Are you my daddy ?


4. I'm so sorry

Niall's (p.o.v.)

Diana came out of her room and sat next to me I asked her " Diana what's your last name " she rubbed her eyes and said " Horan " my eyes got wide wait Maria I remember her I was wasted and so was she w-what o_0

Maria's (p.o.v.)

I was walking down the hall way when someone grabbed me into a room I looked at the person and it was Niall he asked " why didn't you tell me Diana was my child " I sighed and said " first of all it was a one night stand second of all what was I suppose to do come up to you and say ' hey Niall we had sex and now I'm pregnant ' that would just be weird " he chuckled and said " well can I be Diana's father " I thought for a moment and said " well you can but I'm dating someone so ya bye "

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