Mr.Malik +16

Mr. Malik is an art teacher at Offordale high school in Bradford England. Alexandra High is the student who is care free and sweet . Mr. Malik never knew her until she was transfered to his advanced art class . He was always attracted to younger girls but not ever his students .. She was sexually attractive to him . What happens when he finds out she feels the same way ?


24. Chapter 24

Happy Birthday Harreh Styles Finally 20 ... aint that a son of a bitch ♥

Alexandra's P.O.V 

After me and Zayn took care of business . He if yah know what I mean .He dropped me off at my house at maybe 6 or 7 I don't know I'm not really sure . I changed my clothes and laid injury bed while for some reason Harry was sending me some weird pictures of cats .


My friends are weird I tell you . I soon fell asleep but I was then woken by my brother yelling "ALEX WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!" He screamed . "What?!" I yelled back . "Evan is here!!" He said . Are you freaking serious . I got up and went downstairs to see Evan with a smile on his face .

"Hey babe I missed you today where were you?" He tried to pretend like nothing was wrong.  "Don't you fucking babe me .. where the fuck were you today?" I asked him . He could probably tell I was mad he's seen me mad before . "Um .. I'm gonna go " Deangelo backed away slowly then walked out the house shutting the door behind him

"What's the matter with you ?" He asked . I crossed my arms " I know you hooked up with Rain " I said . His smile faded "Um .." He said looking around but not at me . "I can't believe you " I shook my head "You can't believe me what about you .. who the fuck is Zayn?!" He yelled . "You don't need to know who that is .But you would come all the way from L.A to tell me all this bullshit yet you're still the same . "


I chuckled shaking my head . I was about to walk away and he grabbed my wrist . "Alright Alex I'm sorry " He said trying to pull me to him  . "Nope its been too late for that shit"  I scoffed . "Why does it have to be too late .?" He asked .

I was gonna tell him honestly . I don't mind breaking his heart this time "Because I don't love you .. I didn't love you when you came and I don't love you now .. I don't know why the fuck I'm stressing over any of this when I realized . I don't give 2 fucks about you " I Shrugged. He just stood there looking at me .

But then his eyes became evil like and dark with lust . "If you don't care about me ..." he started walking toward me . "Evan .." I began to step back "Then I don't care about you " He pushed me to the wall and I hit my head . I got up and tried to punch him and he caught my arm with one hand and slapped me with the other .

He hurt really bad "Fuck!" I yelled . "Shut up!" He yelled . He attached his lips on mine kissing me roughly sticking his tongue down my throat . "Yeah you like that you fucking whore" He smirked . "Cunt get off of me!" I yelled . He slapped me again .

"What did I fucking tell you to do ?! Shut the fuck up or what I'm gonna do .. is gonna be even worse ." He whispered in my ear . He grabbed my legs and lifted me up and put me over his shoulders carrying me upstairs to my room . He smacked me down on the bed the removed all his clothes except his underwear

He started to take off my clothes and I slapped his hands away . "Don't touch me !" I screamed . He ignored me and grabbed my wrist with one hand and undressed me with the other . I was naked in front of him .

I covered myself while he removed his underwear and put on a condom but he just moved my hands back . I'm getting fucking raped and nobody is here to save me . I didn't expect my death to be like this . Evan's naked body hovered over me .

He kissed my neck roughly leaving love bites that hurt like a motherfucker . I whimpered as my phone rung Zayns ringtone .

Evan took my phone off its charger and threw it at the wall "I would let whoever called you listen to your screaming .. but I'll leave that to the neighbors .. nobody can save you" He smirked inserting himself inside me and thrusting with such brutal strength .

He went fast and deep and I screamed out in pain . He slapped me again covering my mouth . I started crying but of course nobody could hear me .


The door shut behind Evan leaving me there on the bed in pain . I was whimpering and crying . Before Evan left he managed to put a white t-shirt on me that I don't even know where it came from . I hugged the t-shirt . I had bruises everywhere . "Alex" my brother whispered .

He probably thought I was sleep . He came in the room and I looked at him . "Whoa what's wrong why are you crying ?" He asked . He covered his mouth at the sight of blood running down my leg "What happened ?! Did Evan do this?" He asked .

I didn't answer I just covered my face crying . He sighed "We need to get you to a hospitial okay " He said . He lifted me up and carried me out the room . I saw tears fall out his eyes . I have NEVER seen Deangelo cry before and I made me sadder . I whiped to tears off his face and he kissed my temple "Your gonna be okay don't worry " He whispered . I hugged on his body until he put me in the car . He got in stdsarted the car thus driving me and him to the emergency room . How Will The Others React ?






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