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Mr. Malik is an art teacher at Offordale high school in Bradford England. Alexandra High is the student who is care free and sweet . Mr. Malik never knew her until she was transfered to his advanced art class . He was always attracted to younger girls but not ever his students .. She was sexually attractive to him . What happens when he finds out she feels the same way ?


8. Chapter 8.

Alexandra's P.O.V



Me and Cher walked into the school to my locker . "So what you and Liam do after your date ?" I asked her . " We went to his place .. its crazy I only knew him a weekend and it seems like I knew him forever .. he's really sweet " She shuffled her feet bashfully . "Awee well I hope you guys make cute babies" I hugged her and she laughed hugging me back . 


I opened my locker and put all my books in when I saw a note on the door on a blue piece of paper . It read :

Loveee ,

Im not gonna be at work today :( but I want you to

meet me at my house at 8:00 tonight I have something

planned for you ♥

Love Zaynie

p.s. dress nice ;)

I awwwed silently at the note though I don't know what he has planned and I need to know I'm not that patient . "What's that ?" Cher asked taking the empty locker next to me. "A note from Zayn he said he has something planned " I shrugged . "Ohhhhh" she smirked . I looked at her confused then my eyes got big "you know what he has planned " I said excitedly . "I'm not telllinggg youuuu" she sang.  I pouted . She just laughed . 

(Math Class)

I walked taking Mr . Horan by his tie and dragging him out in the hallway . I gave him a testy look . "I didn't hurt sparrow I swear " he held his hands up in defense . "No what does Zayn have planned tonight ?!" I yelled to his face . Luckly nobody was in the hallway 

"I don't know . He didn't tell me he had something planned" Niall shrugged . "Shit!" I yelled . "Hey chill .. somebody didn't have their coffee this morning " He said and walked back in the room . I sighed and followed . 


---->Skip to lunch 

Me ,Sparrow,And Cher sat at the table eating our snacks or whatever when Louis walked in the lunch room with Harry . "Hey guys " Louis yelled . "Hey .. where you 2 been all morning ?" Cher asked . "Just out . We woke up pretty late this morning " Harry explained . " Did anybody see you guys?" I asked . "No but that doesn't matter . These egg heads don't suspect a thing " Louis smirked pointing to the entire student body . I saw someone picking their nose " I see" I nodded and they laughed . 

(Going home) 

After having an ugly old guy in art today that didn't know what he was talking about I went on home for them day . I mean seriously who mixes White and Red and gets orange ... Derp . I went in the house shutting the door behind me "IM HOME BITCH!!" I yelled . "OKAY BITCH!!" Deangelo yelled back . I giggled and sahshayed up the stairs to my room . I stripped from my clothes putting on sweatpants and a t shirt and pulled out my phone . 

Having a nice detention with Mr . Payne ;) -Andra 

Text me back later!!- Cherry

Well sorry for interupting her blow job session damn . Just after I put the phone down I got a text from Zayn 

Call me when you get this text darlin :)- Zaynie 

I didn't get this text ;) - Love 

Aw come on !! ;( -Zaynie 

I chuckled dialing Zayn's number immediately getting an answer . "Good you called . Listen what do you like better Pizza or Pasta?" He asked . This was a big question I just went with the simplest answer . "I like anything and everything edible " I smiled .

He chuckled "Okay see you in a bit .. you got my note right ?" I heard him sit on something . "Mhm how could I miss it . It was covering my picture of Simon Cowell" I growled . He laughed "Sorry"

He apologized . "Its alright . Well I'll be seeing you in the next 2 hours " I smiled . "Alright bye Love " He said "Bye " I smiled and hung up throwing the phone on my couch and laid down on the bed and within 5 minutes I was sleep . 

I woke back up at 7:30 and went to the bathroom getting in the shower . I got back out wrapping a towel around me and going into my closet . I went to all my dresses looking through all of the from red to aztec . Then I found it . My black long sleeved dress with the poofy shoulders . 

I took off the towel putting on black underwear of course . I put on the dress zipping it up and I looked in the mirror . I was short but whatever who said I didn't have to look sexy . I put Lotion on that smelled like Lemon cookies and sprayed the matching purfume on . Coooooookkkiiiieeeesss ^-^ .

I put on black eyeliner and mascara and red lipstick sexaaaayyyyy . I kept my curls loose and flawless as usual and then put on black shiny heels with a bow on the side .

"I'm Leaving De !!!! " I screamed to Deangelo who was on the downstairs couch eating pizza rolls and playing 2k14 . "Have fun!! Be home .. when you're home " He yelled back kinda confused on the last part . I laughed "I will" I said and left . 

I drove to Zayns house and my feet were officially killing me . This is why I don't wear heels . I walked to the front portch riniging the door bell

"Coming!!" I heard Zayns voice and feet running down the stairs . The door opened revealing Zayn in a tux and black and white nikes . 

"Ohh Little black dress huh?" He smirked. "Sexy I like it " He complimented me . "Thank you .. I like your tux " I smiled playing with his bow tie . He smiled back "thanks .. why dont you come in let me take your coat . "

I walked in and he took my coat off my shoulders . I groaned and took off the heels throwing them in the corner "Fuck these shoes man " I mumbled . He laughed and guided me up the stairs . 

We got up the stairs seeing a table for 2 with 2 candles and a red rose in the middle . "Oo pretty " I said . "Well it is for a pretty girl " he smiled . "Oh stahp it u " I slapped his chest and he laughed . 

I sat at the table waiting for him to come out of the kitchen . I looked around at all the pictures . He was so friggen cute as a baby . I saw pictures of him in cowboy hats and everything it was pretty adorable . He came out the kitchen with a box of Pizza , 2 wine glasses and 2 kinds of drinks with 2 shot cups on top . 

"Whoa do you need help ?" I asked about to get up . "No I got it " He said and sat all the stuff on the table neatly in order of how he probably wanted it .

He sat down opening the box of pizza showing sausage pizza in the shape of a heart . "That's fucking awesome how did you get them to do that?" I asked .

He shrugged "I have my ways " He smirked and I laughed . He sat a glass in front of me and poured wine into my glass. "This is really romantic Zayn like .. I can't even explain how amazed I am " I said giving jazz hands .

"I'm glad you like it .. its just my way of saying I wanna make us official .. I'm willing to take the risk of losing my job if it means I get to be with you " He smiles .

"Awe really ? .. tear tear Zayn err may gawd " I said wiping away fake tears . He laughed "But in all seriousness that's the sweetest thing I've ever heard in my history of dating .. I happy you feel that way " I smiled back .

And just when the moment couldn't have possibly been ruined my phone rung . Yep Boss Ass Bitch flodded Zayns eardrums causing him to bust out in laughter .

"Sorry its probably Cher or something" I answered the phone "What?!" I asked . "Ohh you have that thing with Zayn now ?" Cher asked . "Yeah" I said in a 'no shit' kind of voice .

"Oh well I'm on my way home see you later " She mumbled and hung up . I turned off my phone and threw it on the couch . "Let's eat shall we ?" I smiled as the devilish feel flooded out of me "We shall" He said taking a breath from lauging so hard . 

(Later that night)

After dinner we just drunk a bunch of liquor and playing UNO. I was extremely tipsy ... not drunk yet . I'll know when I get there . Zayn slapped the card on the table "Draw 2" he smirked . "Gottdammit!!" I yelled . He chuckled . I had about 50 cards and he only had 2 .

I drawed 2 cards . "Skip you UNO . And draw 4 UNO OUT!!" He yelled . "Fuck!!!" I screamed throwing the cards everywhere . I pouted crossing my arms .

"Aww wanna play another game ?" He asked taking a drink of whiskey . I nodded . "Okay let's play  Never have I ever but if you've done it before you have to take off a clothing item " He smirked . "Hm fair enough" I said sitting down on the couch next to him . I took sips of my drink as he started . 

"Never have I ever ... been In love " He smirked . He took off his bow tie and I took off my necklace . 

"Okay never have I ever liked sushi " I shrugged . He sighed and unbuttoned his shirt slipping off his shoulders revealing his sleeve of tattoos . "Dayum! " I exclaimed .

He chuckled "okay .. Never have I ever got caught having sex " . I didn't move "Still got my V-card" I smriked . "Fuck" he mumbled . I laughed as he took off both of his shoes .

 "Never have I ever cheated " I said . He took off his socks . "Never have I ever hit my head on something as a baby " He said . He took off his pants and I had him un-zip my dress and I took it off leaving both of us in our underwear .

He looked up and down my body "Never have I ever kissed in the rain " He said . "Never have I ever kissed a girl " I said . He slowly being his hands to his boxers slowly pulling them off .

I covered my mouth in awe . I couldn't help but look down . He got closer to me his face lined up with mine "Looks like you won " He bit his lip . His hands touched my hips and held onto his neck as we started to kiss . He stuck his tongue in my mouth exploring it as I did the same to him . 

He took his lips off mine looking at how close I was to his erection . "You scared ?" He whispered . I shook my head and blushed . I rubbed my hand down my hand down his stomach and stopped grabbing his boner firmly in my grasp and moved my hand up and down it .

He started bucking his hips and moaning . He kissed me to hold it in as I started to go a little faster . "S-Stop teasing m-me " me shuttered in pleasure . He gripped the pillows and I held my thumb at the tip then letting go . He got up from the couch and grabbed my hand leading me to his room . 

(Couldn't do much of a sex scene yet ... its only their first time and I don't wanna explain her screaming in pain and stuff ..we know the D is big ;D )


He held me close to his chest . Me holding on to his neck as he stroked my back . He kissed on my face making me giggle at his touch . "I had fun tonight " I whispered .

 He smiled "I'm happy you did love " he whispered back kissing my temple . "You know what would make me happier ?" He said . "What?" I asked . "If you stayed here with me tonight " He said laying on his back . I smiled "of course I will " I said .

His smile made me smile every time I look at it . I feel like I can trust Zayn now . He's sweet and caring and that's what every girl wants in a relationship . I happy I get to have it .


Long enough for yah ! Good!! ;D . Like for more sex scenes yaaaaah!!!!Lol !! .. but seriously though like if you want more 030. 



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