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Mr. Malik is an art teacher at Offordale high school in Bradford England. Alexandra High is the student who is care free and sweet . Mr. Malik never knew her until she was transfered to his advanced art class . He was always attracted to younger girls but not ever his students .. She was sexually attractive to him . What happens when he finds out she feels the same way ?


30. Chapter Turdy ... lol

Mr.Malik is ending :( . But there will be a sequel so TURN UHH!!

Okay let's answer this Question

For Sparrow

Q : Do you have any baby names ?

A : Fried Rice Horan ... Or Shrimp Fried Rice Horan .. :) 

Lmfao!! Okay to Le storehh

Alexandra's P.O.V

After school we all rushed over to Liam's house . Cher was leaving from there so we all wanted to be there to say goodbye . I'm gonna miss her she's my partner in fucking crime like .. I'm gonna kill her parents for making her leave like seriously :( .

I held on to Zayn's body waiting for her to come out . I looked over to Liam who had tears running from his eyes . " Li-Li are you okay ?" I asked him . He shook his head " I have been .. the most shittiest boyfriend these past few days .. I could never forgive myself " He covered his face. I pouted my lip and hugged him . Then Sparrow joined in . So many group hugs .

" Its okay Liam I'm sure she still loves you " Sparrow said . Liam just cried even harder . Goddammit!. Just then Cher walkes out of the house . All her bags in her hands and at the same time her parents pulled up to the house . "Cher let's go!!" Uncle tom yelled . She rolled her eyes walking towards us .

"Well this is it I guess" Cher sighed . "Yeah .. we're gonna miss you " Louis said . "Yeah " Harry nodded . " Well its nice to know I'll be missed " She smiled . "CHER OLIVIA LLOYD!!" Aunt Heather screamed "FUCK YOU!!" Me and Cher yelled at the same time . We laughed . We crossed our pinkies together "Cousins for life" She said . " Cousins for life" I repeated .

Then we pulled each other in the biggest relatives hug EVAHH! . I will never love any cousin as much as I love her . She's the only family I'll trust other than my brother . After she hugged everyone she came to Liam .. that was like the most saddest thing I have ever seen .

The tears and the crying and the hugging and sqeezing ... oh the feellz :'( . "Baby I'm so sorry . I'm sorry about what I said last night . I do love you and I do care if you go don't leave " Liam pleaded . I almost wanted to cry myself . " .. Kiss me " She said .

He let go of her " Wha--" He was cut of by her smashing her lips together with his . Goddamn eager . He was kissing her back soft and slow . "Ewww" Me and Zayn yelled . I turned to him " See this is why we go together " I smiled . He kissed my cheek . "Hey Alexandra who is that?!" Uncle tom decided to ask who Zayn was .

The fuck . "¡vete a tomar por el culo!" I yelled flucking them off which meant 'fuck you' . "I told your father to stay away from those puerto rican girls" Uncle tom said .

"Get your dad before I literally run him over with my car" I told Cher " Right he just doesn't know how to shut the fuck up sometimes ." She shook her head grabbing her bags . " Make sure you call us !!" Naill yelled .

" Oh I'll remember  .. bye everyone" She waved . "Byyyeeee" we all screamed "When you come back you owe me a poptart" Deangelo yelled . I slapped his arm and he pouted . We watched her get in the car and drive off . Its gonna be so different without her here  even more different at school now that she left and our teachers aren't gonna be there . This sucks balls like really! . 

(Last day) 

ERRR MER GERRRDDD !!! We are fucking high school graduates after today . I'm so excited for graduation. My grandma sent me the most prettiest dress I have ever seen and matching sandals . Yep I'm gonna be cute . I'm happy this is the last day of school because there is something I have finally gotten permission to do  .

When I got to school I pulled a bunch of spray paint and stuff and walked up to the school wall . I started to spray paint on the wall . I had a black background then in big cursive letters Kings & Queens 2014 Graduates . Then I put Louis, Cher ,Sparrow and put my name in the middle . " Ms . High!!! " I heard Mr .Tomlinson yell . I'm like so done with that shitty man .

"What?!" I yelled . " What are you doing?! You have no right to vandalise my school!!" He screamed . " Actually I do . I have a letter from the government so u can suck my Mutha Fucken Dick Bitch!!" I yelled . And flicked him off .

After I finshed putting the sealing coat and every can was empty I got down and admired my work . I sighed and smiled . "Hey Alex I'm going shopping with Lou you comin'" Sparrow asked and Louis waved . " Gladly" I smiled I gave the box of empty spray cans to Louis' dad and grabbed my bag and glasses . " peace bitch!" I said and skipped over to Sparrow and Louis happily .


I was chill in with Louis and Sparrow at the food court . Me and Sparrow got out hair and nails done and Louis went somewhere I don't know . We were about to look around for clothes after we ate though . " So what's the plan once you graduate " I asked them . " I'm moving with Niall and im looking forward to being a mom so ... good plan right?" Sparrow smiled .

We laughed " I actually am going to college for football . I got so many scholarships ." Louis explained . " OMG yaaay!! " I sqealed . " Right and the best part about it is I don't have to get a dorm because Harry's house is right there" He yelled happily .

" OMG your moving in with Harry" Sparrow asked . " Mhm .. what about you Alex ?" Louis asked . I sadly had nothing . I was thinking about this art school in London but the thing about it is I don't wanna be far away from the people I love . My brother and Zayn and all my friends .

I shook my head " I don't really have anything yet " I shrugged . " Oh well I hope you find something !" Sparrow said . I nodded . "Why don't you guys start shopping I'll catch up " I smiled . " Okay come on Lou" Sparrow said . They got up from the table and ran off somewhere . I sat at the table sulking . I'm sad now .

My friends have stuff planned for them but I don't . Zayn told me to follow my dreams but how the fuck and I'm gonna do that when everything isn't good enough for me . Just when I though all my hopes were gone I got a phone call .

I answered it " Helloooo!!!" I screamed . " Why hello darling is this Alexandra High?" The lady asked . " Yah Who is speaking" I asked politely . " This is the art professor from Bradford University we have received a lot of your work and you won't believe how amazed I am of this and we were wondering if you were interested in a scolarship for our grapic arts program " She explained .

"Oh may gawd  yes I'm interested !" I spazzed . " Lovely you are free to come to our college tour next week so you will know your way around . We will see you soon Ms .High" She said . I could hear the smile in her voice .

"Kk thank you so much" I said and hung up . I scremed and everyone was staring but I don't give a FUCK! . I grabbed my stuff and ran to find Sparrow and Louis . I should call Zayn ... No wait I want it to be a surprise . This is officially the best Last day ever . ♥ 


Yaaayyy She did it whoo!! . The next chapter will be the last thoe :( . I'm happy but sad at the same time . I had so much fun writing this and waking up every day just to read your comments and do it all over thank you because its because of you guys why Mr .Malik is a successful story so TANKYOU TWERK IT UP FOR YOUSELF THOOEE TURN UHH!

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