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Mr. Malik is an art teacher at Offordale high school in Bradford England. Alexandra High is the student who is care free and sweet . Mr. Malik never knew her until she was transfered to his advanced art class . He was always attracted to younger girls but not ever his students .. She was sexually attractive to him . What happens when he finds out she feels the same way ?


7. Chapter 7.

First I wanna say thank you . Your comments are just the sweetest thang gurrrl you R fucking awesome ^-^ ♥


Alexandra's P.O.V

The morning sunshine beamed through the window of my room . I opened my eyes letting out a yawn that made me look like shit . I also woke up just wearing a black sports bra and my jeans and leggings from yesterday . I looked to my side and Mr . Malik wasn't right there then I heard the toilet flush and Harry walk out of the bathroom naked . 

"Aw what the fuck dude!" I yelled . He covered himself blushing " Oh sorry I thought everyone was sleep " He tried to explain "..  I'm not gonna ask just .. put on some underwear or something ." I said looking away . I heard his feet shuffle out the room and down the steps . Derp .

I walked downstairs to Liam and Cher on the couch watching Toy Story covered up , Louis naked under a blanket with Harry  , and Sparrow in Niall's arms as he was scarfing an entire poptart down his throat .

"Morning Mrs . Malik " Louis smiled and waved like a perv . "Don't wave or talk to me until you put on some clothes big booty judy " I smirked . He laughed . "Where's Zayn ?" I asked . "Awweee calling him by his first name now !!"

Cher yelled and Liam just smiled at her . "So you know he's a teacher now ?" I asked her she nodded "Mhm Liam explained and I have to admit . This is the sexiest group of teachers I've ever met .. happy I'm going to school with you tomorrow " She clapped . I clapped 3 times faster smiling as I sahshayed into the kitchen . 

I walked through the swinging door to the kitchen and eyed Zayn cooking with no shirt on with his jeans and black socks with black Calvin Klein boxers showing . I slowly walked up wrapping both my arms around his torso resting my head on his back .

 He grabbed my hand and kissed it "Sleep well Love ?" He asked . "Mhm sleeping next to you I have to admit made me feel 10x safer " I heard him chuckle "I'm known as the protecter I'm like jacob from twilight only better looking " I giggled at his comment .

"Alex what the hell did you just have an orgy or something in the living room " I heard Deangelo's voice in the living room . I sighed and walked into the living room .

"No these are my friends and besides to have an orgy there would be more girls than guys duhh!" I rolled my eyes . He shook his head "I don't care what happened .. as long as nobody took my weed or the last poptart " He said .

Niall's eyes got big and he hid the poptart behind under the blankets chewing slowly . "Breakfast is ready !!" We heard Mr . Malik call . Everyone got up except Louis who was still naked and ran into the kitchen . "Babe bring my breakfast for me !!". Louis called to Harry . "Okay!" Harry yelled back . 

After breakfast I showed everyone to one of the rooms to get dressed and take showers together or separate or I don't really care . After Zayn got out the shower I got in washing my hair and stuff and then I Put my new Super man t-shirt on and some black studded leggings . I blow dried my curls back out pulling then into a high ponytail .

I threw my dirty clothes in the hamper and skipped out the bathroom and bounced on Zayn's lap . "You smell beautiful Love " he smiled . "Thank you . You smell good too .. better than this morning " I joked and pouted and I laughed .

"Oh may gawd this is your room !!! You lucky asshole!" Sparrow yelled . I laughed . " you should be happy its hell paying this shit off" I yelled back . "Probably right . Well I'm going over Mr . Horans flat " she yelled down the hallway "Use a condom!!!!!" I yelled back .

"Andra!!" Cher called . I grabbed Zayns hand and ran him down the stairs with me . "Yesss! " I sang .

"I'm going on a double date with these 2 .. wanna make it a triple " He asked poking at my stomach . "Um " I was about to say something and Zayn said something for me "Actually we are gonna head over to my flat for a while y'all go have fun " he smiled .

I shrugged "Bring me back a souvenier " I smiled . She hugged me then linking her arm with Liam's and leaving with Harry and Louis . Zayn turned to me with a smile on his face . " You wanna go ? I'm not gonna force you to go if you dont want to " he grabbed both of my hands .

"I'll go " I smiled "Let me go get my shoes" I kissed his cheek and ran upstairs grabbing my silver toms and my crossover bag and some sun glasses.  "Let's roll" I slipped my glasses on my face and he laughed "Your so adorable " he grabbed me from behind and we both walked out the house . 

We got some snacks and stuff before we drove on the way to his house . We drove through the woods area until we arrived at this gate of big house made of bricks . It was really pretty outside and inside . He laid all the snacks out and he turned on the big tv mounted on the wall . 

We sat together watching movies and laughing til it was like 8:00 at night . "So .. have you been in any relationships ?" He asked me . "Yeah .. but they were lame  " I shrugged . I looked at his face that was focused on the TV "what about you ?"I asked . 

He looked back at me " ... yeah it was a very difficult breakup and it was over something stupid but I let it go " he shook his head . "Besides if I never went through that break up .. I would have never met you of course " He smiled and I smiled back .

"You're so cheeky " I giggled swiping my finger over his nose . ".. cheeky for you though" He rubbed his nose against mine giving me a quick kiss on the lips . 

( Keep in mind what Zayn said about his break up .. you'll need it later in the story xD )


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