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Mr. Malik is an art teacher at Offordale high school in Bradford England. Alexandra High is the student who is care free and sweet . Mr. Malik never knew her until she was transfered to his advanced art class . He was always attracted to younger girls but not ever his students .. She was sexually attractive to him . What happens when he finds out she feels the same way ?


6. Chapter 6.


Alexandra's P.O.V


We got back to my house and we started to just hangout ,play video games and stuff . "Liam brought the beer" Niall yelled . All the guys cheered him on . "Ugh boys" Me and Sparrow scoffed . "Hey babe where's the bathroom ?" Zayn asked getting ready to remove his butt from the seat . "You can you the one in my room " I smiled . 

"Come with me " he grabbed my hand pulling me up the stairs "Okay!" I screamed . I think everyone was too busy making out to even notice I was gone . Derps -.- . He found my room easily and went into it pulling me with him to the spacious bathroom . He shut the door locking it then pushing me to the wall . 

He started kissing me sucking on my lips like a vaccume cleaner . "Zaynie damn slow down" I yelled . He ignored me . I tried taking his head from mine and he grabbed both of my wrist in a tight grip . "Don't you wanna wait ?" I asked him . His eyes shot up to mine .

"Why what's wrong ?" He asked . "I .. just expected my first time -" He cuts me off " To be special I know .. gottdammit . " He said banging his fist on the wall . "I'm sorry .. Its just you turn me on so bad and I can't control it " he shook his head .

"Aww that's so sweet .. no guy has ever said that to me before " I smiled punching his arms . He moves from the wall over to me and hugs me . "I'm happy I'm the first " He kissed my cheek rubbing my back . I giggled . He let go and bent down

"Get on my back " He commaned . I did as told but with a little fun ."To the kitchen for cupcakes!!" I yelled . He laughed running down the hallway and down the steps . 

We got down the stairs and the door bell rung . "Can you open the door for me ?" I asked . He opened the door "Andra!! " I heard the voice of the beat cousin ever . "OMG!!!" I yelled jumping off Zayn's back and running to her .

"There's my fav cuz .. Oh my gosh why did you leave " She asked putting her bags down and hugging me . "The bitch of the family " I rolled my eyes referring to my mom . " Ugh always hated Aunt Heather " She mumbled and we laughed .

Zayn just stood there awkwardly whistling . He turned back "So .. Who Is Thiisss?" He smiled . "You sound like a perv " I laughed "but this is my Fave cousin Cher " I introduced her .

"Hellloooooo I likes the accent darling . " she pinched his cheeks walking over to the couch and ploping down next to Liam . He just stared at her like the derp he is .


Everyone was drunk after they got to know Cher . It started off as conversation and it just turned into drinking alcohal left to right . "N-Now that we *burrrp* know our guest let's pla-play spin the bottle." Niall suggested holding back the barf . 

We all sat in a circle and put the bottle in the middle . The game didn't even start and Cher was making out with Liam . Everyone cheered them on taking swigs of bottles . " Looks like we got new fuck buddies on board " Louis clapped .

They didn't care they just kept making out like nobody was there . I turned to Zayn and he attached his lips onto mine .  "Upstairs?" I asked him .

He nodded with that smirk on his face and his eyes turning black with lust . I grabbed his hand pulling him up the stairs into my room . I shut the door and I climbed on top of him kissing his neck .

He moaned  and I smiled because it was so sexy . He slid his shirt over his head putting it on the floor and I did the same . He traded places kissing my neck and my stomach .

I smiled grabbing his neck and putting his lips back on mine "Say you'll be mine " He whispered . "What ?" I asked confused . "Say you'll be mine forever .. I know I'm a little drunk put I really mean this .. just promise me " He said .

His arms snaked around me . I felt so safe close to him like this . "I promise " I smiled and we kissed again . I was back on top and I laid my head on his bare chest just wanting to feel his comfort all night long . 

Sorry the chapters is short the next one will be longer :).


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