When I'm With Him…

Hi, I'm Mikayla. I live in Holmes Chapel in Cheshire. I've been bullied my whole life and was about ready to give up until my curly haired angel saved me.


6. Going To School With Him

--------THE NEXT MORNING--------

So I decided to call Harry after all. I wake up and plan what I'm going to say to him while I'm in the shower. I know it sounds lame but I'm really bad at talking on the phone. I got out of the shower, dried off and put my hair up in a towel. I walked into my room and got some clothes. I decided to wear leggings and a hoodie. I took my hair out of the towel and blow dried it. I just put it up in a messy bun. Wow I feel lazy today! I put on a little makeup but not much. I wanted a more natural look without looking like a zombie.

I was done getting ready. I looked at the clock. I have half an hour before I need to leave. Wow I'm early but I guess that's what I get for being lazy today. I pulled out my phone and called Harry. It picked up on the second ring.

"Hello, " Harry said. "Is this Mikayla?"

"Yeah, how did you know it was me?" I asked.

"I was hoping you would call." He answered.

"So what's up?" I asked him. Wow way to sound lame!

"I was just wondering if I could drive the pretty girl on the other side of this phone to school this morning?" He asked. I'm glad he can't see me right now. I'm blushing like crazy!

"Aww Harry that's so nice of you but you don't have to drive me to school." I said.

"I don't have to, I want to." He replied.

"Well if you must." I said. I gave him my address.

"Wow you live just down the street from me!" He said. "I'll be there in 5 minutes."

"Ok see ya." I said hanging up the phone.

I was so excited! I can't believe Harry Styles is giving me a ride to school! I put on my toms and looked in the mirror. OMG now I should've put more thought into what I was wearing. I heard Harry ring the doorbell. Crap, I can't let him see me like this! But I can't leave him standing out there either. I open the door and let him in.

"Hey Harry, come on in. I'm just gonna go change real quick." I say. I turn to go to my room when I feel him grab my wrist.

"Why? You look amazing!" He said. I blushed a little.

"Well thanks but I don't want you to see me like this." I said. He gave me a funny look.

"Like what, love?" He asked.

"Well I need to fix my hair and put on a little more makeup and some nicer clothes." I said. He started to laugh.

"Mikayla, you look amazing. You don't need any makeup and your hair is actually kind of attractive." He said. I blushed even more now.

"Ok then let's go." I said giving up on arguing with him. I grabbed my phone and school bag and we walked out the door. He had a pretty nice car for a high schooler. Well I guess he is in One Direction. He walked to the passenger side and opened the door for me. He's so kind! Once I was in he closed the door and got in on the drivers side. The car ride was awkward and quiet.

--------CAR RIDE--------

"So how have you been?" Harry asked me.

"Pretty good, how about you?" I replied.

"I've been good." He said.

The rest of the car ride was silent and very awkward. Finally we got to school. We got out of the car and walked up the steps. I caught a glimpse of non other than the group of popular kids I met on the first day. I was praying they didn't see me. I became really uncomfortable. I guess Harry noticed.

"Hey is everything ok?" He asked. I nodded but I new that I was lying. The group caught sight of me and started to walk over to us. Oh how I wanted the day to be over already. I just didn't want Harry to see this.


Hey guys! Oooooo drama! I decided to update after all. I hope you like it. The next chapter will probably be up tomorrow. Comment if you have anything to say at all. Even if it's about your cat I don't care I just love talking to people. Comment, like and favorite. Love ya :)


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