Mr.Malik +16

Mr. Malik is an art teacher at Offordale high school in Bradford England. Alexandra High is the student who is care free and sweet . Mr. Malik never knew her until she was transfered to his advanced art class . He was always attracted to younger girls but not ever his students .. She was sexually attractive to him . What happens when he finds out she feels the same way ?


28. Chapter 28.

Leggo Le Questiones!!!!

For Cher.

 Q : Can you plz tell me y ur leaving ?

A : I don't know my mom is such a bitch so .. 

For Zayn

Q : OMG u set up a plan behind Alex's back ohh so bad lol but on a serious note that's cool how our gonna get revenge

A : I hate to lie to her but .. this needed to be done after all Evan did rape her and now he must die :)

Q : Why didn't you change you locks ? You wouldn't have to go through that mess!

A : Wasn't on my mind at the time

For Deangelo

 Q : Did you and Zayn set this whole thing up to get Evan and how long ? :)

A : We made the plan at the hospital after I calmed him down and everything . It only took like a day and a half . 


Alexandra's P.O.V

"Where's Zaynie!?" I whined . "I'm starting to get worried" . Zayn said he'll be back tonight and its already 11:30 . Its about to be the fucking morning time . What if he's not okay :( ? . Louis came over and hugged me followed by Sparrow . "Its okay Alex . He's gonna be back soon I promise" Louis said . "What if ---" Sparrow cut me off . "He's not dead girl chill . How about you call Him before YOU have a heart attack " She suggested . "Yeah " I mumbled in relief . I'm glad these 2 are here . They know I would probably die if i didn't talk to Zayn like .. right now !. 

I picked up my phone and dialed Zayn's number then getting an immediate pick up . "Hello? Alex are you okay ?"  He asked . He sounded like he was in a spacious room . "Yeah .. I'm just worried about you .. Where you at ?" I asked . I had the Evil eye on my face .. He ain't see it though . "I'm just out with the guys --" He stopped talking . "Aye Zayn come on . Get the guns" I heard my brothers Voice echo . What ... In .. The FUCKING FUCK IS HE DOING !!!? .

"Zayn what are you doing ?!" I yelled . " Alex I gotta go okay ? I love you go to sleep I promise I'll be home when you wake up " He said . " No Zayn don't hang up !" I was too late . He hung right the fuck up -_- . I groaned screamed into a pillow kicking my feet like a fucking toddler . What the fuck do they need guns for ?!! I swear if I get a call saying Zayn Javaad Malik is in the fucking hospital i'm gonna literally drive a bus into gas station . "What did he say ?" Sparrow asked scarfing a Sandwich in her mouth followed by like 5 browines .

"I don't know .. but it involves guns and my brother ... I don't wanna lose anybody " I crossed my arms and pouted . "You're not gonna lose anybody " Louis said after putting in a movie . " How do you know ? Who the fuck knows what they're doing .. What if  whatever they have planned backfires and someone ends up dead " A tear came out my eye . See times like this its best to cry .

"Darling they're fine they are the toughest guys we know . " Sparrows breath hit my face . Hot damn meat and chocolate don't mix . I covered my nose " Thanks for that but ... you need a mint " I mumbled . She coughed in her hand . "Ohhh ... Well fuck I'm pregnant!!" She yelled and ran up the stairs . Lets blame everything on the un-born baby shall we ?

Evan's P.O.V

I woke up tied to the wall with a big gash on the side on my head . What the fuck is this  ?! I looked around the dark room . Basement floors and racks everywhere . It was like a freaking drug raid . Before I could blink for a second time 6 guys in all black stood before me . It was those weird teachers , Deangelo , And Cher . Cher would fucking twerk on me then try to kill me . I always hated Cher the most .

" What the fuck Let me go! " I demanded . Then the teacher guy with black hair loaded a gun "No can do bitch " He chuckled ."Okay Zayn don't get too cocky " Mr .Horny said . "Zayn ? You're Zayn ? You fucking bitch!! " I screamed . "So you heard of me ?" He asked with a smirk . "I sure did . Alex was screaming your name when I fucked her sense-less" I chuckled evily . That must have pissed him off enough . He started  charge at me but everyone was holding him back .

I laughed . I started to fiddle with the rope until i was free finally . I got the gun out my boot . I loaded it  " Yeah that's right Zaynie boy I'm he reason your little bitch can't walk for a week .. And what can you do ? Huh call the cops .. Ohh i'm so FUCKING SCARED !" I yelled the last part . " You fucking bastard you know that's my sister right ?" Deangelo budded in "Not only do I know ... But I don't care " I shrugged .

Now Deangelo was mad . "De i'm not gonna waist my time trying to fight you ... so I'm gonna take it out on Zayn" I smiled "You think i'm gonna let a fucking teenager punk me ?!" Zayn yells . "I'm a teenager with a fucking gun who's about to win this ?" I laughed . He pointed His gun at me . I laughed "Lights , Camera.." I started . Then i shot him right in the arm .

"FUCKING ACTION!  ANYBODY ELSE WANT SHOT HUH ?!! .. " I yelled . Everyone backed away slowly into the wall . "Good .. Now lets GET out what the fuck i'm gonna do with the rest of you fuck holes" I Chuckled walking out with the rest leaving that fucker there spewing blood .

Zayn's P.O.V

Tears came out from all the pain in my arm . Alex is fucking worried about me and now ? If this plan backfires i'm not gonna be there for her . I removed my arm from my gunshot wound and got off the floor . I went to the bag and pulled out a dagger . "Your gun sir" I heard one of the guys from the jet say . He opened the box revealing a silver M9 pistol . I took it from the box and thanked him and walked away . TripleT K A . Time to TOTALLY KICK ASS ! .

I ran toward the other room and hid behind the wall listening to what he was saying "Now .. Yeah I raped her okay ? But that bitch was disobeying her alpha which caused me to do what alpah's do ... Punish their Omega . What the fuck is up with this wolf slang ? . I did learn something from Teen wolf that I will NEVER forget .

" Every Alpha Must .DIE" I Yelled I walked into the room everyone's eyes light up to see the blood still gushing from my arm . "Oh so my Omega has came back for a second serving " He smirked . I punched him with my bleeding arm . I got him on the floor and punched him over and over . He then just laid there . I got up and started to untie everyone . " Are you okay bud it looks pretty bad " Liam said . " I'm fine .. Lets just get back to Alex okay ? " I sighed .

I untied them all and when I thought it was all over ... Someone shot me in my back . I screamed in pain . Cher and Niall got down and helped me . "Zayn can you speak ?!" Niall asked . I couldn't it hurt so fucking much . A tear came out my eye as i was put into a choke hold and dragged to the middle of the floor . "Evan always gets revenge . His opponent loses " Evan said . He pointed a gun to my head . " Do it " I said . Everyone screamed 'Whaaat!!' "What ?" He asked .

"Do it .. I dare you ." I smirked . "Zayn stop being fucking stupid and fight back !" Harry yelled . " just know one thing Evan" I said . "Huh?" Evan Asked . "Chino" I said . "What the fuck is a --" He was cut off by a blow to the head by chino . I got up and Evan punched me dead in my face .

I punched back harder until he was on the floor . I pointed the gun to him . " Alex is the sweetest person on earth ... And I'm not gonna let bitch asses like you get in between her happiness .. I'll see you in hell"

I shot the gun .

(1 Hour Later)

The cops came and so did the ambulance . Unfortunately Evan is not dead -_- . But when he gets out the hospital he's sentenced 5 years to Life for attempted murder and Rape . Justice is mine . I was sitting on the bed in the ambulance with everyone after they put bandages around my chest and back and the wrapped up my arms . Deangelo came back with food in his hand .

I did lose a lot of blood but not like .. A lot A lot . But the point is I needed food . " So what now ? What are we gonna tell Alex ?" Cher asked Laying her head against Liam's shoulder . " I don't know i'll think of something . " I mumbled . "Well I'm ready to go home back to my Lou-bear come on guys " Harry said " Yeah Sparrow has been sick lately I wanna take care of her " Niall stated.

"We'll meet you in the car bro .. Aye .. good work today " Deangelo smiled . I smiled a little back . I sighed and laid down looking through my missed texts and calls . All from Alexandra . I tapped on the last . 

Call Me When You Get This Text :( - Love ♥

I sighed . I gotta get home to her . 

(6:58 am)

Me and Deangelo sat our bag down and then he passed out on the couch . It was a long ride I wouldn't blame him . I went upstairs and slowly opened Alex's cracked door to see her sleep with a phone to her ear and the land phone next to her . Probably waiting for me to call back :( . I walked up to the bed took the phone off her ear and pulled her to my chest .

I laid back on the bed with her still in my arms . I'm happy she doesn't have to deal with Evan anymore . She can heal in peace . I kissed her head "Mission :Keep Alex safe .. Completed " I smiled to myself . 


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