Are you my daddy ?


3. meeting and truth

Maria's (p.o.v.)

Diana was done hugging the boys I introduced myself to the boys I came up to them and said " hello I'm Maria May Styles Harry's cousin/sister" they said there hellos and waved it was getting late and Diana was already asleep between Niall and Zayn I picked her up and carried her to her room and mine I changed her and put her in her bed. Someone asked " so who is Diana's father and when did it happen?" I turned around and it was of course Harry I let out a long sigh and said " it was a one night stand we were completely drunk and I remembered her father though but you can't get mad Harry and he doesn't even know he's the father...... Diana's father is ....... Niall " Harry looked stun his jaw was almost touching the ground he said " w-w-what my Niall the one in my band the Niall Horan " I nodded he then said " um um um so I'm an uncle?"

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