Key To My Heart

My names Eveleen Calder. Yes, my older sister, is Eleanor Calder. Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend. I'm 17 , 3 years younger than her. I get along with her great! We are like best friends. I've met Louis only once, and I haven't met any of his friends.

When I finally meet and start hanging out with his friends, Eleanor tries hooking me up with one of them. Will I end up actually falling in love? Or will I have to wait longer?


3. Whoa...

I let out a long sigh.

"You okay sis?"El asked removing her arms from around Louis.

I snapped out of my thoughts, "Oh uh yeah... I'm fine"

"Oh okay..."She wrapped her arms around Louis once more, this time she actually sat down in his lap. He smiled at her, pecking her lips.

I walked out of the living room and head towards upstairs when a hand grabbed my arm and pulled me back around. I looked up from my feet to see Harry.

"What?" I asked kind of harshly.

He sighed, "You okay?"

I nodded, "Yeah I'm fine why?"

"I don't know, you just seem kind of sad, " his eyes looked so caring. 

I let out a small laugh, "I'm fine Haz, but thanks for asking."

He nodded, and let me walk upstairs to my room. Once in my room, I shut the door before walking up to some pictures I had on my shelf. They were of me and El as little kids. We were always so happy. We still are. I just feel like sometimes I'm second most important to her. First being her boyfriend. I have nothing against Louis. I think they make the perfect couple. A match made in heaven. I don't even know where I am going with this. 

I sighed and put down one of the pictures, before picking up a picture of me and my mom. I was only 6. We were at the beach. Her and Dad were making El and I sandwiches. My had squirted me with the ketchup bottle. Dad had squirted El with the mustard bottle. Then we got a family picture. With Mom and Dad hugging El and I. All of us had been covered in mustard and ketchup. I smiled at the memory and then put the picture back down, a small tear escaped my eye.

"You have a lot of pictures. You and El were cute as little kids, " a voice came from behind me.

I slowly turned to see who it was, this time it was Liam, "Hi..." I turned back around, looking at the pictures once more before making my way over to my bed.

Liam walked over and sat down on the bed next to me, "You okay Eve?"

"I've been better,"I slowly say. I look up, my eyes meeting his.

"Do you wanna talk about it?" He had a very caring tone to his voice. 

I shrugged, "I don't care...Can I ask you something?"

"Anything,"he gave me a smile. He had a very charming style. I know one thing, the boys and El were right, I do I have crush on Liam. A small one, but I do have one. I don't understand how there are some people who don't like any of the boys. I for one, find all of them very cute and charming. Zayn has those adorable brown eyes. He is sweet and caring. Even though he likes to make people think he is a bad boy, he has a huge soft spot.

Niall has an amazing personality! He is always there for anybody. He's got a good apatite and I don't know about other girls, but a guy who isn't afraid to eat is awesome. Niall's got dazzling blue eyes and blonde hair to match. Plus he is a care free guy!

Louis is incredibly funny and he likes carrots. Who doesn't love carrots? He's always trying to make people laugh. Plus, he is an extremely good boyfriend to my sister. I think that's what I like most about him. I know he will never hurt my sister. I can't imagine them ever breaking up.

There is so many things I could say about Harry. Like 1, he has dimples! They are adorable! I love guys who have dimples! It's just adorable. Plus, he has the curly hair and green eyes to go with those dimples of his. Personality wise, Harry is caring and always looking out for you. He is a bit of a flirt, but I'm sure then when he finds the right girl, he will be very protective of her.

Liam...I don't even know where to start with him, maybe how mature he is. I love that about him. 

"Eveleen? What'd you wanna ask?" Liam's voice snapped me out of my thoughts.

"Huh? Oh-yeah...right. Have you ever lost something that met the world to you?" I asked, thinking about him made my heart drop. I miss him.  I felt a tear slip down cheek. 

He thought a second, "Um, not that I can think of... I haven't lost like any family members or anything...," he looked down for a second, then back at me, "why? Are you okay?"

I shook my head, "No, not really. And I was just wondering, because I lost my dad when I was 8. He died in a car crash on his way to work one day." More tears escaped from my eyes. I couldn't hold them in anymore. I looked down at my hands in my lap and fiddle around with my fingers. 

Liam around his arms around me, and pulled me into a hug, "I'm sorry Eve...I-I don't know what to say."

I nuzzled my head into his chest. I couldn't hold back anymore tears. I cried in his arms for like 15 minutes before I pulled away. I looked at his shirt, it had tears all over it.

"I'm sorry about your shirt..." I sighed, looking back at my hands once again.

Liam chuckled, "It's okay Eve. Tears don't stain."

A small smile forms on my lips, "Right..."

"You okay now?" He asks, putting his arm around my shoulder and pulling me a little closer to him again. 

I nodded, resting my head on his shoulder, "Yeah, a bit. Thank you. For actually caring. Unless of course you are just pretending to care." 

"No, I really do care. I don't like to see people cry. Especially you," He smiled. Liam is warm. I don't know why, but I feel safe when he has his arms around me. 

I smile at him and lift my head off his shoulder, so I can look him in the eyes, "Thanks. You're a really great friend."

He nods, "You're welcome Eve. But, I didn't do much." 

"You did. You comforted me. That means a lot to me," I smiled.  

"Oh. You're welcome." He smiled at me.

For a few minutes we just sat there, smiling at each other and staring into each others eyes.  I got lost in his eyes so easily. They were so dreamy. How could you not?  Before I knew it, both him and I had started to lean in.  His lips were only like an inch from mine.  We were about to kiss.  Just as our lips were about to touch...

"Eve! Where'd you go?" Eleanor's voice came from the other side of my bedroom door. 

I jumped at the sound of her voice. Quickly moving away from Liam and running to my door. I slowly opened the door to see El standing there.

"I came up here to get some time to think about things. Then I got distracted and started looking at the pictures of us from when I was 6 and you were 9.  Then I started thinking about...D-dad... Liam had came in here, and he comforted me. I had been crying thinking about Dad. I miss him." I sighed, not letting more tears come again.

El pulled me into a hug, "Awe Eve, I miss him too. You okay now?"

I nodded slowly, "Uh..yeah I'm fine now." I moved out of El's hug. 

"Okay good, well clean yourself up, and then meet me and the rest of the gang downstairs. We're going out to eat. We're meeting Zayn and Perrie there, Plus Niall," She smiled at me, looking at the time on her phone.

I nodded, "Oh El, I forgot to tell you, Mom texted me earlier, she will be home next week."

A huge smile appeared on Eleanor's face, "Really?! That's amazing! I can't wait to see her again!!" 

"I know me too! Well, I'll go get ready. Meet down in like 5-10 minutes." I smiled and then turned to walk to my bathroom. 

I walked into my bathroom and applied some cover up, so people wouldn't notice the redness around my eyes from me crying. I fixed all of my make-up so it was once again neat. Then I redid my hair back into the same hairstyle as before, and then walked back into my room. Liam had gone downstairs I'm guessing. 

I walked down out of my room and downstairs to find everyone waiting for me in the living room. I walked in and smiled at everybody, "Hey guys."

"Hey Eve," Harry smiled at me, "You ready to go?"

I nodded, "Yeah, where are we going?"

"Out to eat!" Louis yelled, as he stood up.

I laughed, shaking my head, "Yeah, I knew that. I wanted to know what restaurant?"

Harry stood up, "We are go to Nandos."

"Okay. Thanks Harry for actually telling me, " I giggled at Louis. He just rolled his eyes jokingly. 

"Come on guys, let's go, "El said as her and Louis intertwined their fingers. We all started to walk out of the house. 

We decided on taking Louis's car. All 5 of us got into Louis's car.  During the car ride their. The 3 boys talked about how excited they were for their upcoming tour. El and I just listened. Talking only when they asked us something. Louis was driving, and El was sitting in the passengers seat. I sat in the back, between Liam and Harry. 

When we arrived at Nandos, we all got out and started walking into Nandos. Luckily no paparazzi knew they were here. At least not yet...  

We found Niall, Zayn and Perrie already seated at a table.

"Hey guys," Niall greeted, "What took you so long? I'm hungry!"

I let out a giggle. I find it funny how much he loves food. I'm just like him. I can eat and eat and still be hungry. It's weird. But true. Most girls don't like eating. But I love too!

"Me too Niall, me too," I smiled sitting down next to him.

He smirked, "See, Eveleen's hungry too! We both need to eat!"

Eleanor laughed, "That's because she is just like you! She is in love with food. "

"I'm not in love,"I defended myself, "I just like to eat."

Everyone laughed.

Perrie and I have already met. Several times. We are actually pretty close.

"It's good to see you again Eve" She smiled, standing up so she could give me a hug.

I stood up too, and hugged her, "It's good to see you again too Perrie."

We both sat back down. After everyone was all seated and everyone had ordered, we began to talk about anything really. We talked about the boys fans to our favorite things today during the day.  After we all finished eating, El and I said goodbye to Perrie, and all the boys except Louis, because he was our ride home. The other guys were going home with Zayn and Niall. I gave all of them a hug.

"Bye guys," I said smiling at all of them. El and I waved before her, Louis, and I walked outside. As soon as we walked outside, we were attacked by paparazzi.

"Keep your heads down, and walk fast," Louis whispered to El and I. We  did as told and made it back to Louis's car.

I stayed silent the whole way home, just looking out the window. I was thinking about today. I had a lot of fun. The biggest thing that happened though, was I almost kissed Liam.  Our lips had been like only half an inch away. If it wasn't for El calling to me, I would've kissed Liam. After I told myself that I don't want my first kiss to be a celebrity. It's not cause I don't like have a thing against celebrities, it's just that I feel like they would just use me, and then leave me.

Once we arrived back home I gave Lou a hug, and said goodbye before walking inside the house. I walked into the kitchen. Sometimes this house get's lonely. Especially when both Mom and El are gone, because then it's just me by myself in this big house. I don't really have any close friends, beside El and Perrie.  I have walls up. I don't let hardly anybody in. 

I sighed, walking out of the kitchen, and up to my room. Once I was in my room I shut my door and then slid my shoes off, jumping onto my bed.  My phone vibrated with a text.

From: Unknown Number

Hey, Do you wanna hangout tomorrow?

I looked at the number. Not recognizing it. I replied back slowly.

To:Unknown Number

Um...who is this?

I waited a minute or two before the person replied,

From: Unknown Number

Oh, sorry. Niall. So you wanna hangout?

I almost instantly replied.

To: Niall:p

Yeah sure! I'd love to! When and where?

I put my phone down and got up to change into pj's. I walked over to my closet. I pulled out some and put this on:

When I finished putting my pj's on, I walked back to my phone laying on my bed, picking it up.

From: Niall

Umm..How about noon tomorrow, and I'll pick you up. So don't worry about it.

I smiled and replied.

To: Niall

Coolio. See ya tomorrow.  Well, I'm gonna go to bed. Night Nialler! 

I sent the text then plugged my phone in to charge. 

I climbed into my bed and got under the blankets. I started thinking about today, and hanging out with Niall tomorrow. I've only known the guys for like 2 days and I almost kissed Liam. I want to get to know all of them better. I can't wait to hang out with Niall tomorrow. It will be fun. I smiled thinking about what Niall is planning for tomorrow. 

I wonder if all celebrities are as nice as these boys. These ones are all so nice and sweet. I sighed, resting my head on my pillow. Before I knew it, I was out. 



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