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Mr. Malik is an art teacher at Offordale high school in Bradford England. Alexandra High is the student who is care free and sweet . Mr. Malik never knew her until she was transfered to his advanced art class . He was always attracted to younger girls but not ever his students .. She was sexually attractive to him . What happens when he finds out she feels the same way ?


20. Chapter 20

Lets See Le Questions We Got Todaii!!

For Sparrow 

Q : Why do you like Niall ?

A : I like how he's funny and wild and he eats just as much as me i mean come on .. it cant get any better than that :)

For Zayn

Q : pleas try harder please!!!! U guys can't live without each other :(

A : I know .. I'm working on it

Q : Alexandra please take him back please i'm begging u he loves u I mean c'mon he stood in the cold rain drenched for u

A : I know and I feel terrible . I wanna forgive him but my mind is telling me otherwise ... Its hard .

Dasss Itt!!! To Tha Storehh!! (I'm typing on a computer now so Yaa!)

Alexandra's P.O.V


I didn't go to school today . I cried all day yesterday now I just feel like shit . This break up is really breaking me DOWN . I try to not get upset about it and everything but Zayn's name creeps in my mind every 5 minutes .But Its not like I'm gonna miss anything at school anyway I can just be sad here . Plus the massive headache  was home alone So I was lonely and bored as usual . My phone started to ring after i got out of my train of thought It was just Louis

Not coming to school ? - B00B3AR

No not today come over and tell me the deets later - Alllleeexx

Gladly :)- B00B3AR

I laughed then reading the next text from Evan . 

Hey are you free tonight ? -EVAN

Yup free as a blue jay .. why do you ask ;3 - Babe

I have plans to go bowling @ the new bowling alley but .. unfortunately . I have no date :( -EVAN

This is so fucking ancient you can just ask me out ;D -Babe

Will you go on a date with me!!?  lol :3 -  EVAN 

No .. Jay Kay pick me up at 8  xx -Babe

xx ♥- EVAN

I Smiled at his text . I remember when I got frustrated during class and Zayn sent me a troll face that said Cheer up you just got trolled . WHOO! .. Gosh I miss that . I miss that smile . I miss that beard . I miss that body . I miss his tattoos .... I miss everything about Zayn . I miss how it used to be 

Zayn's P.O.V 

I miss Alexandra so bad I couldn't even teach right . I swear I just gave ninth graders an assignment to re- paint Mona Lisa . I went out the classroom seeing if Alexandra and that one guy were out there ... not that I cared ! . I Looked around sadly not seeing anybody I was looking for . BUT I did see someone I could ask ! "LOUIS!!!' I yelled . He turned around and slowly walked towards me .


"Okay whatever you heard my Dad is not giving you guys a raise " He said quickly . "What?" I asked so he could repeat it "What?" He asked right back . I shook my head " Anyway .. is Alex here today or ?" I Asked him . "No she said she had a headache ... Zayn she misses you " He sighed . " She sure doesn't act like it  .. " I mumbled leaning against the wall " But its true . Yesterday when i came back to her flat from dropping you off she told me , Sparrow , And Cher everything .


" He explained .  " Really ... Like what ?" I walked to my desk and sat down in the chair putting my red Nikes on he desk . Louis sat his bag down and sat in a chair . " She did tell me about her ex coming back .." He said . " Her ex ... you mean--" He cut me off "Yeah .. The guy she was supposedly hugging in the hallway is Eva or whatever  .. I wasn't really paying attention to that part " He rolled his eyes .


I Snickered under my breath " But she said she wants to forgive you .. Her heart is telling her to .. she is eager to get you back . She is under pressure and instead of going with her heart he chose her mind " He explained doing those hand movements sophisticated people do . I smiled a little .

"She really said this ?" I Asked to make sure . " Yes she did tears and all .. She even said it herself that .. she loves you " He smiled . I smiled too blushing like an apple . I should know it felt like it . "But I gotta get to Harry's Class see yah later " He picked up his bag and walked out the room .

She still cares .. She still cares . I picked up my phone and unlocked it starring at my screen saver of me and her . I'm falling madly in love with her over and over again i just wanna hug her and kiss her over and over . Now that i know how she feels ... I'm willing to wait for her .. no matter how long it may take ..

"AYE MR. MALIK OPEN THE DOOR!!" One of the kids yelled . I jumped u fixed my jacket and my fedora and went to open the door , Forgot I was a teacher for a second 


Sorreh It took me sooo long to update . i don't know why i'm doing this so late but .. i thought about you guys before my beauty sleep .. you should feel special

Also i'm on the home fucking page baby fuck yeah !! . Thankyou guys sooo much you guys have really supported me all dah way thoee !! 

STAY TROLLIN' ... Sorreh Bai ;3



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