I'm Just A Teen

Summer is 17, and her parents ran away when she was 16.
She's being bullied by a group of mean girls called The Perfs, and even though she found some special friends, they won't stop.
They follow her home one day and beat her up. She's left on the streets to die. Will her new friends find her and help her, even though they got in a fight, or will she be left alone? XxBrileyNicole<3


16. Being Discovered

*Being Discovered*

"Should we take her?" I heard a far-away voice ask.

"I don't know, all she does is cause trouble between us!" Another voice answered. They seemed so familiar, yet I didn't remember them at all. Maybe I'm in heaven. Or worse, even hell. But I didn't remember doing anything really bad. In the Bible my Mom used to make me read, it says God forgives everything. Maybe those are Angels talking about if they should bring me to heaven.

"Guys, don't be stupid! She's half dead! Look at her, we can't leave her here. She will die then! If you two really loved her, you wouldn't care if she made you fight. You would care about her health." Somebody else said.

I remember being picked up, but then I fell asleep again.

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