When I'm With Him…

Hi, I'm Mikayla. I live in Holmes Chapel in Cheshire. I've been bullied my whole life and was about ready to give up until my curly haired angel saved me.


4. He's In My Class

--------NEXT WEEK--------

Well it's Monday. Time to go back to school. The start of my second week of senior year. You would think senior year would be fun like everybody says it is. Well everybody is wrong! So far my senior year has done nothing but suck! I don't have any friends, I get bullied every day, my foster dad left my foster mom and nothing seems to be going right! I'm just done with school and I want it to be over already. At least that's how I felt until next month.

--------ONE MONTH LATER--------

Yay another day at school. Another day to get made fun of. Another day to get laughed at and yet another day I would sit alone at lunch. Or so I thought…

--------IN CHEMISTRY--------

I sat down in my usual seat right up front. I wanted to sit in back with the cool kids and I want them to accept me for who I am but I can see that that's never going to happen.

So class began with an announcement from my chemistry teacher. 

"Hello class!" He said. 

"Hello Mr. Freedner." We replied like we do every day.

"I would like to introduce someone who came back here to finish school. Class this is Harry." He said as he pointed towards the doorway where Harry stood. Harry was tall and very good looking. He had curly brown hair that moved around perfectly. I recognized him from this band I listen to called One Direction. He walked into the room and took the only available seat. Of course it had to be next to me. He gave me a strange look but I shrugged it off.

"Oh yay," I thought to myself, "another bully."

I knew this was going to be a long day. 

--------HARRY'S POV--------

I came back to Cheshire to finish my schooling. I thought it would be a great opportunity to meet new people and be a normal person. That didn't work out as planned at all. All day I was crowded by people that wanted an autograph or a picture. It was not as I was hoping it would be until I went to chemistry. When I saw that girl sitting there I had to get to know her. I thought she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I was very happy when I found out my seat was next to hers. I'm just glad something worked out for me today.


Hey guys! This chapter is a little longer than the others but I wanted to introduce Harry in this chapter since I thought the first 2 chapters were kind of boring. So here is this and I hope you like it. Comment, like and favorite. Love ya :)


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