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Mr. Malik is an art teacher at Offordale high school in Bradford England. Alexandra High is the student who is care free and sweet . Mr. Malik never knew her until she was transfered to his advanced art class . He was always attracted to younger girls but not ever his students .. She was sexually attractive to him . What happens when he finds out she feels the same way ?


27. Chapter 27

To Le Questions :3

For Alexandra

 Q : Im glad ur okay Alex!!!!!

A : Goodie!..

Q : Aww Zayn takes such good care of u wow u are one lucky girl

A : I am :)

Q : Alex , when you can walk what are you gonna do to Evan (BTW hope you get better :) <3 xxx)

A : See now some girls would be like 'Ima kick the shit out his balls' .. which is what I'm gonna do :)

Q : Ouchie I'm sorry you had to go through that ):  I hope that cunt never touches you again . You didn't deserve that  . Anyway on to the question Lawl ... Do you want to be an artist when you grown up or have you been thinking about anything else ? By the sounds of it I think you're an amazing artist .

 A : Thanks . That's always been the dream I've been wanting to be an artist forever . Even when I used to draw nasty little potato people in kindergarten ;3

Q : Were you guys wrinkly after the nap in the bath ??

A : Yeah .. On the other note it was really relaxing ;3

For Zayn

 Q : U are such a good boyfriend to her aww I luv u soo much

A : Oh stahp it u ^~^

Q : Aww its so cute you cook for her . Dudes that cook are freaking awesome !!!!! Lol

A : Then I must be the so awesome :D

Q : Awwwwww that is so cute I think guys that cook are very awesome and don't ever leave Alex ever y'all are the cutest couple ever

A : I'm never planning on leaving her . She's the best thing that happened to me and I'm gonna continue to love her and cook for her :)

Q : What happened to your ex girlfriend ?

A : I don't know .. I think she's been hiding in my bushes 0.0

Q : What was going through your mind whenever you broke up with natalie ? Like seriously ,look at her ,she is HAWT! plus you don't even have to call her to ask her to come over , she's just kinda .. there Lol J/k  I'm SOOO happy for you and Alex , I hope she gets to feeling better ! You guys are cute together.

 A : Lol!!!! Thank you :)

Q :When you were a kid what did u want to be ?Did u really like the idea of wanting to be a teacher or you wanted something else and see the world ?

A : As a kid I wanted to be a Chocolate bar so .. this might have been what I wanted in college 0.0

Q : How soon do you plan on getting married ?

A : I'm not sure . I haven't really thought about that yet I wanna wait until Alexandra gets out of high school and gets stable into an adult life . I don't wanna pressure her too fast . I wanna marry her though :)

Q : Why are you telling her everything will be okay when she got raped .. ?

A : WTF?!

Well thats it for today . You guys asked alot this time .. TANK U! Ok to the storehh! ♥

Zayn's P.O.V

"I promise I'll be back as soon as I can " I said to Alex . I hate to leave her when she's like this but I have business to take care of . "Just promise me that you won't do anything stupid" She placed her small hands on my face .

I smiled " I promise .. I love you" I kissed her.  She smiled back " I love you too" She hugged me . I dragged to hug out more caressing her back . I grabbed my keys off the bed and put my hood on my head . I walked downstairs to Deangelo who had our stuff .

"You ready bro" He asked . I looked back at the stairs. I hate lying to her " Let's go " I mumbled putting my glasses on my face grabbing my bags and following Deangelo out the door to my new mustang .

We are going to find Evan .

 I got in the driver seat taking the last sigh looking at Alexandra's window . "Bro you can back out now . This is very risky." Deangelo said . He saw the nervousness in my eyes . " I'm not about to let Evan get away with this shit ." I said . I started the car " Okay let's go " Deangelo sighed putting his glasses on . I backed out the drive way and on the road to pick up the rest of the guys and to the Jet we are supposed to take . 

Alexandra's P.O.V

I was dead sleep for a while until I heard someone calling my name . "Alllleeeexxxx" I heard it again "What" I mumbled . "Hi Buddy ?" I saw Louis's face . I smiled " Hi Louis" I hugged him . " I missed you at school yesterday" He pouted .

"Don't remind me . I'm not gonna be able to go to school graduation week .. this sucks balls!!" I screamed ." Its okay. if you don't go Me and Sparrow won't go " He crossed his arms and looked away sassily . I giggled " .. wait where's sparrow ?" I asked .

"She came in here with me --" He was cut off by a 'blehhh' sound . " I think I've found her " I said . "Gottdammit Sparrow !" He yelled . He was about to leave my room "wait!" I yelled . "Yeah?" He asked . "Take me with you" I held out my arms like a baby .My chubby cheeks make me look like a baby already 

He laughed and came over picked me up and carried me down the stairs . 

Zayn's P.O.V

We picked up the rest of the guys .. and Cher . We tried to keep her here so she could help out with Alex but every time me and Liam said the name Evan she got pissed and PISSED . I wouldn't blame her though because I felt the same . " Are we seriously about to go kill this guy ?!" Niall asked kinda shocked " We aren't gonna kill him we just are gonna .. maybe put him into a coma " I Explained .

"Oh well good I can't go to jail .. i'm too fragile " Harry sighed in relief . We pulled up o the private airport gates . Deangelo rolled down his window and pressed the talk button "Ay papi ! Its Angelo you got the jet ready ?" He asked the guy . Papi? . "Si come through " The guy on the other line spoke . The grand gates then opened and I drove through "Who the fuck owns this?!" Cher asked .

" I know people .. remember Chino from Sacramento ? " Denagelo asked Cher "Your mom told you to stay away from those gangs !!" Cher yelled at him . "You think I listen to my mom ?" He asked back . I laughed a little .

He has the same personality as Alex . Its good because it feels like I have a part of her with me . Matter fact i'm gonna call her because I miss her now :( . I pulled up to the side of he plane and a man stood at the stairs to the inside ready to greet us . " Alright come on guys " De said getting out of the car . "You guys go ahead I need to call Alex " I said getting out too . "Aww miss her already ?" Harry coos "Shut up" I growled . He chuckled and walked over to the plane .

I pulled out my phone and clicked on Alex's number . There was one ring then it answered " Zaynie!!" She squealed . I laughed "Hey what cha doin' Love ?" I asked " Nothing really just watching Sparrow and Louis argue about Burritos and Tacos or whatever I kinda stopped paying attention" She said in a whatever voice . I laughed again .

"Hey .. I miss you a lot and i'm not even out on Bradford yet " I said . "Aww" She yelled . I blushed but she didn't see it of course "I miss you too " She said . I smiled . I head a scream and glass breaking in the background "Uh oh shit is getting serious talk to me later " She said . "Okay Love you " I Bit my lip

. "Love you too . AYE PUT MY XBOX DOWN ASS HOLE" She screamed and hung up . I laughed . "Hey Zayn hurry up we gotta get there and be back by the morning!" De yelled from the Jet . "Here I come !" I yelled  back .

I grabbed my bag and ran over to the Jet . I Gave my keys to the driver man and got on the Jet taking my seat next to Liam . The plane soon started and I put on my beats Headphones and Turned on my music . The fist song that came on as Alex's favourite song. I started to soon get relaxed and the jet took off .

California here we come 

We arrived in Los Angeles in exactly 7 hours and the time was 7:30 pm .We checked in the hotel and changed our clothes . Some guy set up a fake date with Cher at this club for Evan. This is gonna be so bad ass . More bad ass than when i tried weed in high school . Worst mistake of my life . We all wore all black with black beanies . " Everyones ready Cher's at the club . Reports say Evan is arriving and we should leave now!" Deangelo said . Everyone grabbed their jackets and whatever and we left the hotel to the SPECIAL place . 

(First time in 3rd person 8D)

The club was lite and everyone was turnt . Cher was sitting at the bar waiting for her 'Date' to arrive . She had a few drinks while waiting on Evan but she didn't talk to guys because of course she was with Liam still and she would never do that to sweetie pie Liam . " Target sighted " Deangelo said into her ear piece . "Copy that " She implied . She got out her seat and walked over to Liam who was at the door . 

"Evan glad you made it " She smiled seductively . "Actually Cher I never knew you wanted to date me " He smirked . "I was always jealous of what you and Alexandra had .. And now that shes out of the picture .. Lets have some fun " She giggled and pulled him over to the dance floor . " The Dick is in the Hole I repeat ..the Dick is in the hole " She whispered into the head piece . 

"Got that .. Chino ... You know what to do " Deangelo said in his ear piece to Hit Man Chino . Chino nodded once and walked out into the dance floor . While Cher was basically showing Evan a good time like what he came here for soon the music turned off and everyone dropped to the floor like puppets . Well everyone except Cher ,Evan,And Chino . Cher gave a delvilish smirk . "W-What the fuck is going on ?!" Evan screamed . " This is what happens .." She started . His heart was beating 10x faster "When you mess with the High's " She finished and pushed him back into chinos arms . Evan turned around getting a blow to the face so hard ... That everything in Evan's World .. Went BLACK .


WHOAAAAAAAAAA DERRREEEEE!!! What did you think of this twist ehhh ? Yeah i know . Lol ;3

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