I'm Just A Teen

Summer is 17, and her parents ran away when she was 16.
She's being bullied by a group of mean girls called The Perfs, and even though she found some special friends, they won't stop.
They follow her home one day and beat her up. She's left on the streets to die. Will her new friends find her and help her, even though they got in a fight, or will she be left alone? XxBrileyNicole<3


7. School Time

*School Time*

I walk to school, since I don't have a car. I check in and sit down just as the bell rings.

"Class, we have a new student. His name is Liam Payne. Now, Liam is in that boy band named Two Directions, and-"

"Sir, it's One Direction." Liam corrects Mr.Thomas quietly.

"Oh. I'm sorry Liam. Anyways, we are all going to treat Liam like a regular student, right class?"

"Yes, Mr.Thomas," we answer in unison. We're used to the drill.

"Ok, Mr.Payne. You can find a seat now." Mr.Thomas directs. Liam walked past me, and I looked up at him. I couldn't tell if it was my imagination, or if he really smiled at me. Probably not. He's famous, and famous people don't smile at losers like me.

Lost in my thoughts, I don't realize that he sat in the empty desk beside me until he started talking.

"Hi. I'm Liam. And you are?" He waited in silence until I looked up and saw him staring at me.

"Oh, me! Um, my names Summer, but you really Don't need to be talking to me. You're famous- I'm a loser, as you can tell. And you don't wanna be caught dead talking to-"

"Hey! It's alright. I don't care what people think about me. If I wanna talk to you, I can." Liam said in his adorable British accent.

"Oh, well, but you see, there's a group of girls called The Perfs and they don't like me and they will like, kill me if I hang out with you so I can't, really. I'm so sorry, but I don't want to get beat up or anything anytime soon, so you know..." I replied, in my ugly boring not-all-at-cute voice.

Liam looked at me quizzically. "I'm going to hang out with you. And don't worry- I won't let them beat you up. If they try I'll tell them to buzz off. They will listen to me, I'm sure. I mean, they seem like the type of girls that will do anything to meet me and the guys."

He saw me looking at him like he was being obnoxious.

"I mean, not that we're a big deal, but we are in One Direction and so it usually works. Like this one time, a girl threw her bra on stage at Harry. He went nuts. I mean, he was blushing and all that. It was amazing!"

"Who's Harry?" I ask. "And what other guys?"

"You haven't heard of us... Oh well! That's ok. You can come over sometime and meet all of us at my house. But the other guys are the other members of One Direction- Harry, Louis, Zayn, and Niall."

"Oh, well that's cool. Yeah I can come over some-"

*Ring ring ring!*

The bell rings and I gather my stuff and walk out of the room, Liam following.

"Hey! Where are you going?" He asks.

"To first period. Here- let me see your schedule. Ok. Yours is math. Room 108. I'm going to reading- room 110. Come meet me at the door when the bell rings." I say to him.

"Ok. Sure thing. See you then!" He answers.

I turn around to see The leader of The Perfs- Mallory- walk over and slap the books out of my hand. They fell to the floor with a loud bang. She snickers and turns around to walk back to where she came from. I look down and squat to pick them up.

"Hey! That was a load of rubbish!" Liam exclaims.

Mallory turns around.

"Liam, don't! Please!" I whisper to him.

"Yes," he says to me. "Hey, you! You know that wasn't very polite, and you-"

"Hey! I know you!" Mallory looks him up and down, and makes sure to stare At least 5 seconds at a certain something. She walks over and puts her hand on his chest. "You are so, so, ohh baby, what's the right word? Delicious? I bet you would be. Let's go check, k? I've skipped class before, I can do it again," she whispers in his ear.

She slowly move her arms around his chest, to where she's holding him. Then she starts moving her hands down, down.

Liam wriggles out of her grasp and slaps her. "Stop! You're so desperate! You disgust me! Now, get back to class, and leave us

Alone!" Liam exclaims. He puts one arm around me In a sort of half hug, and walks off. I laugh quietly and look back.

If looks could kill, I'd be dead right now.

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