Mr.Malik +16

Mr. Malik is an art teacher at Offordale high school in Bradford England. Alexandra High is the student who is care free and sweet . Mr. Malik never knew her until she was transfered to his advanced art class . He was always attracted to younger girls but not ever his students .. She was sexually attractive to him . What happens when he finds out she feels the same way ?


26. Chapter 26.

Question Tiiimmmmeee o3o !!!! Leggo!♥

For Evan


A : If she doesn't care ..neither do I . She needs to know who the alpha is For Deangelo

 Q : What will you do to Evan ?

A : That's classified Information

Q : How did you not hear Alex being raped ? You only left like a minute before it happened

A : I got in my car and I left I didn't know what was going on . I heard fate yelling but I drove away before I could hear anything else 

For Zayn 

 Q : You better fucking kill him that's all I'm gonna tell u

A : There's no telling what I'm gonna do

 Dass all le qestions now to le crazy storeh we call Mr.Malik ♥

Cher's P.O.V 


Waking up next to Liam everyday was literally a dream come true . I love Liam and he loves me but now I'm leaving in a minium of 3 days and he doesn't know a thing . It makes me upset that I just can't tell him with fear of breaking his heart but after what happened to my cousin and realizing how many issues we are all keeping from each other I should just tell him and get it over with.

We walked I'm the house and he grabbed my waist and kissed my neck . He knew I was really upset about Andra because thats my birth cousin . We were born 2 days apart and if I lose her I'm gonna be a fucked up mess .

"Alex is gonna be okay don't worry Baby" He whispered in my ear . "Yeah I know .. Liam I need to talk to you" I mumbled . "What's wrong?" He asked . I sighed . I cnt tell him straight . There has to be another way. I scanned our living room then seeing a note book and a red marker . Ah ha!! .

I grabbed them both and sat him on the couch "What is this?" He asked . "We're gonna play the guessing game " I smiled . He smiled a little back "I'm not good at these " he chuckled . "It will be easy trust me " I said . "First clue" I held up the paper that had an 'i' and I guess what looked like a yam .

"I .. Shit?" He guessed . "No! I .. yam ." I moved my hand for him to continue . " I .yam .. I . Yam . I am!!" He snapped his fingers . I clapped . " good ! Now next clue " I held up the paper of a leaf , ing , a 3 , and I put all the days " I am .. Leaf .. ing .. what the fuck is leafing ?" He asked . " No I'm Leaving !! .. Liam I'm leaving in 3 days " I screamed . His smile faded . "What?" He asked sounding sad .

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you .. I just was scared of how you would react . Im so sorry Liam" I said . He sighed " Its okay Cher I'm not upset .. I'm gonna miss you " I could tell he shot me a fake smile . I wiped the tear from my eye and hugged him .

He hugged back " I love you okay ? Don't forget that" He mumbled against my neck . I felt hot liquid fall down my shoulders . It told me he was crying . I rested my head on his "I love you too Liam" I said wanting to cry myself .

Alexandra's P.O.V 

I was laying on the recliner flipping through the channels in the big family room . I had on my unicorn onsie . Its soft . I cried when they told me I couldn't walk for 4 to 6 days . How am I gonna go to school and fuck around til graduation week :( . Every time I think about it I get sad over and over again 

I told Liam -Cherry

Is he okay ?- Andra

For now ..what about you -Cherry

I'm okay - Andra

I texted Cher . I'm gonna miss her when she's gone . I would tell her to tell my mom I said hi  ... but no I wouldnt never do that . I put the hood up on my onsie and watched rediculousness until I was starting to fall asleep . I eyes were slowly closing until I felt a kiss plant on my temple and a familiar sent .

It was Zayn and I remember that one day my brother gave him a key to the house . I turned my head meeting those hazel eyes I love so much . I was smiling even though my mouth was covered . I have chipmunk cheeks don't judge .

"How are you feeling ?" He asked in a whisper tone "Bored and crappy" I answered . "Aww I'm sorry " He apologized.  He picked me up and kissed me "I missed you" I mumbled . "I missed you too" He smiled He laid down where I was laying moving the bag of ice and laying me down on his chest .

He caressed my back kissing my head occasionally as we watched rediculousness all day and laughing . Until Teen Wolf episodes came on ..that's when stuff got serious .

As the day moved on he cooked me breakfast .. more like brunch because we ate at like 1:30 . Then we played Call of duty Ghost and he was cheating :( but it was funny because we were just cussing people out on the headset for no reason at all . Then we watched TV some more

. Then at maybe 8 or 9 he ran my bath water in my bathroom . He carried me up the stairs with 2 towels and my other onsie and stuff . My other onsie is finn and jake :D . Once he came back from getting his pajamas from his car he turned off the water that was filled with bubbles .

He took off his clothes and he took off mine and walked us both to the tub . He washed me  and himself at the same time while singing Stay the night by Zedd in my ear. Instead of washing our hair he just piled a bunch of bubble at the top of our heads .

"You look beautiful covered in bubbles love" He hugged me from behind . I blushed . "I'm sorry all of this had to happen to you .. I'm promise you I'm gonna take care of it .. I promise" Zayn kissed my scars .

I turn to him and he help me because I was sitting on his legs . It was an awkward turn "Its okay .. I'm just happy your here with me " I smiled . He smiled back and kissed me . He pulled me to his chest and I listened to his heart beat race when I touched his skin .

I felt so comfortable locked in his arms . I started to fall alseep and within 5 minutes I was sleep on his chest . 


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