I'm Just A Teen

Summer is 17, and her parents ran away when she was 16.
She's being bullied by a group of mean girls called The Perfs, and even though she found some special friends, they won't stop.
They follow her home one day and beat her up. She's left on the streets to die. Will her new friends find her and help her, even though they got in a fight, or will she be left alone? XxBrileyNicole<3


23. an important note

Ok so I've moved to Wattpad.... It's way better than Movellas and everyone's nicer... I'll still get on here but not as much. If you like my work I'll finish it on there but it'll be a bit different.

So follow me on Wattpad @fluffymuke_

Instagram- @Brileynicole_

K thanks😃

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