Key To My Heart

My names Eveleen Calder. Yes, my older sister, is Eleanor Calder. Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend. I'm 17 , 3 years younger than her. I get along with her great! We are like best friends. I've met Louis only once, and I haven't met any of his friends.

When I finally meet and start hanging out with his friends, Eleanor tries hooking me up with one of them. Will I end up actually falling in love? Or will I have to wait longer?


2. A day with 3 out of 5

I woke up the next morning to the smell of eggs and bacon. Weird... Eleanor doesn't cook. I moped out of bed and downstairs to the kitchen. 

"Hello sleepy head," El teased.

I rolled my eyes, "Who is making eggs?" I asked resting my eyes some more.

I felt a hand touch my head, I opened my eyes and looked up to see Harry.

"I am love,"He smiled at me.

"Oh...What are you doing here? So early?"I asked rubbing my eyes.

Harry chuckled, "Love, it's 9."

El laughed, "Hey Eve, Louis and I are going on a date today, and will probably be gone all day. So to keep you company, I asked the rest of the boys to come over and hang with you. They said they would, except for Zayn he is going somewhere with Perrie."

I nodded in reply.

"Um Eveleen?" Harry started while he put some eggs and bacon on a plate, "Are you still wearing Liam's shirt?"

I looked down at the shirt I was wearing. Liam's. Oh crap. "Uh...I guess so." 

Harry laughed and handed me the plate with eggs and bacon, "Eat up."

"Thanks,"I mumbled before taking a bite out of the eggs. "Harry, this is amazing! I don't think I have ever tasted something so delicious in my life!"

He smirked, "Yeah, I'm a good cook, I know, I know."

I laughed, "Yes, yes you are." I quickly finished eating, and took care of my mess. "Thanks for breakfast Harry."

He smiled, "You're welcome love. Now why don't you go get showered and stuff."

"Yes sir," I laughed and ran upstairs to my closet, grabbing some clothes.  I then made my way to the bathroom to take a quick shower and such.



After I got out of the shower, I quickly dressed into this:

After I was dressed, I did my hair and make-up quickly before making my way back downstairs. By the time I was done getting ready, El had left, and Niall and Liam had showed up. Seeming how Harry was already here. 

"Hey Eve," Niall smiled at me.

"Hey Nialler," I replied walking to the living where they were.

Harry shot up, "Let's watch a movie!!"

"Sure, what movie?" I asked looking at the 3 boys.

Harry smirked, "A scary one. A horror movie."

I rolled my eyes, "Guys and their obsession with horror movies."

"Fine by me,"Niall laughed.

I looked at Liam, "What do you want?"

As he was about to reply, I heard Harry mumble, "He wants you." I just pretended I didn't hear anything.

"I don't care what we watch. Anything works for me," He replied glaring at Harry.

Niall chuckled.

Harry popped a movie in and we all sat down on the couch. I sat next to Liam, then Harry was on my other side, and Niall was on the other side of Harry. 

I don't really mind horror movies, but this one that Harry put on is actually kinda freaking me out. We are watching "The Thing".

"I can't watch this anymore, it's to creepy." I said standing up.

Liam and Harry both chuckled, pulling me back down, "No your not, come here," Liam put his arm around me, pulling me into him. I instantly felt a lot safer. 

"Uh..Thanks Liam." I smiled at him.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see both Niall and Harry grinning at us.

I just ignored them and closed my eyes. If they aren't going to let me leave the room, then I'm just going to take a little nap.


I woke up to find Niall and Harry running around the living room. 

"What do you think you guys are doing?" I asked, my voice louder than usual.

Harry and Niall both stopped and turned to look at me. As they saw me, they walked over to the couch and sat down.

"I'm sorry Eve, it's just we got bored, and didn't really want to wake you up," Niall laughed.

I rolled my eyes, "You guys are the ones that woke me up smarty pants."

Niall and Harry laughed, "We're sorry love."

Wait...where'd Liam go? I sat up looking around the living room. He wasn't in the room. Did he leave?

I looked back to Niall and Harry. "Where is-?"

Harry cut me off, "Liam?" I nodded slowly. "Oh, well he is here somewhere...why? You miss him?" 

"Course she does Haz, she loves him!" Niall teased.

"Who loves who?" A giggly Eleanor asked walking in, her hands linked with Louis'. 

Harry laughed, "Eve loves Liam!"

Louis jumped up, "Eveleen Calder?!??! You love Liam Payne?!?!"

"I never said that!!" I defended myself.

Haz rolled his eyes, "Yeah, your right you didn't. But you were thinking it when you asked where he was."

Eleanor grinned at me, "Awe!! My little sis has got a crush!!"

"I don't like him like that!!! I like him as a friend and nothing more!" As I said it, my voice got louder. 

Louis walked over and put his arm around my shoulder, "Don't fight it Eve, you know you're falling for that boys charm."

"I'm not falling for him. Please just let it go,"I asked walking out of the living room and into the kitchen.

There is no way that I could even possibly like him. I've never had a boyfriend before, or a first kiss, and I really don't want a celebrity to be my first. 

I glanced at the clock on the stove,  was 1:24. El had been out with Louis for only 4 hours. They are normally gone all day long. Oh-well. I sighed. 

"You okay love?" A voice from behind me asked.

I slowly turned around to see Liam, "Hey Liam...yeah, I'm fine. Just thinking."

He nodded, "Bout what?"

"I don't know, just small things. Nothing major," I felt my phone vibrate with a text. I looked at it to see it was from Mom. She explained how she would be home in a week. I smiled at the text. I looked back up, my eyes meeting Liam's.

"Who's that from?" He walked over next to me.

I smiled, "My mom. She told me she's coming home next week!! I haven't seen her in what seems like forever!"

"That's great!" Liam smiled.

I nodded, "Yeah, yeah it is." I walked up to the fridge, "Do you want anything to drink or eat?"

He shook his head, "Nah, I'm fine."

"Okay," I pulled out a can of pepsi. I opened it and took a big gulp, afterwards let out a big burp.

Liam chuckled, "That's not very lady like."

I laughed, "Sure it is!! Don't all girls go around having burping contests? Or is that just the guys?" I smiled, and started walking back out to the living room.

I walked in, and sat down on the couch next to Harry. 

"Guys, I got to go. I'm meeting up with an old friend from school," Niall stood up, holding his phone in his hand.

"Does little Nialler have a date?" Louis cooed.

Niall chuckled, "What if I told you my friend was a guy?"

"Well is it?" Lou sassed.

Niall slowly shook his head, "Uh's a girl."

"Well then," Louis snapped his fingers.

I laughed, "You Louis are something."

"Yes, but he's a good something," El giggled wrapping her arms around Louis.

I smiled at them. They were such a cute couple. I wonder what it's like to have a relationship like that. To have somewhere who cares so much about me. My other half. Sometimes I think I will never find my prince charming. Then again...perfect boys only exists in movies.

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