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Mr. Malik is an art teacher at Offordale high school in Bradford England. Alexandra High is the student who is care free and sweet . Mr. Malik never knew her until she was transfered to his advanced art class . He was always attracted to younger girls but not ever his students .. She was sexually attractive to him . What happens when he finds out she feels the same way ?


29. Chapter 29


For Louis and Sparrow 

Q : Did you know what was happening ? And who picked up the Xbox lol!! /

A : S:Yeah we knew what was going on and it was Lou who picked up the Xbox

L: Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you can lie freely -_-

S : .-.

For just Louis

Q : Why did you and sparrow start fighting ?

A : She said burritos were better than taco's -_- I thought pregnant people liked everything 

For Natalie

Q : Why you all up in they're business ?? Like calm the fuck down ! gawd

A : A bitch gunna get haa man back best and believe . 

For Zayn 

Q : Where did you shoot Evan cuz it should have been in the head .

A : It was in his chest and close to where i wanted to shoot him . It SHOULD have been in his head though :)

Q : Okay you have to think of a good explanation for the bullet in your arm . lolzz

A : I know lol :3

Q : What are you gonna tell Alex when she asks what happened ?

A : I don't know i'm just hoping she won't ask at all :|

For Niall

Q : y do u think sparrow is very sick lately ? try to think about cute small people ..mmmm blue or pink ? twins ....maybe u'll figure it out ...its a 8 letters word and related to babies

A : Okay soo . She might be sick because she ate too much . ... Cute small people ? Like midgets :D ... Um blue .. Twins .. Okay . I don't know where you are going with this darling ..8 Letter word related to babies ..ERECTION!! ... Don't you need that to make a baby ? :)

& The last question was for Evan ... but Evan is busy being raped in jail so yay!

To le storehh we go ;3

Alexandra's P.O.V

~Monday Morning~


Today is officially the last 2 days of school!! . Fuck yeah!! The last 2 days is always the best 2 days .I walked into the hallway to my locker and even before I could even open my locker I was attack by a flying body . I was knocked to the floor with Louis hugging me . "ALLLLEEEEEXXXXXX!!!!!!" He screamed . "BOOOBEARR!!!" I yelled back . I hugged him . He got up and helped me up "I missed you sooo much here . Its been seriously boring without you .." He sighed in relief .

"Well Durr i'm the like of the fucking party I mean come on ... Look at these chipmunk cheeks " I pointed to my face . He laughed "By the way where's Cher ?" He pointed somewhere "She's packing .She had a fight with Liam last night .. She might be leaving earlier than expected now " I shrugged .

He awwe'd in sadness  "Wheres Sparrow?" I asked . "Oh she's just throwing up and trying to figure out how to tell Niall about Niall jr. " He said . "Niall jr. ... Really what if its a girl?" I crossed my arms over my chest . " ... Sparrow jr. " He snapped his fingers . I laughed . I missed this kid like sooooo much . 

(Math Class)

I skipped in the class right after Louis walked in . "Ms . High you're back ? .. aren't you missing a friend ?" He asked referring Sparrow . " Yeah ... Maybe you should go talk to her she's in the hallway something is wrong and she doesn't want to tell the nurse " I smiled . He looked at me confused . He quickly ran out the door . "Should we see how this went down ?" Louis whispered to me .

I smirked and nodded . We ran outside and saw Sparrow holding her stomach and Niall sitting next to her holding her in his arms . "Babe are you okay ?" He asked Sparrow . She shook her head . "Can you tell me what's wrong ?" He pleaded . I looked at Louis . Louis looked at me . We both looked back at Sparrow . "Promise you won't be mad " She said . Niall nodded .

She sighed . OMFG SHES REALLY ABOUT TO TELL HIM !!! . "I'm..." She started . "You're .." He said for her to continue . "I'm pregnant " She said . Niall's eyes got big . Then he looked at me and Louis . We gasped like we didn't know . " Really ? How long ?" He picked her up off the floor .

" About 3 weeks .. Just been a lot of vomit ... and crying ... and eating " She shrugged . Niall sighed . "Are you mad ?" She asked Niall . Is u Mad .. Or Nah ? ... sorry . " No . I always wanted a baby . Its just been a while since I have been in a relationship like this .. You're giving me a gift i have always wanted " He smiled . "AWWWWWWWW" Me and Louis yelled . They laughed . Niall kissed her . Lucky it was an empty hallway . "I love you" Niall grasped her hand . " I love you too" she smiled . This is like soooo beautiful I can't wait to be a god mom!!!! .

(Skip all the way to lunch)

We were sitting eating and they were getting me caught up on stuff when Cher walks in . "Cherry!!!" I screamed and attacked her with my luvin' . "Andra!!" She screamed back . "Everything okay with you and Liam ?" I asked . She sighed "Don't remind me . Last night was officially the worst night of my life and on top of that Mom wants me home by tomorrow so I gotta leave after school " She groaned "This fucking sucks!" She yelled . "Its okay Cher " Louis lightly hugs her .
Sparrow then joined in the biggest group hug ever . "Awwww" We all yelled . Just then Mr . Tomlinson walked in . "Hey Louis your Dad looks pissed " I said . "That's just his someone is getting expelled or fired look " He said like nothing was wrong . But he looked soo fucking mad he was turning red .

Just then his dad came up to us ... okay so we are officially fucked ..."Louis William Tomlinson .. I'm gonna say this as nice as possible ... i want you and your friends to my office after lunch .. this is a serious matter " His dad said still deep anger in his voice . I looked at Louis "What did you do ?!" I yelled . He held his hands up in defense .


We walked in the office immediately noticing Niall , Liam, Zayn, And Harry were sitting there . Well whoa the fuck dere! . "Louis what did you do !?" Harry yelled . I threw my hands in the air . Atleast i'm not the only one who thinks he's done something . "Mr.Malik and Alexandra High come here please ... now" Louis's dad said . Ohhh shet i'm sooo dead . "What did Louis do ?" Zayn whispered in my ear . "I don't know" I said completely frustrated by now .

We sat down in the chairs and Mr . Tomlinson turned the computer monitor toward us . Zayn's eyes got big "What is this?" I asked ."Oh just the school cameras .. I just wanna show you 2 something we saw " Mr . Tomlinson explained .

He turned on the footage and it was me in the art room and i was dancing on the table and accidentally broke something .. ohhh shet i'm twice as dead . "Okay well that's not it .. Ah here it is " Mr . Tomlinson changed the tape . This one was me and Zayn ... On that day we had sex on the table . "Ohhhhh" Me and Zayn said .

"Das not me " I shook my head . "That girl obviously has Blonde hair" I explained . "Alexandra you just dyed your hair ---" "Shut up!" I cut him off . "Explain this .. Malik what the hell is this we can't display student teacher PDA in this school . Especially when it involves my son . MY SON! ." He yelled . "Sir I--" He got cut off by Mr .

Tomlinson "Call Mr . Styles and Louis in her now!" He demanded . We got up and walked out . "Zayn--" He cut me off . What is up with being cut off today ."Its fine ..Its fine really don't worry about it okay ?" He kissed my forehead . I'm gonna worry . Its my fault he's about to lose his job .  

After being in that office for the rest of the day Louis's dad finally came out of his office . "Okay .. We can't have you guys in he school together anymore . What you guys did isn't allowed in this school " He explained . "Dad this can still work .. Please !" Louis pleaded . His dad ignored him ... What a Ass hole .

"We have a choice ... either the students are expelled and don't graduate .. or The teachers are fired .. its your choice " His dad said . We all looked at eachother . "I'm getting expelled" I said . "No .. I'm fired" Zayn said . " Zayn stop" I said .

"No .I want to to chase that dream you have .. That talent you carry is gonna take you far .I've made my dreams come true .My dream was finding someone like you .. Now go follow yours "He smiled .

I smiled back as he took my hand and kissed it . "Fire me! " Harry yelled "Me too " Niall said "Me too" Liam shrugged . "Very well then .. You guys can get your stuff and be on your way" Mr . Tomlinson said and walked in his office . " I can't believe you guys would give up your jobs for us " Cher said . "Yep we love you guys too much to see you guys fail like that " Liam said .

Cher ran over to Liam and hugged him . Awww . I hugged them too . Then Zayn hugged me and Louis hugged Zayn . Then Harry Hugged Louis ,Sparrow hugged Harry and Niall hugged Sparrow . Now this is the biggest group hug ever . I'm sad Zayn isn't gonna see me graduate :( but .. i guess this is how somethings work 


Okay sorreh this took so Long I tried to make dis chapter as good as possible lemmi knoee what u think thoee ♥  




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