Key To My Heart

My names Eveleen Calder. Yes, my older sister, is Eleanor Calder. Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend. I'm 17 , 3 years younger than her. I get along with her great! We are like best friends. I've met Louis only once, and I haven't met any of his friends.

When I finally meet and start hanging out with his friends, Eleanor tries hooking me up with one of them. Will I end up actually falling in love? Or will I have to wait longer?


1. Meeting Everyone

"Hurry up Eve!!!" El shouted from downstairs.

I ran downstairs, practically tripping over my own feet, "I'm here!" I chirped.

El laughed, "Come on Eveleen, we're going to be late."

"You going to tell me where we are going? Or at the very least give me a hint," I asked hopefully.

She thought a second, "Um, my hint to you is loud. That is all I am going to tell you." 

That's the thing about Eleanor, she is the best sister anyone could ever ask for! But, she likes to keep things a secret as long as possible with me. It's kind of annoying. El just got back from her trip. She had been gone over 4 weeks. Now that she's back, me and her have been spending time with each other non-stop.  We've went to the mall, for coffee, just walking around, we went to the beach, and we even went on a small road trip.

But as of right now, I wish she would just tell me where we are going. It would make me so happy. I sighed, "Fine. Be that way. I didn't want to know anyway."

Eleanor laughed, "Sure...what ever you say Eve."

I rolled my eyes, and turned the radio on. Best Song Ever by One Direction came on, and El and I started singing along. One Direction isn't my favorite band, but they are all really cute, and they can sing! Liam is my favorite though. But, of course, he is dating Danielle. 

El pulled up to this big flat.

"Who lives here?" I asked, examining the nice place.

She grinned, "You'll see."

I rolled my eyes and got out, following El up to the door. She knocked, and Louis answered, immediately pulling her in for a kiss.

"PDA," I laughed, making El pull away laughing.

Louis pulled me in for a hug, "Hello, Eveleen, I haven't seen you in a long time. How's it going?"

"Good. How's your tour been?"I asked, sorda caring...but not really.

"It's been really good. Why don't you two come in, "He laughed. I walked in, El following behind. She stopped to talk to Lou. I however continued walking in further. I pulled my phone out to text my Mom. She was on a business trip, and liked to check in on me and make sure I'm okay. She is very caring. I started texting her, not paying attention. 

I felt cold water on my shirt, "Cold, cold, cold!!" I said really fast.

"I am so sorry love, are you okay? I should have been paying attention to where I was going." 

I looked up to see these adorable brown eyes looking into mine, "U-u-uh i-it's okay...I should have been paying attention too."

Louis and El walked up.  Louis chuckled, "Eve, I see you've met Liam."

I slowly nodded, "Y-yeah...I-I have."

Eleanor giggled, "Are you okay Eve?"

I nodded, "Fine..."

"Hey Liam, why don't you give her one of your shirts to wear so she doesn't have to wear a wet one...,"Louis said to Liam, still chuckling.

He nodded, looking at me, "Yeah..course. Follow me"

I followed Liam to his room and he went to his drawers and pulled out one  of his t-shirts, "Here," he tossed me the shirt, "and again, I'm sorry about getting you...uh wet." 

I laughed, "It's okay...thanks for the shirt." 

He nodded, "Welcome, well I'll leave so you can put that on..." Liam walked out of his room and left me to put his...shirt on. This sounds so weird to me. I'll be wearing Liam's shirt. 

I shut the door, and pulled my shirt and tank top off before pulling his dry shirt on. It smelled so good. Like him I guess... I walked out of his room, wearing Liam's shirt. I went back to the living room where Louis, El, and Liam were.

"Boys!!!!"Louis yelled.

3 more boys came running, the rest of One Direction. 

"Boys. this is Eveleen, but you can call her Eve. She is Eleanor little sis," Lou introduced me, "And Eve, that's Niall, Zayn, and Harry," he pointed to each of them, "and've met Liam."

"Hello love," Zayn smiled at me, shaking my hand.

"Hey," Niall pulled me in for a hug, which caught me off guard at first.

"Hello...uh is that Liam's shirt your wearing?" Harry asked, eyeing Liam's shirt I was wearing.

Louis chuckled, "Yes Haz, that is Liam's shirt. Liam spilled cold water on her, so he is letting her wear one of his shirts."

"Oh,"He chuckled.

"We should play a game!" El suggested.

We all nodded, "What game do you want to play El?"  Haz asked.

"Well, I was thinking we play a little kid game," a grin appeared on her face.

I raised my eyebrows,"What game?"

El smirked, "!!"

"Yeah!! Let's be little kids again!" Lou yelled.

I laughed, "I'm up for it if you all are."

We all decided we would play hide and seek. But, for some odd reason, Louis and El wanted to make sure we had a buddy to hide with. But since there is 7 of us, there is one group of 3. El and Louis are a group, Harry, Niall, and Zayn are a group...and then Louis put me with Liam. This will be an interesting game.

"Haz, Niall, and Zayn will count and seek first," El smilled, "You guys will count to 100. Ready? Start counting!!!"

El and Lou ran off. I didn't know my way around. I was about to start walking towards the stairs, when Liam grabbed my hand and led me towards the downstairs. We slowly went down the stairs and into the basement. It was dark down here, so Liam used his phone for a light source instead of turning on the light and giving us away.

We hide underneath the stairs. 

I heard Harry shout, "Ready or not, here we come!!!" 

I could feel myself about to laugh so I shot my hand up to cover my mouth. Liam chuckled quietly at me. I sent him a playful glare. He stuck his tongue out at me like a little kid. I rolled my eyes and whispered quietly, "You're so childish."

He chuckled quietly again and whispered, "I know I am."

I smiled and kept quiet again. I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. I looked to Liam. moved back further underneath the stairs and then pulled me closer to him, so we were both in the shadows.

The door to underneath the stairs opened and then shut again, they didn't notice us. Footsteps went back up the stairs. I let out a small laugh and Liam shot his hand up over my mouth. I turned to look at him, his hand still over my mouth. He acted like he didn't do anything. I rolled my eyes and licked his head. He removed his hand and laughed, "Gross."

I giggled, "Hey, I didn't want your hand over my mouth." 

We both laughed, "Come on, let's sneak up stairs." I whispered as I opened the door to get out from under the stairs. Liam followed. We both sneaked up stairs quietly. I quietly crept up behind Eleanor. Then when had started talking again I jumped to the side of her screaming, "Hii!"

She jumped sideways into Louis, making him chuckle, "Nice one Eve." 

Eleanor laughed, "That wasn't very nice you know."

I rolled my eyes, "Yeah yeah yeah." 

We all laughed.

Niall started to speak, "Harry, Zayn and I are going to Nandos now kay?"

Louis nodded, "Bring back us food." 

They all nodded before running out the door.

I laughed, "You guys are quite the group of friends."

Lou smirked, "Yeah...but we are love able right?"

"Yes, you guys are," El smiled pecking his lips.

"Thanks babe, let's go up to my room for some privacy." Louis grinned, grabbed Eleanor's hand and walked to his room with her.

Liam looked at me awkwardly, " you want to watch a movie or something?" 

"Sure, sounds like fun,"I smiled. I followed Liam to his room where he turned the TV on. 

"What movie do you want to watch love?" He asked looking to me.

I thought a second, "Anything Disney is fine."

"Toystory work?" He asked holding up the movie.

I smirked, "I love that movie!! Put it in!" 

He grinned and popped it in then walked over to his bed and got comfy. "You know you can come sit, I don't bit." He patted the spot next to him.

I walked over and sat next to him on his bed. I too decided to get comfy. The movie started playing, and before I knew it, I drifted off asleep.



I woke up to hear El and Louis's voice whispering to each other.  I didn't open my eyes, because I wanted to hear what they were talking about.

"Awe, Lou, look how cute they look," El cooed.

Louis chuckled, "I agree, let's get pictures, that way I can black mail them in the future."

I heard their footsteps getting closer, and then the sound of their cameras. 

"Come on, before we get caught,"El laughed and I heard them run out.

What did they mean look how cute they look? What were they talking about? I slowly opened my eyes and looked up to see a sleeping Liam. That's when I realized my head was laying on his chest, and that I was curled up into a ball cuddle up against him, and that he had his arm wrapped protectively around me. I can't believe I didn't feel him there when I first woke up to hearing El and Louis's voices. 

I slowly and carefully removed myself from Liam. But now that I am up, I'm no longer as warm as I was before. I walked out of his room and to the living room to find everybody else.

"Hey guys," I said walking over and falling back into their couch.

"Hi Eve, "El smiled, "we should be leaving soon." 

I nodded looking at the time on my phone. It was 8pm. Was I really asleep with Liam for that long? Wow... 

El stood up, "Well it was great to see all of you again!" She hugged everybody, and walked over to me. "Ready?"

I nodded standing up. I turned to leave but Louis faked a cough, "Excuse, but where is my hug Eveleen? And Eleanor, where is my kiss?"

We both laughed. I walked over to him and gave him a quick hug, then gave everyone else in the room a quick hug. El gave Louis a kiss, and then we said goodbye and walked out.

We hopped in the car and started driving back to our house.

"So you like like Liam?" El asked playfully pushing my shoulder.

I rolled my eyes, "We're just friends El."

"Uh huh...sure ya are,"She grinned.

I laughed, "Okay look, he is dating Danielle remember? You're friends with her. You know that."

A smirk crept onto Eleanor's face, "Actually, he broke up with her. They hadn't been getting along very well, so he broke it off."

I gave her an uncertain look, "Oh really? How long ago was this?"

"Last week, "She replied almost instantly.

I laughed, "I don't like like Liam, I like him as just a friend. Okay?"

She nodded, "Okay, fine."

We arrived back at our house, and I walked inside and up to my room. I was tired, so I just tossed on some sweatpants and jumped into my bed. I laid my head down onto my pillow and started thinking about the events of today. 

Well, I met the rest of One Direction. I cuddled with Liam...which I think I liked.  To be honest, I don't know about my feelings for Liam. I'd have to wait to get to know him better before I make any decisions. I sighed. Then it hit me, 

I. Am. Still. Wearing. Liam's. Shirt.



Heyy guys!!! So what do you think of this story? Do you like it? Should I continue with it? Or should I just stick with my other 2 stories!! Comment, like, favorite, and fan me!!! Love you guys! Bye!!

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