I'm Just A Teen

Summer is 17, and her parents ran away when she was 16.
She's being bullied by a group of mean girls called The Perfs, and even though she found some special friends, they won't stop.
They follow her home one day and beat her up. She's left on the streets to die. Will her new friends find her and help her, even though they got in a fight, or will she be left alone? XxBrileyNicole<3


14. Bye


I woke up and checked my phone- 10:30. I got out of bed and went into the bathroom. My makeup had ran when I was asleep. I wiped it off and brushed my teeth with a travel toothbrush. (The kind you throw away- of course) I brushed my hair with a brush I found in the drawer. My head was pounding. I couldn't remember anything last night except for drinking my first drink. I wonder how many I downed. I look out the window- it was raining. I crawled back in bed to go to sleep, but somebody opened my door. I rolled over to see who it was.

"Hiya. You sure do sleep late. Harry made pancakes and syrup, I'd you want some." It was Sophie.

I got out of bed after she left and thought to myself, "I danced with a guy that's 4 years older than me, and I danced with a guy that's 3 years older than me. I got drunk with a 20 year old. Way to go, Summer."

I took my glasses off- no use in keeping up with those all day- and walked down the hall. Zayn, Liam, and Louis were in the living room. I guess they got done eating.

"You were drunk last night." Louis commented.

"Really? I didn't know that. I thought that everybody forgets what happened the previous night and wakes up to pounding in their head." I said sarcastically.

He smiled. "You should had seen Niall and you together. We need to take you two out more! Singing, dancing, skipping, hopping, and laughing was all you did on the way here. It was hilarious!" Louis added.

"Haha very funny." I said, and walked into the kitchen. I could hear Zayn laughing behind me.

"Good morning! Pancakes pancake?" Harry asked.

"Uh uh. Did you just call me a pancake?" I asked.

"Yeah. You better hurry before Niall eats them all. He's eaten half the stack already!" Harry informed me. I grabbed two and put them On a plate, then poured on syrup. After I got done, I asked Harry, "Where's the girls?"

"In Perrie's room. It's right beside yours."

"Ok. Thanks." I said, then went to the room he pointed out. I was just about to knock on the door when someone behind me said, "Can we talk?" I turned around. It was Niall.

"Sure." I answered. We went to a room that I hadn't noticed before.

"The sunroom," Niall seemed to read my mind. "Listen, Summer. I really don't want to be mean, or hurt your feelings," I didn't know what was coming next. "But I think you need to leave, and maybe not come back for a while."

My heart stopped.

"W- why?" I stuttered.

"You saw mine and Harry's fight. It was bad, and we've been bothering each other since. We've both decided to stay away until we can figure it out with each other. I don't want to hurt him, and he doesn't want to hurt me, either. And, we're about to go on tour, so you won't be able to come over anyways. We're hoping we can work it out then." Niall said quietly.

"When are you leaving for tour?" My voice was barely a whisper.

"Two weeks. But you'll still see Liam at school. He's going to go until Friday, then he'll have to quit for a little while so he can get packed and start practicing. After we get back, we all thought we might as well finish high school, even though we're supposed to be in college." He answered my question.

I suddenly got really mad. It wasn't my fault that Harry and Niall were stupid and decided to start a fight. Maybe I enjoyed hanging out with Louis, Zayn, Liam, and the girls. But I guess that nobody ever considers how I feel.

I got up and stomped off to the guest bedroom where I stayed. I made the bed, changed into my dress, folded the pajamas and laid them on the bed, and went straight out the front door without saying bye to any of them. I slammed the door behind me- hard.

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