When I'm With Him…

Hi, I'm Mikayla. I live in Holmes Chapel in Cheshire. I've been bullied my whole life and was about ready to give up until my curly haired angel saved me.


10. Well That Happened!

This is officially the best day ever! Nothing could ruin it! Unless of course it has blond hair and  Starbucks in it's hand…

Just when I think the day could't be ruined, Suzy of all people decide to show up. Great this was the last thing on earth that I needed! I hope nothing bad happens.

"Hey Harry!" Suzy said all flirty like I was invisible.

"Oh hi Suzy." Harry said trying to be polite.

"What are doing walking around with this ugly troll?" She asks like I'm the most disgusting thing she has ever seen.

"The only troll I see here is you!" He said. I know he's a great guy but if I was being flirted with

24/7 I wouldn't exactly be the nicest person either.

"I'm no troll compared to this monster!" She said gesturing at me.

"Hey Suzy I would really appreciate if you showed my girlfriend a little more respect! Thanks." Harry said.

WHAT ON THE EARTH DID HE JUST SAY?!?!?!?!? I think Harry Styles just called me his girlfriend! OMG does this mean I, Mikayla of Nobodyland, is dating Harry Styles? Is this some kind of joke to him? Is he just trying to stand up for me and make me feel better? I hope I didn't get myself into a situation where I get hurt.

"That thing is your girlfriend?" She said with the most disgusted face I had ever seen.

"Well not officially yet but I really like her so if you could just be nice to her that would be great." Harry said. I couldn't believe Harry was standing up for me and being so nice to me. Was he actually into me like that? Did he actually mean everything he just said?

"Well I feel bad for you being associated with that." Suzy said.

"Well I don't feel bad at all so if you'll excuse me," He said pushing past her "My beautiful future girlfriend and I have a class to get to."

"Fine leave see if I care." She said. Man was there no end to this chick's bitchiness?

Harry and I walked away. He still hadn't let go of my hand through all that.

"Hey are you ok?" He asked me. He was always so caring.

"Yeah I'm fine I just don't get why that girl hates me so much." I said.

"She is probably just jealous that you're with me." He said with a smile.

"Did you really mean what you said back there?" I asked him.

"Every word of it." He said smiling. All of a sudden he stopped.

"I really do want you to be my girlfriend. I was serious about that." He said. The entire time he couldn't stop smiling at me.

"Yeah that would be nice but you don't have to be nice to me or feel bad for me. I've felt with people like Suzy my entire life and to be completely honest I'm kind of used to it." I said.

"How could anyone be comfortable getting used to being harassed everyday?" He asked.

"I don't know it's happened for so long I just don't even pay attention to it anymore." I said looking down.

"Well you know I'm always here for you." He said smiling at me. Honestly I felt really embarrassed that he had to see that. I just want to cry. So I did.

"I know you are and I'm very thankful for that but really Harry you could do so much better." I sobbed. Harry pulled me into a hug.

"I do have this one girl in mind but I don't know if she likes me back." He said.

"Well she probably does because you're Harry freaking Styles." I laughed through the tears.

"I'm not sure she does. She just thinks I'm some guy being nice to her." Harry said kind of disappointed.

"Well whoever she is she's lucky. Why don't you just go ask her out right now?" I said kind of sad he likes some girl.

"Okay I will." Harry said looking nervously at me.

"Mikayla, will you go out with me?" Harry asked…


Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted in a while. As you may have seen in the comments my friend Callie told you guys I won't be updating very often anymore :( I just want you guys to know that I still love you I'm just really bust with school and my acting classes with iPOP! I have so many things to memorize in the next 6 days it would make a grown man cry! Anyway I love you and I promise if I get any spare time I hereby dedicate it to Movellas! Like comment and favorite! Love ya :)


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