Mr.Malik +16

Mr. Malik is an art teacher at Offordale high school in Bradford England. Alexandra High is the student who is care free and sweet . Mr. Malik never knew her until she was transfered to his advanced art class . He was always attracted to younger girls but not ever his students .. She was sexually attractive to him . What happens when he finds out she feels the same way ?


25. Chapter 25.

Le Questions!

For Zayn

Q : okay I don't know really how to put this but WHY ARE YOU SO FREAKING SEXY ?!

A : I don't know

Q : y don't you go audition for the xfactor if you have a great voice

A : I'm too shy to do that :/ but I would otherwise

Q : Do you know any of Alex's past relationships ? Btw glad your together love you!

A : I know about Evan but that's pretty much it and thank you and love u too

 For Niall 

Q : Are you Bi ?

A : No Sparrow is my everything 

That's all Le Questions 

To The Storehh

Deangelo's P.O.V

I looked at her laying in the hospitial bed sleep . 2 bags of ice rested between her legs and she had bandaids everywhere . It was my responsibility to protect her and yet I left her alone to get raped . I'm soo the worst big brother after this one .I heard the door open seeing Lou, Sparrow,And Cher .

"Hey De " Cher whispered. I waved "Is she alright?" Louis asked . I nodded . "She's just sleep . The doctor said she won't be able to walk for a couple days" I explained . " We need to call Zayn" Sparrow said pulling out her phone . I swatted her phone out her hand.  


"Fuck what's wrong with the high's and phones " She screamed "We're not telling Zayn " I shook my head . "Okay! This whole secret shit is kinda getting on my nerves okay ?! I didn't tell Liam I'm leaving , Sparrow isn't telling Niall she's fucking pregnant!--" I cut Cher off "Wait .. You're leaving?" I asked . She nodded " Aww " I whined.

"Right and on top of that we are not telling Zayn that his girlfriend just got brutally raped and won't be able to walk? " She made a point . We can't keep that from Zayn .. but when he finds out he's gonna be so pissed

.I won't be able to blame him though I'll help him beat the fuck out of Evan . "Sparrow proceed with calling Zayn" Cher said . Sparrrow nodded and dialed Zayns number calling him . I heard his voice over the phone "Hello?" He answered .

"Zayn you need to come to the hospitial now!" Sparrow said . "Why what's wrong" he asked . "Don't ask just listen to me and hurry up" Sparrow said and hung up . Wow .. I always thought sparrow was a testy girl .

"He should be coming " She smiled . "So .. your pregnant huh ? " I asked.  "Yep but lets not get into that .. this is Alex we're talking about" She said .

 Zayn's P.O.V

I came to the hospitial . I don't know what for .I called Alex once more to see if she knew but she still didn't answer . I wonder where she is. "Zayn Malik?" One of the nurses called . I turned around "Thats me?" I said confused . "They want you in room 404 " She said and then walked away . What the fuck is going on?!  .

I went to room 404 and opened the door . Everyone was there and surrounded by the bed . I looked to see who was on the bed and I couldn't see a face but I did see black curls . I rushed over to. The bed and looked at the face of Alexandra . Her face had bruises on her face and bags of ice were between her thighs .



I looked at the others . "Zayn...-" Louis started . "What happened to her ?!" I asked . Nobody said anything . I shook my head running my fingers through my messy hair . " It was Evan he fucking raped her to fucking bleeding !!" Cher yelled . "Fuck!!" I yelled slamming my hand on the wall .

"Zayn calm down man!" Deangelo said . I heard a groan come from Alex . Her eyes haftly opened and looked at me . I walked over to her and wrapped her into my arms . "Are you okay babe?" I asked her quietly . She nodded . I sighed in relif .

I kissed her temple "Good .Everythings gonna be okay .. I promise" I kissed all over her face . Her arms went around my torso hugging me like she always does . It was letting me know she was okay . "Yay! Zaynie saved the day!" Louis yelled .

They laughed but I stayed silent holding on to Alex for dear life. "Zayn she's gonna be okay " Sparrow smiled . I nodded "I know I just ..Why couldn't I have stopped this from happening " I shook my head . I let one tear fall out my eye .

I didn't think I would be crying more. "Don't blame yourself .. if anything its my fault man .. Its my responsibility to take care of her . And I didn't keep her safe like I was suppossed to . I'm sorry " Deangelo said putying his head down . "None of this is your fault . Its not anybodies fault" Cher smiled .


Just then Niall,Harry,And Liam walked in . "Sorry Zayn left us in the car .. what kind of mate are you?!" Niall scoffed . "Sorry guys" I said rubbing Alex's back . I'm not leaving her side at all! . I don't want anything to go wrong not anymore . I love her too much to see her like this already . I just want her safe .♥

Sooo That was my second update for today! It might suck because I had some brain issues I was supposed to post this a loooonnng time ago . But its here so yay!! . I'm answering my new questions in tomorrows update ask moar if you like to .. ask questions .-. And remember stay TRILL♥


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