

"Ok. I have a box in hand and an walking out now. Who is the group?" He asks and I hear movement.

"I am sorry Garret, I can't tell you that. I an sworn to secrecy." I squish my phone between my shoulder and my ear. "Hey I will meet you at the door kay?" Not waiting for an answer I continue. "Great, bye."

Time to get the other four boys.


Hey guys. It is me again. How do you like it so far?

Comment with anything. Wether it be a question, concern, suggestion, or anything really, as long as it is kind. If it is unkind I am warning you they will be deleted.

Oh and one more quick thing if you want a minor roll in the story let us know and I think we can fit you in as a character if you want a bigger roll let me know and I can fit you into an other imagine imagine.

Thats all for now guys.

Love you all my lovelies!!

Happy reading!

-Callie xox

P.S. Usually I will post on fridays but last friday was... Hectic and busy. Thanks love you all.






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