Key To My Heart

My names Eveleen Calder. Yes, my older sister, is Eleanor Calder. Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend. I'm 17 , 3 years younger than her. I get along with her great! We are like best friends. I've met Louis only once, and I haven't met any of his friends.

When I finally meet and start hanging out with his friends, Eleanor tries hooking me up with one of them. Will I end up actually falling in love? Or will I have to wait longer?


9. The upcoming Tour

I sat on the couch cuddled up against Liam.  Eleanor was cuddling with Louis. They were the only 2 out of our group of friends to know Liam and I are actually dating now.  El smiled at us and then looked up to Lou, and whispered something to him. He laughed and pulled out his phone and took a picture of us.

El then grabbed his phone from him and moved over to Liam and I.

"Look," she had a grin on her face, "you guys cuddling today..." she then scrolled once and showed us his phone again, "you two cuddling the day you met. How cute." She giggled and ran back over to Lou. Once again cuddling up into him.

I rolled my eyes at her, and rested my head back onto Liam's shoulder. He was so warm. I felt so incredibly safe in his arms. Like nothing could ever hurt me. Being with Liam makes me so happy. I don't think I've ever been so happy in my life. 

Liam, Louis, and El were chatting about the boys upcoming tour. I rested my eyes, while I listened to them. They don't go on tour for another 3 weeks. But I can already tell that it will go bye extremely fast.

I pushed the thought to the back of my mind, and drifted off asleep.



I woke up to somebody's lips pressed against mine. I didn't bother opening my eyes to see who it was. I could already tell it was Liam. I just began to kiss back.  I moved my hands, and grabbed him by the shirt, pulling him onto me. 

That's when I realized that I'm in my own bed. Liam must have put me here. I open my eyes, and met Liam's.

"Hey beautiful," Liam smirked

A smiled crept onto my face, "Hey."

I leaned up a little and kissed him on the lips. I can't believe I'm dating Liam Payne. It took only one week. In one week I fell for him. And now, in only three weeks, I won't see him for over six months.  I don't know what I'm going to do without him or any of the boys really. They are like my only friends besides El.  I mean yeah, like everyone wants to be my friend, but that's just so they can get to the boys. 

"Something wrong babe?" Liam asked, with a concerned look on his face.

I looked at him a second before anything came out of my mouth, "Uhm.... no. Nothings wrong," I paused a second, "how could it be? You're here."

I kissed him once more. Our lips moving in sync. 

Liam pulled away, "okay, please tell me what it is."

"Well...," I mumbled as I sat up.

He sat up next to me, "go on, tell me."

Should I tell him? I don't want him worrying about me while he is on tour. But then again, I don't want lies in our relationship. Especially not on the first day.

"The thing that's been on my mind since you, El, and Louis were talking about your upcoming tour, is in only three weeks, I won't be able to see you again for over six months..." my voice trailed off.

Liam was silent for several moments. Thinking about what he should say, "Look Eveleen, we still have three weeks to spend with each other now, and when I do go on tour, I will text you every single day. We can skype, and if I miss you enough, I will buy you a plane ticket, to fly you out to where ever we are at the time."

A small smile came across my face, but was quickly replaced by a frown. A new thought came across my mind, "But Li, what if you meet a new girl. A girl who you like mo-"

I was cut off by Liam's lips on mine. He pulled away after a few seconds, "never going to happen Eveleen. I like you. And only you."

"You really mean that?" I asked, even though I already knew the answer.

Liam smirked and crashed his lips onto mine. I smiled into our kiss.  

I cannot believe in only one week I fell for such an amazing guy in only one week. But even crazier...he fell for me too. 



Eleanor walked into my room, and sat down at the edge of my bed, "wanna take a break from your homework and come watch a movie with me?"

I looked down at my homework and nodded, "I suppose, but only since I'm almost done."

"Yay! I'll go pick a movie. Can you make some popcorn and get drinks?" El asked standing up. 

I nodded and started taking care of all of my homework. I sighed and stood up. Slowly making my way downstairs to the kitchen.  I walked over to the cupboards and got out a bag of popcorn and put it in the microwave. Then I walked over to the fridge and got two cans of pepsi. 

As I waited for the popcorn, I scrolled through twitter on my phone.  A new tweet from Liam.

An amazing show tonight Miami!!!!!!!!!!

I smiled at his tweet and favorited it. I'm glad he's having fun on his tour. 

'Beep beep' The microwave went off, telling me that the popcorn is done. I sighed and stuck my phone back into my pocket. I then walked out into the living room with the popcorn in one hand, and the drinks in the other. I handed El her drink then sat down. 

"What movie did you choose?" I asked popping some popcorn in my mouth. 

El gigged, "you'll see."

I laughed and looked at the popcorn. I put my hand in to grab some more popcorn.  Then I noticed my ring. I forgot all about it. I smiled at it. Liam bought it for me. A long with the necklace I'm wearing.  I picked up the necklace and played with it a little. I really miss him. I wish he didn't leave for tour. 

"Miss him?" El snapped me out of my thoughts of Liam. 

I nodded, "like crazy."

She smiled and gave me hug, "don't worry, it gets better. I'm sure he misses you just as much as you miss him. Trust me."

"I know.  It's just...I feel as though we haven't actually spoken in months," I sighed, eating some more popcorn. 

El smiled at me, "Awe look how cute this. You miss him that much. It's adorable. Has he texted you today?"

"Um no," I mumbled, thinking about it. 

The smile left Eleanor face, "he must of gotten busy."

I nodded, "Yeah, I know. They had a concert tonight. I'm not mad at him."

"Good, now let's enjoy our movie," She turned and looked to the TV.

I leaned back into the couch and made myself comfy. I smiled as I realized what movie she put in, Marley and Me. I love this movie!! But it's so sad! 

My phone vibrated with a text. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my phone. I had a new text from Liam. I quickly unlocked my phone so I could read the text.

From: Liam<33

Hey babe, sorry I'm just now texting you. And I know it's really late there, but I wanted to text you like I said I would. Hope you had a great day. I miss you <3

I smiled at the text. He hasn't broke his promise about texting me every day. He always does. Whether it's late, or first thing, he always texts me. I quickly texted him back.

To: Liam<33

It's okay, I know you're busy.  Did ya have a good show? I miss you tooo!!<333

I sent the text, and then set my phone in my lap and focused my attention on the movie.  Marley was so cute as a puppy. I want a puppy. That would be an amazing birthday present. 

I laughed and looked to Eleanor, "I want a puppy."

"I'm sure you do. I'll keep that in mind," El giggled and looked back to the TV screen re-focusing on the movie.

My phone began to vibrate again.  I checked and saw a new text from Liam.

From: Liam<33

The show was amazing! Wish you were with me though. How's it going over there? Anything exciting happen?

I thought a minute or two. Has anything really exciting happened? Nope, I've gotten a lot of homework, that's about it...

To: Liam<33

Yesss!! Something very exciting has happened! I've gotten loads of homework!! Yaya! Jk...nothing exciting ever happens here. Sooo boring.  I don't know what I'm going to do with El going back to college in a week. Mom left on a business trip again and I'll be all alone. :( 

I set my phone back into my lap and then opened my can of soda.  I took a big gulp. I'm going to be so extremely bored when Eleanor goes back to college. Liam replied almost instantly.

From: Liam<33

I'm sorry. :( Wanna come visit me?

I laughed silently to myself. I would love to, but, I can't. I have school. I looked at the keyboard on my phone. I thought a second before replying.

To: Liam<33

Can't. I got school. :( I would love to come visit you though. But I can't just leave.  I unfortunately have to go, I'm really tired. I can barley keep my eyes open.  I miss you!!!! <3333 Night...

I looked over to El.

"I'm going to bed, I'm really tired, "I stood up and and walked up to my room.

Once in my room, I walked over to my closet and slipped into a pair of comfy shorts and a tank top. Then I made my way over to my bed before climbing underneath the blankets.  

<><><>In Her Dream<><><>

"I love you," my voice trailed off.  Nobody was even around to hear. He had already left.

"I love you too," his lips pressed up against mine.

I smiled into the kiss. Guess he didn't leave.

<><><>Back to Reality<><><>

I jolted up.  It was just a was just a dream.

I felt a tear slip from my eye. I quietly whispered, "I miss you Liam...."

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