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Mr. Malik is an art teacher at Offordale high school in Bradford England. Alexandra High is the student who is care free and sweet . Mr. Malik never knew her until she was transfered to his advanced art class . He was always attracted to younger girls but not ever his students .. She was sexually attractive to him . What happens when he finds out she feels the same way ?


22. Chapter 22.


Les begin!

For Alexandra 

Q : Why didn't you go with your heart before instead of your mind because your brain might have been malfunctioning making you think you didn't wanna be with Zayn

From your best friend :D :D

A : Shit ion know . I honestly believe I was high at some point .


Hi Best friend btw :D.. sorreh back to dah questions 

Q : I think you made a good choice forgiving Zayn he loves u so much

A : I think I've made a good choice to . Its sad it took me a while to realize how much he loved me but I'm happy I did ♥ 

For Zayn 

Q : Zayn I'm so proud of you.. you finally got her back . Omg I luv u so much!!!!!!!! A : Why thank you :D Luv you too darlin'

Thats all Le questions Stick around for the end too 030 .

To le storehh!!

Alexandra's P.O.V

I rushed home as quick as I could to talk to Cher about her leaving . Why are her parents making her leave me !!!? . "Why are you leaving !?" I asked . She shrugged "I just know I'm leaving in about a week so ... I'm sorry Andra I really wanted to stay" He whined . "I knoeeee" I whined back and we both hugged . Then I thought of something "Wait does Liam know?" I furrowed my eye brows .


She groaned really loud "Fuck I forgot about that !! .. I can't tell him " She shook her head "You have to . You can't just leave him he'll be crushed . " I explained . She sighed "You're right .... I'll tell him as soon I have the courage to .. but you have to promise me ! No texting Liam no calling Liam .


No face time skype ,oovoo ,kik , Instagram or anything else to Liam about this .. I'll tell him myself " She said . I nodded "Gottcha .. now go spend your night with him . I can sense he's waiting on you" I smiled . She smiled back "thankyou so much Andra .. Love u cuz" He hugged me once more . "Love u too cuz .

Now stop being cute and go!" I yelled . She laughed and left . I'm gonna miss her . I just hope Her and Liam are gonna be okay .

-------->The Next Day------>

We didn't have school . Principal Tomlinson ... Louis's Dad called and said 'Due to our low attendance there will be no school today May 23,2014' Which I'm not really surpised . We had like 8 students yesterday . So I woke up went to the bathroom washed my face brushed my teeth then putting on some denium shorts,a plain black v neck, and some black and white converse .


My hair was a fucking mess . It was bushy and curly at the same time . But I dont feel like fixing it so whatever . I put on my black ray bans , grabbed my keys and my phone and called up Lou and Sparrow so I know theyll be ready when I swing by to pick them up . I picked them up and then we head for the mall . It was quiet in the car for like 10 seconds until I blurted out "Hey you guys Cher is leaving!" I yelled .


They gasped . "She's leaving?! Already?" Louis asked surprised . "Mhm " I sang "She has to leave in a couple weeks " I explained "wow that's crazy .. I hope Liam is okay. " Sparrow shook her head . "Well she hasn't told him yet ..its kinda hard for her " I said . "We can do it!" Louis yelled


" Yeah let me just give Liam a call--" Before Sparrow could take action I grabbed her phone and threw it in the glove compartment and locked it . "No! .. She told me not to tell him .. so I'm not and I don't want you guys to either got it !?" I asked them . "Yes Alex" they both sighed."Good" I smiled pulling into the mall .  

We went shopping for a bunch of stuff but more improtantly we needed to look nice for this date . I looked up this resturaunt and it was NO piece of shit . It was seriously expensive and really fancy . I swear only the rich went to this place.  Then guys had to wear suits and the gals had to be all dressy and fabulous .


I don't care how fancy this resturaunt is I'm never wearing heels again! . Me and Sparrow went to this crazy expensive dress store while Louis went to this store called gentelmen .

The name really fits it . I came across the most Fanciest dress I have ever seen  I paid for my dress and sparrow paid for hers and then we met up with Louis.

After we stopped for lunch me and sparrow got our nails done . Louis got his nails buffed . What a guy :) . Then we all got our hair done . Sparrow got a brazillian blow out .. that shit was big , Louis got a quiff thing .. it fit him perfectly , and I got my hair dyed black and a beach curl treatement I'm supposed to get every 2 months .

Its a natural curl girl thing .. you would never understand . After that we all went to my house to get dressed . The Limo was coming to my house . I'm surprised Harry got a limo . After we all got dressed we waited until we heard a knock on the door .

"Oh man gosh they're here! . How do I look" Sparrow posed . Me and Louis laughed ."You look beautiful Sparrow " I complimented her . She smiled . Louis took a deep breathe then opened the door revealing the guys wearing their suits and ties . Dayum . "Hey Lou .. you look great babe" Harry smiled and kissed Louis .

"Thanks I try my best " Louis smiled . We laughed. "Nii!" Sparrow sqealed and ran to Niall . I giggled . "Alex ? ... Is that you?" Zayn asked surprised . I lifted up my foot through the slit in my dress sowing my new combat boots "I'm pretty sure its me " I giggled . He smiled and hugged me.  He's still being punished . "So are we ready to go?" Harry asked . He all screamed yeah thus leaving to the resturaunt .

(At The Resturaunt)

We got separate tables but they were really close to each other . The waiter showed me and Zayn to our table next to the big window and gave us our menus and Our wine glasses with a bottle of White whine . Lovely . I looked through the menu . How the fuck do you pronounce this shit?! . "I don't know how to pronounce this shit!" Zayn yelled . I laughed . He put the menu down .

"Sorry" he said . " no its okay I don't know what the fuck it says either" I smiled . He laughed . "Is everyone ready to order?" The waiter asked . "Um .. sorta so .. does anything on this menu mean taco ?" I asked . The waiter looked confused .

Hm must be new here . After we ate we talked and laughed for a while about what each of us did after our breakup . Its okay to laugh at that right ? . While we were talking the song A Thousand Years by Christina Perry came on . I love this song! . Zayn smiled at how happy I was when this song came on . I noticed Niall and Sparrow and Harry And Louis going down to the ball dance floor . "Come on" Zayn smiled and took my hands leading me to the dancefloor .


He pulled me to his  chest wrapping his arms around my waist and I wrapped my around his neck . He sung the song in my ear . It made me blush . "I never asked .. how did you learn to sing so good ?" I asked . "Just one of my many talents " he smiled and shrugged . I smiled back . " every time you smile I fall in love with you again " he looked into my eyes "..Nobody has ever made me smile as much as you have " I said .


"I'm happy I am .. I love you so much" He smiled . I blushed "I love you more than I love doughnuts .. that's a privilage" He chuckled . Then he leaned okay kissed me . This kiss was so different . It was more passionate than the others and it had spark and fireworks .I'll let him off punishment because  It was a special kiss . "Hey no PDA on the dance floor!!" Some waiter yelled . Then Harry and Louis , Niall and Sparrow danced up .

"Hey this place is lame let's get out of here" Niall smirked . "Shall we?" Zayn asked . "We shall" I Smirked . He wall grabbed each others hands and ran out the resturaunt screaming . We definately are not aloud back at that resturaunt . 


Long Chapter ! But anyway here's the skinny . I'm having a competition for everyone who wants to to make a video trailer for my story . You can email me your entries @ or you can mumble your links to the vids . I will pick the best one out of all and it will be posted. Who ever wins is a BOSS mhm mhm (You will be anknowledged)

Thank u Lovelies and Stay Trill ;3



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