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Mr. Malik is an art teacher at Offordale high school in Bradford England. Alexandra High is the student who is care free and sweet . Mr. Malik never knew her until she was transfered to his advanced art class . He was always attracted to younger girls but not ever his students .. She was sexually attractive to him . What happens when he finds out she feels the same way ?


31. Chapter Turdy 1

Here it is .. the final QnA :( .. Fuckk Yeahh!!!

To Zayn 

Q :  Are you any better and are you trying yo find a new Job ??? Oh I love you boo

A : Yeah I feel better . I'm not really thinking of any jobs right now though

Q : um now that you have no job .. go audition with the guys to the xfactor don't ask why like just do it !!! Trust me with this really like really do it .it will be one of the best thing you have done in your life .. it would be nice if u do it and trust me u won't regret it ... I love you and alex :)

A : We'll see

Q : Aww our not an art teacher no more :(

A : Sad right ?  

Q : You and Alex need kids !

A :Does he want kids ? :3

Q : I hope you and alex are together forever and what are you gonna do about a job ?

A : I'm gonna eat some fried rice ... then I'm gonna look around

Q : Where yo edges go ?

A : .. I'm not that old 

For Alexandra 

Q : oOoo girl Zayns D big or small I need the dets

 A : Its [..............................) yeah

Q : That was pretty funny when you said that's not me I don't have blonde hair lol !!!!!!!!:)

A : I was kinda trying to save myself from getting in trouble ;3

For Sparrow

 Q : Why are yu a slut ?

A : Why are you a bitch ? :3

For Niall 

Q : Think bout nammmmmmeeesssss??

A : Umm not sure yet I don't even know if the baby is a boy or girl

Q : Why are you with a whore ?

A : ... Don't be a cunt 

And That is it!!!! Err mer gerd .. here is the last chapter ... of Mr.Malik ♥

Alexandra's P.O.V

The next day I went over Sparrow's very early to get ready for graduation . I'm seriously excited . The,is is the final fucking day I'll be called a highschooler .You're now looking at a freshman .. in college Haaaa!!!!! .

We got our makeup done over and then we met Louis at starbucks where we saw this fat girl and she slipped on  Louis's ice coffee . I laughed so hard but I said I was sorry because that was rude. The we went with louis to get his hair cut and then we went to his house to get dressed .

Only because his mom wants us to take pics with Lou and be fabulous for her . I finished getting dressed in my new white tutu dress and my white fringe sandals . My grandma has guud taste . I looked in the mirror at my hair that was pinned to one side with extra curl . My black eyeliner and red lipstick .

I can just imagine now what its gonna be like as an adult . Can't fucking wait thoeeee!!! . "Hey Allllleeexxxx . Wow you look beautiful darling" Louis walked in . " Thank you and let me tell you . You look spicy " I brushed off his tux .

"Thanks" He said cockily . "So do you think the guys will be there?" Louis asked . "Oh theyll be there they're already everywhere we go " I giggled . "Yeah .. what do you think today is gonna be like ?" He looked in the mirror with me "The best day of our little lives I believe  .. I can feel it " I sighed .

He smiled . "Aye you 2 in the mirror day dreaming let's take pics so we can get outta here !" Sparrow yelled . We shrugged and grabbed our stuff going downstairs to have a photo shoot for his mom . That took forever .

(Graduation Ceremony)

 I was sitting there waiting for the guest speaker to shut the fuck up! . He was taking 5 million year . I could even see my brother in the audience falling asleep . I was close to falling asleep on Sparrow's shoulder when someone screamed out "Suck a turd !!!" And threw some shitty underwear at him . Everyone was laughing my brother was rolling on the floor . Lol this is fun .

(Calling Names)

"My son an English Major valedictorian . Louis William Tomlinson" Everyone clapped . Me and Sparrow yelled out to him "LOU U BETTER TWERK IT UP!!" I screamed . He started to twerk for the people . I swear me and sparrow fell out our seats . " Or very own Communications Major valedictorian . Ms .Sparrow Olivia Smith " Everyone made noise for her .

She waved out of everyone and posed for her parents .  Me and Louis just went wild . "And last but not least our Art major valedictorian .. Ms . Alexandra Jade High " Everyone clapped especially Lou and sparrow . I shook Mr .Tomlinsons hand and snatched my diploma from him and strutted down the stage stopping in front of my brother for pics 

.Then I went back to the graduates section at the front of the auditorium and took my seat next to Lou and Sparrow . "As a step forward for these Young men and women I want our graduates to turn your tassles to the right side " Everyone screamed .

We all turned up turning our tassles to the other side . "And now that we have done that I now present our 2014 Graduates of Bradford own Offordale Highschool!!" Everyone screamed out .

We threw our caps up and twerked it up for ourselves . Me ,Sparrow,and Louis group hugged . "We did it you guys ... awww Alex don't cry" Louis hugged me again . " No .. I just hot an eye lash in my eyes .. tear tear" I said .He laughed and we hugged again .

(After graduation) We all went back to see our parents . As for me my brother . "I'm so proud of my mini me" My brother smiled . "AWWW SHUCKS" I gave him the bashful hand . He laughed and hugged me . I hugged him back tightly .

This has been a tough year for me and bro bro but I tell you it was the best year for me :) ."Can I get a hug ?" Someone said. I turned around to see Zayn holding roses in his hand wearing tux . " Ill see you in the car sis " De said and walked away awkwardly .. weirdo .I literally jumped on him hugging him tightly.

He chuckled sexily . " I Missed you so much yesterday " He sqeezed me tight .I giggled " I know . I did something sooo fucking epic yesterday .. I'm sad you missed it " I pouted . " Its alright .I promise I'll be there for the rest of your epic moments " He put me down . I clapped in excitement . He laughed .

He handed me the roses with smile . I smiled back . "Oh I got a new tattoo" He said . "Really cool let me see!!" I jumped up and down . He took me in his arm and parted his fingers . I read the side of his finger that read 'Mrs.Malik ' I cursive.

 My eyes got big and I looked at him . "Are you asking what I think your asking? " I started to smile . He nodded with a grin on his face " I won't take no for an adhere I love you too much" He shook his head . " What if no wasn't my awnser ?" I smiled .

He looked shocked "Are you saying yes ?" He asked . I laughed and nodded my head . "Yes!!" He whispered to himself then picking me off the ground and spinning me around . I held onto his neck so if he were to drop me I wouldn't let go .

"I love you sooo much Alexandra .. You have made me the most happiest person in the world " He kisses me . " Well I have that charming effect on people" I blushed he laughed hugging me again . "Did you ask her?" Liam asked Zayn . "You knew about this ?" I asked . "Yeah he told me and Deangelo before anybody" Liam shrugged . I smiled and shook my head .

"Yay " Sparrow clapped . We hugged . Then everyone began to join in . "Awww" we all said . "Smile!!" My brother shouted jumping in front of us with the camera dude pinting the camera "CHEESE!!!" We screamed . That picture was perfect .

That day way perfect . Everything I could have thought about as my senior year came to an end was perfect . I've met the perfect people to call my besties . That perfect Loud person . That perfect Pregnant person . But most importantly I've met the perfect Boyfriend . Yah know the one I can tell my grandma about of course . And his name .. Zayn Javaad Malik .. but personally I cant stop calling him by his title


The End ;3

Did You like it ??? XD

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