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Mr. Malik is an art teacher at Offordale high school in Bradford England. Alexandra High is the student who is care free and sweet . Mr. Malik never knew her until she was transfered to his advanced art class . He was always attracted to younger girls but not ever his students .. She was sexually attractive to him . What happens when he finds out she feels the same way ?


5. Chapter 5

-Thats Sparrow by the way lol I forgot to mention xD 


Alexandra's P.O.V


TURN UP!! Its Saturday .. and once again I'm gonna sit on my couch , eat cereal , and dance to Olly Murs . I don't really have plans over the weekend anyway . I poured Cheerios in the bowl followed by milk . I grabbed the bowl walking to the living room and sitting on the couch . I was channel surfing when I got I got a text probably from Sparrow .

Are you up for the football game today ? - SpazzyByrd

Oh sure why not -Alexzo

Make sure you wear team colours :) - SpazzyByrd 

Gottcha see u there xx - Alexzo

Well I guess I do got plans . I quicky scarffed my cereal down my throat and ran upstairs to get dressed .I got in the shower and stuff first then  I put on my green and white striped t shirt some denium destressed jeans and black leggings, and green vans . 

I put my phone in my pocket and my tube of lipgloss and finished my look with a denium jacket . "I'm leaving De!!" I yelled . "Have fun!!" He yelled back . Probably playing the game because he's an obsessed freakatron . I walked outside getting into my car . I turned the radio up loud blasting Heart Skips A Beat By Olly Murs and Chiddy bang. I pulled out the driveway singing my heart out making my way to the football field . 

(At the football field)

I walked in the gate greeted by some old friends at the other building . Its weird seeing them around know becuae they think I'm a big shot or some shit like that just because I'm in the advanced building but okay whatever . 

I walked up to the stands looking around for Sparrow when I heard "Ohhhh Alllleeeex" I heard Sparrows voice sing . I waved like a child and ran up the stairs as people pushed into me and someone almost tripped me "Watch what Cha doing bitch!!" I yelled flicking off the guy . Sparrow laughed "You look cute who you try a impress "

He asked . "You my sexy animal" I joked and we both laughed . " Which number is Louis ?" I asked looking around at all the player.  "He's number 70 " I pointed . "Louis!!!!!" I screamed I saw his brown hair pop up and he smiled and waved at me and sparrow.  We waved back like fangirls of Justin Beiber . Then we saw an older man yell at him to get on the field and me and Sparrow quickly sat down .

( Skip to the mall)

After the game me , Louis , And Sparrow went out for Ice cream . "I can't believe you really beat up the coach " I laughed . "He was yelling the shit outta me the whole game .. he lucky I left his nipples un twisted " Louis explained . We laughed . "Who I gotta go potty !!" Louis yelled . "We'll come with you " Sparrow sang grabbing my hand and dragging me with them . 

I sat on the couch between the boys and girls bathrooms and read a newspaper .. just trying to be classy when a arms snaked around my shoulders and i heard a familiar "Miss me love ?" 

I turned around to Mr . Mailk who had on black jeans , a nike sweat shirt and some black jordans . He was wearing suglasses too "Mr . Malik ?" I asked sounding surprised . "Zaynie " He correected kissing my cheek "Fine Zaynie .. What are you doing here?" I asked . "Just shopping with Niall , Harry .. which I cant seem to find them . " He said looking a round . Just them we heard a loud moan from the girls bathroom that made both of us jump . "Um .. I think I found Niall " I giggled . He shook his head . "Well at least he's wearing sunglasses him and sparrow can walk around together and won't get caught " He added . 

We turned to the footsteps on Louis and Mr . Styles holding hands . "Awwwe Football Player and History Teacher" I cooed . Louis laughed "Are you sure we won't get caught ?" Mr . Styles asked Zaynie . "Honest now go have fun .. I wanna go walk with my lovely girlfriend " Zayn smiled . I smiled back .

"Get it in Alex!!" Louis yelled walking away with Harry . I laughed . "Come on let's do a little shopping girlfriend" Zayn grabbed my hand " Okay . USE A CONDOM HORAN!!" I yelled into the bathroom before walking away . "Charming " Zayn chuckled shaking his head . I giggled 

I walked around with Zayn him grasping onto my hand probably never letting me go . He would look at me occasionally with his sex eyes licking his lips . "What ?!" I asked him . He bit his lip "you just look so hot right now "He smirked . "Please stop" I pushed him and he chuckled . "I see .. you're scared to have sex with me because I'm a teacher " He said grabbing my hand again

"I'm not scared .. completely " I responded . "What's that supposed to mean ?" He asked referring to when I said completely . " Well .. There's some things you should know about me before we do " I said . "I'm listening " He smiled . "Well the most important one is .. it would be my first time " I looked down .

He stopped walking and turned to me . I looked back up and he removed the glasses from his face "Zayn no people are gonna see you " I warned .

"So I don't care right now . You should have told me you were a virgin " He looked into my eyes "Yeah I know .. I'm sorry " I mumbled "But aye atleast I'm not a whore" I smiled and he grined back . "Come on " He said and pulled me along .

We met Sparrow and Niall in the dress store and Sparrow made me try on everything for what reason I don't know but it was fun though .

I put my bags in the car and stood outside it watching out for everyone else . I don't know what was taking them so long . I was looking at my phone when a hand came to my side slapping the car ."Whoaaa" I exclaimed .

"Hey baby .. damn you sure mighty fine. " He smirked "And you sure are a man slut " I spat back at him "Hey no need to get testy baby .. how about you join me at my place for some fun " He grabbed my waist "I think I'll pass thank you " I smiled fakely .

"I said come on " He grabbed my wrist and tried to pull me with him and I kept screaming no . "Let go of her !!" I heard Zayn's voice . His face had anger written all over it .

"You wanna let go of my girlfriend or you wanna lose that hand " He asked . "Um .. sorr-sorry man n no trouble " The guy said and let go of my wrist and sprinted  to his car he sighed in relif "Are you okay love ? " He asked kissing my temple "Y-Yeah " I nodded

"Babe please be careful " He said hugging on my body . "Okay I promise I'll be careful" I said with a laugh as his hair tickled my neck . "So . The guys were thinking can we chill at you're flat . for a while .. I told then you got a badass flat" He smiled .

I laughed "I guess that would be okay " I smiled back about to get in the car . "No no babe ride with me . I gave Lou the keys to your car he's gonna drive back to your house with sparrow . " He explained . "Oh okay " I smiled and began to walk to his Black Challenger . 



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