Mr.Malik +16

Mr. Malik is an art teacher at Offordale high school in Bradford England. Alexandra High is the student who is care free and sweet . Mr. Malik never knew her until she was transfered to his advanced art class . He was always attracted to younger girls but not ever his students .. She was sexually attractive to him . What happens when he finds out she feels the same way ?


9. Chapter 9.

Alexandra's P.O.V


It was hard to open my eyes my head hurt so bad . Drinking hurts sometimes . The last thing I remember is we were playing some game and Zayn ended up naked . Which was actually the huglight of my week so .. yay!. 

I looked over at Zayn who was on his stomach with his head turned my way . He was so cute .. like bunnies ... sorry I'm getting off topic . I slipped on my underwear and a black t shirt that I have no idea where it came from and started to mess with zayns face . 

I decided it would be funny to tickle his ear so I did and it moved . I sqealed causing him to wake from his sleep . "Oh .. sorry for waking you " I blushed .

"Its okay babe I was about to get up and make you breskfast " He smiled and kissed my cheek . "Sounds good . Wait! What about school ?" I asked . He shrugged "Let's not go .. spend the day together " He slipped on his boxers one leg at a time . "Oh okay cool " I smiled and ran out the room "PANCAKES!!!!!!" I screamed . He laughed . 


"So you did have sex with him.... you used a condom right  ?" Cher asked . I laughed  "Mhm and I have to admit it was the best sex .. only for my first time at least " I laughed . "Aww Alex is not a virgin anymore .. way to go !" I heard Louis scream in the background . " Well I'll just see you after school " Cher said cheerfully . "Okay bye " I said "Bye . Don't get pregnant ! " she yelled . I rolled my eyes and hung up . 

Zayn then came out the kitchen with 2 plates in his hand . One had eggs and bacon and the other had a big stack of pancakes . "Fuck Yeah PANCAKES!!" I screamed .


He laughed sitting the food on the table . "Let me feed you " He smiled picking up the fork . "I think I can feed myself " I reassured him . "Oh okay then " He shrugged . Then I got too tired to get the fork . "Ehhhh feed me " I whined . He chuckled and picked up the fork and started feeding me . 

(Later that day)

Zayn pulled up in front of my house getting out to let me out . "Are you sure your brother will be okay with this ?" Zayn asked . "Yeah . I hardly know where he is haft of the time . I'm only a teenager " I said . "Okay .. Call me before you go to sleep " He smiled . "Okay bye " I hugged him . He kissed me ticking me . I laughed "bye " he smiled and walked to his car and getting in and driving off . 

Short chapter because the last one was long xD 

Unfortunately I might not be updating tomorrow because of difficulties with my family . :( I know its hard .. but its possible but I might update .. you never know :D 

stay purty :)


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