Are you my daddy ?


5. Damion?

Niall's (p.o.v.)

It's been a week now and Maria has been with her boyfriend we haven't seen her at all. All this week she never came back me and Diana are such alike I decided to ask her about him " Diana who is your mummy's boyfriend " she stopped playing with her doll and was about to burst into tears she croakily said " mummy's boyfriend d-Damion h-he hurts mummy " my eyes got wide I asked " what do you mean sweetheart " she looked up at me with her deep blue eyes and said " he punches her and slaps her " I was boiling angry. I went up to Gemma and asked " Gemma do you know where Maria's boyfriend lives " she nodded I asked for the directions she gave me them and I told her to watch Diana for a little bit I dragged Harry with me and Zayn I followed the directions. We bolted to the front door and nocked I heard a guy yell " SHUT UP AND GET ME A BEER SLUT" I decided just to nock the door down I told Zayn to call the police I broke threw the door and immediately saw the guy I slammed him into the wall I yelled and started punching him I yelled " WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU SHE IS WORTH MORE THEN YOUR SORRY ARSE SHE IS BEAUTIFUL AND EVERYTHING YOU DONT DESERVE YIU LITTLE CUNT" I threw him to the ground and started punching the cops had to pry me off him and they arrested him I wiped the blood off my lip and got up. Am I starting to develop feelings for Maria May styles oh nooooo. o_0

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