When I'm With Him…

Hi, I'm Mikayla. I live in Holmes Chapel in Cheshire. I've been bullied my whole life and was about ready to give up until my curly haired angel saved me.


2. Background Story

So here I am at school. My last week as a junior! I'm excited to be a senior but I'm tried of the people. I just want to go to a school where I don't get harassed every day. Or made fun of. Or laughed at.

I'm standing at my locker on the last day just gathering my books when none other than the head cheerleader walks by. I turn to walk away when she bumps into me. "Watch where you're going fat ass!" She yells at me. "I'm sorry I didn't see you there." I go to walk away when she sticks her foot out and trips me. I fall to the ground. My books go everywhere. I'm just done with this. I want to give up. I'm tired of being pushed around by everybody.

I was happy when I finally got home. I admit I don't have the best family unit. I live in a foster home with 7 other children. My parents were both killed in a car accident when I was 3. I moved in with them just a few months after it happened. I was quiet for a while. I kept to myself. I didn't talk to anyone. Until my 8th grade year when this girl moved in. She was called Lilly. Her story was similar to mine. Both of our parents died in car accidents. We talked for the longest of time. I am happy with my new family and I love them all very much. I guess blood doesn't make a family, love does.

I'm just happy school is over. Summer! I don't know why I'm so excited considering I don't have any friends to hang out with. Out of all the schools I have been to I haven't made a single friend. The only person I ever talk to is Lilly.

I can't wait to be a senior! I'm moving schools once again because of the bullying. I'm just happy there are so many schools in this area. I just hope this school isn't like the other 5…


Hey guys! My first chapter! Tell me what you think! Comment, like and favorite! Love ya :)  


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