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Mr. Malik is an art teacher at Offordale high school in Bradford England. Alexandra High is the student who is care free and sweet . Mr. Malik never knew her until she was transfered to his advanced art class . He was always attracted to younger girls but not ever his students .. She was sexually attractive to him . What happens when he finds out she feels the same way ?


21. Chapter 21.

Alexandra's P.O.V


Evan walked me into the house after our date or .. whatever you wanna call it . "Did you have fun?" He asked . "Yeah I like playing bowling when everything is glowing neon green " I smiled . He laughed . "You always knew how to make me smile " He grabbed my hands pulling me to the couch .

He sat down and sat me on his lap . "I have that kind of affect on people " I flipped my hair. He smiled . He tugged on my shirt like he used to do when he wanted me to kiss him . I hugged him first. He started to kiss on my jawline it tickled because the kisses were so small . I giggled .

"Your so cute when you do that" He smiled . I smiled back then looking into his eyes . His eyes were just like Zayns. Hazel ,Big,And Beautiful . I grabbed his face placing my forehead on his . I felt once again upset and like the worst person on earth . Zayn stood in the rain for me and I still pushed him away .

He could have gotten sick and I still decided to hold my gruge so tight . I closed my eyes to stop the tears . "Hey .. what have you been so upset about lately .. I never knew you to cry this much ?" Evan asked . I shook my head "It doesn't matter ... " I said opening my eyes again . He ran his fingers over my ceek then resting his hand on it then kissing me .

He released and smiled . I smiled to . "Can I stay here with you ?" He asked . I didn't think I would EVER answer this question to anybody but Zayn .. I wasn't gonna let anybody take his place in my bed on my cookie monster pillow . "Maybe you should go home .

We have school tomorrow" I said . "Oh .. Alright .. well I'll see you at school tomorrow " He said and I got off him so he could get up . "Okay .. bye " I waved out the door . "Bye Babe" He smiled and left . I shut the door and slid down it . This shit is getting harder and harder as I go on . 

-------->The Next Day

 I walked in school immediately greeted by Louis and Sparrow . I wonder where Cher has been I havent seen her since the other day . "Hey Allllleeexxx" Louis greets me . "Hey Lou Hey Sparrow" I waved "Hayyyy" Sparrow said . "Have you guys seen Cher anywhere lately" I asked . They looked at each other then shook their heads "We haven't seen her since the other day or Liam " Louis said . "Oh my gosh I hope they are okay " I gasped . "I'm pretty sure they are" Sparrow smiled . We started to walked to class . 

(Math Class)

Me , Lou, And Sparrow sat around Mr . Horans desk because it was just us and 2 dipshits in the back  today . I heard everyone got Suspended for smoking drugs around the school . There was a HUGE chain running that .. hell even nerds got suspended .

" So when is everything gonna be okay with you and Zayn .. He misses you like crazy " Niall said . " I don't know .. I'm giving this some thought but I'm in this problem because I listened to my mind instead of what I feel  ... I probably miss HIM more than he misses me right now " I shrugged.  

"Well I believe you guys are gonna get back together and everything is gonna be back to normal" Sparrow patted my leg . "Yeah both you and Zayn are in love its gonna work out " Louis smiled . "Who's Zayn ?" Someone asked . We all turned to Evan who walked in the classroom . Dammit I forgot he goes here .


"Good morning Mr ... " Evan asked . "Mr . Horan take your seat " Niall said pointing to a chair in the back . "Right Mr .. Horny .. Can I call you Horny ?" He asked making a troll face . Niall just gave him a 'get the fuck out my face ' look  "I'm gonna take that as a no " He mumbled . Before he went to his seat he kissed my cheek .

"Who is he .. you already moved on?" Niall silently yelled . "No he's just my ex I mean .. yeah we might have went on a date ... and kissed last night but it meant nothing trust me " I said . "How does that not mean nothing ?" He asked . "The whole time .. I was thinking about Zayn .." I admitted . "Awww" Sparrow and Louis Yelled . Niall laughed .

(Skip Chemistry)-UGLY MS.WHEATBOX


It was me ,Louis,Sparrow,Evan , And some ugly bitch named Rain . I strongly dislike that bitch she is sooo fucking ugly . She's one of the cheerleaders . I was talking to Sparrow while Louis was getting help from Harry .Then Louis came back over excited .

"What ?" I asked . "Harry asked me out on a date tomorrow to a fancy black and white attire resturaunt  ... Maybe you guys should come we can have a triple date" Louis suggested . "But its you and Harry's date " Sparrow said . "And I don't got a date" I shrugged .

"Come on please !!" Louis pouted . "Fine but see if Harry wants a triple date" Sparrow said . She sounded like my grandma on my dads side . We started to talk about something else when Zayn walked in wearing A Black dress shirt white bow tie with khaki pants and black and white nikes .

"Um here are some copies you left in the teachers lounge " He said to Harry "Thanks" Harry smiled and looked at me making Zayns attention turn to me and he waved shyly . Then Harry started to whisper something in his ear . He nodded and walked .

I wonder what they were talking about "Hey I'm skipping art babe to hit the waves at the beach on the south you wanna come ?" Evan asked ."No I have to go to art sorry " I said . After I said that the bell rung . "Well I'll come by your house after okay?" He said .

"That's fine" I smiled . He kissed my cheek and walked out the classroom and for some reason Rain followed him . Okay then ?

>>>>>>>Skip Lunch

(Art Class)

It was just me in art . Nobody else . Empty classroom except me and Zayn . Zayn started writing on the board in red marker 

I Know you dont wanna talk -Zayn :( 

I got up and grabbed the pink whiteboard maker and wrote back . 

You're Absoloutely right -Alexandra >.<

But read my out ... The day we broke up . Natalie called me and told me she was in my Flat . She had my key from when I broke up with her .. She's jealous of me and you -Zayn :P

You mean what used to be me and you ?- Alexandra -_-

No .. we aren't done .. I still ♥ u I will when your mad at me or not . My feelings will never change for you -Zayn ♥_♥

...-Alexandra .-.

...-Zayn .-.

I miss you -Alexandra ;3

 He looked at me . I slowly put the marker down . "You really mean that ?" He asked . I smiled and nodded " Yeah " . I held my arm in my hand bashfully shuffling my feet . He smiled and walked over to me wrapping his arms around my shoulders .

I did the same to his torso resting my head on his chest . I closed my eyes and breathed it all in . "I missed this" I said . "Me too .. are you still upset ?" He asked . "A little bit " I said . "That's okay punishment can be something brutal like ..we aren't officially together and I can't kiss you or .." He said doing hand gestures .


" I like that one .. its perfect " I smiled and walked back to my desk and put all my stuff away . "Oh um .. I was wondering .. I know I'm being punished but .. I wanna take you out tomorrow night " he said . I smiled "I guess that's okay .. when can I see you ?" I crossed my arms over my chest smiling . " 8 " He said . The bell rung .

" Cool .. bye" I said and started to walk out ."Hey .." He called. I turned back " I Love you Baby" He smiled " .. I Love you too Zaynie" blushed and left .  Things are starting to get back to normal and it couldn't feel better until I got this text  


This is important we need to talk asap!-Cherry

About what ?-Andra

I got a call from my mom ... I have to go back to california -Cherry


Oh Em Gosh!!! Longest update evahh !! But anyway I'll answer those questions tomorrrow ask more and Stay Trill fah me ... ;3 


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