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Mr. Malik is an art teacher at Offordale high school in Bradford England. Alexandra High is the student who is care free and sweet . Mr. Malik never knew her until she was transfered to his advanced art class . He was always attracted to younger girls but not ever his students .. She was sexually attractive to him . What happens when he finds out she feels the same way ?


3. Chapter 3.

Alexandra's P.O.V


(Math Class)


We had study day in Mr . Horans class so I just played around with Louis and Sparrow but we tried to be as quiet as possible . 

"Whoa Mr. Malik knows where you live ?! Are you fucking serious ?!" Louis yelled quietly with a smile on his face . I just shrugged " Its not that big of a deal " I continued look at the math book . "Not a big of a deal ? Mr . Malik is freaking hot .If any of the teachers knew where I live I woulda had a heart attack !" Sparrow gasped putting her hand on her heart .  I laughed and shook my head . 

"Are we doing our work over here ? " Mr . Horan walked up to the table putting both of his arms on both sides of Sparrow hovering over her . "Yes Mr . Horan " We all said . "Good .. Sparrow I've talked to your parents . I'm having a home conference with them about your math skills after school" His hands run up her arms but only me and Louis saw . "Okay sounds fine to me " She smiles . He winked at her and walked away . 

"Dayumm get it in mami " I giggled . She rolled her eyes smiling "Stop" She laughed . 

(Chemistry Class)

In chemistry we continued to mix stuff like yesterday but of course I was with Louis and we just mixed suff together . I was putting stuff in making it change pretty colors . Louis was giving me the chemicals . "Hm what's this ?" He said tapping on the beaker .

"Mr . Tomlinson don't mix that with --" Before Mr . Payne could say anything Louis put the clear substance in the pink and it started to bubble . "Well I think we actually did it I don't know about you guys " I stated . "Brilliant!!!!!!" Mr . Payne yelled . "God I thought you guys mixed a different chemical " He sighed in relif . "Hey what does this one do ?" Louis asked pouring the blue substance in the cup . 

"Wait Louis !-" He was cut off by a big explosion . Everyone was ducked under their tables and me and Louis got up laughing . 

(History Class )

"Mr .Styles I don't get this " Louis pouted . "One second Mr . Tomlinson" He called and literally a second he was over to Louis  . "You little slut !" I whispered to him laughing he looked back and held a thumbs up  . "Let him have his fun .. get that dick Lou !" Sparrow chanted smiling . I smacked her arm and we giggled . 


--- Skip Lunch and Art class (In the hallway)

"Hey Alex We're going to a club tonight are you gonna join ?" Sparrow asked . "of course I can get my bro to drive us . He's really cool " I smiled . I pulled out my phone and dialed my brothers number . I heard a ring until I heard his voice "Whaddup Alex.?" He asked sounding haft sleep . "Were you sleep ?" I asked . 

"Yeah but its cool " he said with a yawn after . "Okay but can you take me and some friends out tonight ?" I asked hoping he says yes . "Okay little sis we can leave at 10 " I heard a smile in his voice . I clapped "thankyou bye " I said and hung up . "Has piece of cake" I folded my arms and leaned against the locker almost falling over . 

Louis laughed "Alright well we'll see you tonight " "Okay " I smiled and waved at them both .  I was about to start walking home when -

"Um Alexandra can you come here for a second" I heard Mr . Maliks voice . "Yeah sure " I smiled awkwardly and walked into his classroom . I sat down at his desk in his chair . I put my feet up on the desk and he closed the door and locked it . 

"We need to talk " He mumbled . " I'm not weirded out about you kissing me " I cut straight to the point "Really ? " He asked looking up I nodded . "I think you're really cute " I giggled . 

"Cute pfft . I'm way past cute darling " He smirked his eyes turning darker with lust . "Oh really ... then what can I call you ?" I crossed my arms over my chest getting out the chair . "Call me Zaynie " His hot minty breath went down my neck making me shiver . He kissed my jawline moving his way up to my lips . He licked my lip trying to enter his tongue but I wouldn't give in . 

"Oh so you like to tease ?" He smirked. I giggled as he started to tickle me . I opened my mouth and he kissed me again sticking his tongue in my mouth . I released from the kiss pushing him back "Cheater!!" I yelled . He laughed . 

"You want that ride back home love ? I dont want you walking around these creeps on the street " He said getting his stuff together . " Id like that " I smiled . 

(At the club)

We all got out of the car Sparrow in a sexy red dress and black heels , Louis wearing a black vneck , jeans rolled up on the bottom with a blazer and some vans with his hair in a quiff , and me in a black dress with lace sleeves and black studded combat boots . I dont like heels especially when I'm bumping and grinding on the dancefloor .

We walked in the club immediately losing sparrow and Louis . I shrugged and went on with my business . I went to the bar sitting down at it . "Give me a little scotch on the rocks . Put a little cherry 7up in it " I said charmingly . The bartender nodded . "I'm paying for that drink " I heard someone say . I looked over to see Mr . Malik 

"OMG you go to clubs ?" I asked excitedly . He gave me a husky laugh "I'm only 24 love " He smiled putting the 20 on the table top . 

I took a few sips of the drink . It wasn't strong .. too much 7up I guess . The song talk dirty to me started playing . "Hey you wanna dance ?"  I asked Mr . Malik "Alright " He said . I grabbed his hand taking him to the dancefloor . He turned me around grabbing ahold of my hips and swaying them against him . I smirked and started swaying my hips myself "You nuaghty girl " He laughed . I laughed back. The then grabbed my hand taking me to the one person bathroom . 

He pushed me against the wall and started to kiss me on my neck . I bit my lip holding back the moans . The kissed down until he got to the right spot and I couldn't hold it in anymore letting out a moan . He kissed my lips picking me up by the back of my thighs and putting me back against the wall . I let out a giggle "You're so eager Zaynie " 

"Eager for you " He groaned kissing me again "Although I'm enjoying this .. I'm not having sex with you " I held onto his neck . "Why we already started let me finish " He kissed my neck again . "Nice try .. maybe next time though " I smiled grabbing his hand . He kissed my hand as we walked out the bathroom into the hot air .

Walking back to the bar I saw  Louis making out with .. Mr . Styles?! .I was shocked but I just giggled and left him to that then seeing Sparrow grinding on Mr. Horans tree trunk . I shook my head laughed .  "Can I buy you another drink ?" Mr . Malik smiled and kissed my cheek "You can " I smiled gripping his hand as we walked back to our bar seats .


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