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Mr. Malik is an art teacher at Offordale high school in Bradford England. Alexandra High is the student who is care free and sweet . Mr. Malik never knew her until she was transfered to his advanced art class . He was always attracted to younger girls but not ever his students .. She was sexually attractive to him . What happens when he finds out she feels the same way ?


4. Chapter 4.

Alexandra's P.O.V


I lazily drove to school . I was so friggen tired I could barely get out of bed . I have a really bad hangover too and I dont remember drinking much . I walked in the school meeting Louis at the lockers . He had an ice pack covering his for head . 

" Headaches !! Did we even go to the club yesterday ?" He asked whining a little in his voice . "Yeah and you made out with someone " I sang . "Really?" He tilted his head . "Mhm" I nodded .

"With who... WAS THIS PERSON HOT ?" He said his eyes turning the size of quarters . I giggled "He was so fucking hot but that's my opinion " I stated turning to my locker . "

Gimmie the name ?" He put his hands on his hips doing a sassy pose . " Are you sure ?" I asked . He nodded "Mr . Styles" His jaw dropped to the floor . 

"Are .You . Fucking . Serious ? I seriously made out with my history teacher .. and you let me !? What the ---" He stopped going off as Mr . Styles walked by . "Hello Ms. High .. Louis" He smiled saying Louis more suductively . Louis turned back to me . "You're the best friend ever " He smiled . I laughed . 

We walked in Mr . Horans classroom . "Wow time record you 2" Mr . Horan said surprised. "Mr . Horan can I ask you something ?" Me and Louis walked up to  his desk .

"Yeah sure .. wha--" he was cut off by Louis "We saw you grinding all up on Sparrow Smith at the club last night !!" Louis yelled . "Shhhh " Mr . Horan said covering our mouths . "I like alright you caught me .. but we need to keep this a secret . I could lose my job " He whispered . We both nodded and he let go of our faces .

" The way she moved on the dancefloor .. she was really truning me on and I couldn't help myself " He explained . Me and Louis oooo'ed 

"Oooo don't think I don't know about you and Zayn or you and Harry " He said pointing to both of us . We looked at each other and back at him " Agreed to keep this between us ?"

I asked . "Agreed" we said at the same time I shook both of their hands and me and Louis walked to our seats . "Sorry I'm late Mr . Horan " Sparrow came in his face lit up .

"Its alright Sparrow .. Just meet me after class we can talk okay ?" He wrote on his clipboard . She nooded and waved at me and louis as she walked over to her see . We waved at her back like 2 pervs and she gave us a look but we just laughed . 

(In Chemistry Class)

I finished my test early so I just sat at the table playing with the burner and marshmellows Louis brought to school . I don't know why the hell he had these but they were the good kinds so whatever . 

"Ms. High do you mind being the teachers helper for a second?" Mr . Payne called . "Um sure why not " I smiled turning off the burner . "Take these files one is for Mr . Horan , one is for Mr . Styles , and the other is for Mr . Malik . Hurry back " He smiled handing me eggshell folders . I smiled sweetly and skipped out the room . 

I delivered to everyone and then I went to Mr . Malik's class . I don't know what they were doing in there but I just walked in . " Delivery from Mr . Payne!" I yelled . Everyone giggled "Ms . High you're disrupting the learning process " Zaynie said getting up to get the folder . "Okay sorry for disturbing you're epic stare down with the students " I held my hands up in defense . He gave me a testy look in return "Well see yah in class " I smiled and ran out . 


I sat another day in silence with Mr . Malik . While Louis and Sparrow went to go have an orgy somewhere with their new sex dolls I just tapped my pen waiting for the time to be over . 

"So .. You and Louis ?" He asked out of no where . I stopped tapping and looked at him "Um .. Me and Louis " I questioned back . His eyes got darker with lust as he walked over to the table . " I don't like when you are with other guys .. I get jealous love "

He said grabbing my hands and pulling me to his body . It felt so good being this close to him . He began to leave trails of kisses on my neck and I moaned . "Louis is Bi ... but I'm sorry if I made you jealous " I smiled . He smiled back at me .

I grabbed his neck and began to kiss him myself . He walked me over to his seat and he sat down pulling me on top of him . He kissed me more as I started to move my hips in a circular motion .

His hands moved to my hips moving them more causing a hot sensation between our private parts . A moan escaped his lips as I stopped and got off him .

" Alexandra .. wha-" I cut him off "I gotta go ." I sighed and he sighed in sadness back . "Alright ... I'll see you later " He mumbled . I giggled at his cuteness as I walked out of the school to my car . Home here I come 


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