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Mr. Malik is an art teacher at Offordale high school in Bradford England. Alexandra High is the student who is care free and sweet . Mr. Malik never knew her until she was transfered to his advanced art class . He was always attracted to younger girls but not ever his students .. She was sexually attractive to him . What happens when he finds out she feels the same way ?


23. Chapter 23.

One Question Today Yaaay we can get to the storehh fastaa!!!

For Zayn

 Q : What do you think of Alexandra's new hair ?

A : She's so fit already but she looked beautiful I didnt even notice her at first . 

And thats our epic question of the day now to Le Storehh

Alexandra's P.O.V


I opened my eyes seeing no sunshine through my window .. just rain . Zayn was next to me laying on his back with no shirt on . He looked like sex. I still had my dress on from last night and my hand rested on Zayns chest . I liked once again laying next to Zayn like old times . When I sleep next to him I know I'm waaaayy safer .

 "Alexandra .." I heard Zayns voice . He was still sleep what the fuck ? " I love you .." He mumbled . I giggled . I got out the bed and went to my closet pulling out jeans that were black on one side and white on the other ... best jeans ever , and a red shirt that says kiss me on it in white letters .

Zayn was still mumbling my name .. what is he dreaming about ? . It better not be no wet dream . I don't wanna come out the shower and he's fucking a pillow or something weird .

After I took a shower and stuff I came out and Zayn was sitting on the bed playing with his phone . "Did you know you talk in your sleep ?" I hugged him from behind . "What ? No I don't " He said leaving trails of kisses up my arms . I chuckled shaking my head .

"Whaaat?" He whined . "Nothing " I smiled . He lifted his head up and kissed me upsidedown . "Alexandra Jade High!!!" I heard Deangelo's voice yelled . Bro bro's back !!! . I screamed and grabbed Zayns hand running him down the steps . "Whoa!" Zayn yelled .


I was drinking my morning frappe with Louis . Cher was still at home  trying to figure out how to tell Liam she's leaving and I don't know where Sparrow is . The she walked in slowly . She had a hood over her head and for some reason she was wearing socks with toms . "Hey

Sparrow ... what's wrong ?" I asked . "I have some news I would like to share .. this is important" She mumbled . Me and Louis tunrned to her . "You guys ... I'm pregnant" She said . We gasped .

"You're pregnant?!" I yelled kinda . "You little slut!" Louis screamed . I slapped his arm "Ow ... I was happy for her !" He said . "Well did you tell Niall ?" I asked . " No .. I'm not going to . If I tell him he's gonna leave me !" She shook her head .

I sighed "Darling you're pregnant  .. you're gonna let him know . Its okay not to let him know about a fucking dentist appointment .. but this is a baby" I explained . "Right and he loves you I know he's not gonna leave you and if he does .. me and Alex got u mhm" Louis said and highfived me .

She laughed "Okay .. I'll tell him tonight over dinner or something classy" She sighed in relif . Just then the bell rung and every fat person scattered off to class .. which is majority everyone . We all got up from the table and walked off to class A Mr . Horan ... this will be fun -.- (funly awkward)

>>>Skipping to lunch

Zayn took me out for lunch . I'm happy it wasn't one of those fancy  shits of a resturaunts .... it was Mcdonalds but whatever . He was sitting on his phone after he ate smiling at me occasionaly . I smile back . I studied his face . For some reason I liked his face today .


Don't get me wrong I like his face everyday . But his face today ... dayum . "What babe ?" He chuckled . "You know you are oddly sexy today" I rested my head on my hands . "Why do you say that?" He asked . "You just are .. like I'm kinda turned on right now " I said . He laughed . "My place or yours ?" He smirked making him look sexier . We quickly ran to the car .

"Fuck I forgot my keys!" He yelled sounding sexually frustrated and just plain frustrated at the same time . "Go get them I'll wait for you" I smiled . He kissed me then went to go get his keys . This is gonna be some wild sex . I was thinking about it when somebody walked by . The window . I looked back and noticed Evan and that slutty bitch Rain .


Oh hellll the fuck no  !! I know I'm taking but how are you gonna say all this stuff and pull me in your love then already go back to his stupid bullshit especially with Rain . Do you KNOW how many guys already ran through that girl?! . I was angry but at the same time I didn't care . 


As I was knocked out my thoughts Zayn put the keys in the ignition and Kissed me roughly before pulling out "Everything okay?" He asked . "Oh yeah .. just saw a dirty skunk and his bitch walk pass " I said sassier than I thought .

" is this supposed to turn me on?" He smirked ."why is it ?" I asked . "Yes" He answered . "Drive Zaynie Drive!!" I yelled . He laughed speeding down the street to who's ever house was closer .

 Lol Okaay Well since tomorrow is the sexy Harry Haz Cupcake Marcel Edward Styles birthday I'm updaing twice so hopefully you look forward to that ;3



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