Mr.Malik +16

Mr. Malik is an art teacher at Offordale high school in Bradford England. Alexandra High is the student who is care free and sweet . Mr. Malik never knew her until she was transfered to his advanced art class . He was always attracted to younger girls but not ever his students .. She was sexually attractive to him . What happens when he finds out she feels the same way ?


2. Chapter 2.

Alexandra's P.O.V


I opened the front door seeing my brother Deangelo on the couch with the Xbox headset on and his underwear . His eyes shot over to me "Why you so late girl ?" He asked . "Oh I had detention " I shrugged . "Can't be doing that on your first day in the advanced building teachers are gonna treat you different " He warned pausing the game and walking over and kissing my temple . "Oh you have nooo idea " I mumbled . 

I ran upstairs to my room and stripped from my jeans and crewneck sweeter . I put on a white camisole and gray sweatpants that used to belong to my ex boyfriend back in California . We had to breakup when I told him my devil of a mother sent me and my brother away . I didn't want to but he wasn't the best boyfriend either so oh well . 


I ran my hand through my curls walking back downstairs and grabbing an Xbox controller . " Oh so you wanna get that ass whooped in some black ops " Deangelo smirked . "Fuck you let's go " I said . He started the game and I immediately started beating his ass .lol . 

-----Next Morning-----

I put on my studded shorts and my black snoopy t-shirt . I brushed my teeth washed my face and put on some black ankle socks . My brother opened the door wearing his work uniform "Somebody is out here for you I told him to wait but I gotta go I'll see you when you get home okay " He kissed my temple "Alright " 

I put on my matching lepoard print vans and grabbed my bag and a jacket and walked out side to see a black challenger with tinted windows on it . I walked up to the car and tapped on the window . When it rolled down it revealed Mr . Malik wearing shades and all black with white suspenederd . 

"Mr . Malik what are you doing here ? How did you find out where I live ?" I asked crossing my arms over my chest "I got your adress from your school enrollment application .. Its car pull day Im gonna give you a ride to school " He smiled . I rolled my eyes smiling "Alright I guess .. you buying me lunch too ?" I joked "If you want me to " He bit his lip . That never worked with a teacher before . "Wow" I mouth I went to the other side of the car and got in .  

"Seatbelts love " He rolled back up the window . I did as told and put on my seatbelt . I looked around his car as he pulled out the drive way "Nice ride " I nodded smiling . "Thank you .. I'll admit your Bentley is nice too " He said keeping his eyes on the road . He looked sexy consentrated biting his lip while turnung corners .  "What do you want for Breakfast " He asked quickly looking at me and the back on the road . 

"You wanna buy me breakfast ?" I asked shocked "Yeah why not we have plenty of time  " He shrugged . "Hmm Mcdonalds " I pointed to the Mcdonalds at the next turn . He nodded . 

He turned into the Mcdonald's Going through the drive through . He ordered me a hashbrown , a sausage biscut , and a medium mango smoothie . He got the same but a coffee . 

He parked the car in the parking lot at Mcdonalds wanting to eat there . I drunk my smoothie after eating . "Let me taste " He said moving his face closer . I held out the cup for him to take it "Not that way " He bit his lip . My eyes dialated 2 sizes at what he ment .

" Um I--" He cut me off crashing his lips on mine . It was out of no where . My hand was on his chest ready to push him back but instead I grabbed his shirt as he laid his hand flat against my bare back 

He went further and started kissing my neck . " Mr. Malik we can't do this " I said "Call me Zayn baby " He continued to kiss my neck his hands moved to my ass sqeezing it . I yelped . "Zayn I'm your student" I gripped his shirt tighter .

"And I'm your teacher ... you're right I'm sorry " He let go he rubbed his head . "I-I'm sorry if you feel weird I didn't mean --" I grabbed his shirt kissing him again . This time he was confused .  "Wha-wha--" I cut him off again "Let's .. just go to school before we're late." I sighed and smiled . He nodded putting back on his shades and starting up the car . 


For five minutes it was really silent . I just looked out the window and he had his eyes on the road . I looked over at his stack of cd's . I picked them up and started going through them until I found soMo's album My Life . "No way you listen to soMo " I smiled . He shot me a haft grin "Yeah .. you can pop it in of you'd like " He said . I put the cd  in and my favourite song Kings and Queens started playing . You don't know how much I love this song . 

I turned it up really loud and started dancing and singing . Mr . Malik just laughed at me a drove down the street .


Awwwwkkkwwwaaarrrddd .... 

is it good so far ? :)

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