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Mr. Malik is an art teacher at Offordale high school in Bradford England. Alexandra High is the student who is care free and sweet . Mr. Malik never knew her until she was transfered to his advanced art class . He was always attracted to younger girls but not ever his students .. She was sexually attractive to him . What happens when he finds out she feels the same way ?


19. Chapter 19.

You're prolly asking . Who dah fawk is this !? . Well your about to find out after we answer these questions . XD

For Alexandra 

Q : Alexandra you should take him back its really the first mistake he has made and if he does something else again f him then lol .

A : I'm so angry I don't think he's gonna have my heart again. dah fuck ? 

For Zayn 

Q : You better do something go to her house and get her back I know she loves you and you love her .

A : I do love her . I don't know maybe .. I -I just don't know .

Q : How did you finish teachers college so fast .

A : it didn't take long I went to college early so ..  

For Louis

Q : why do you love harry ?  

A: He's just so smart and sweet and amazing .. sexy ... Have you seen him ? 

Well DAS IT!! To the storehh we go!!

Alexandra's P.O.V


I walked to my locker . Today I've decided I'm not gonna get upset . I felt like I needed to just get over Zayn he's probably gotten over me to be with that whore anyway . I put in my combination and opened my locker and a bunch of roses fell . I guess he hasn't forgot about me ... spoke too soon ? .

I picked up the roses off the floor and there was a note inside . Fuck ! . I opened it and the words read 'Guess who ? ;3' . I rolled my eyes . This shit is so cheesy . "Oh I don't know who this is -.-" I said sarcastically to myself .

"Look behind you sweetheart" The american voice spoke . That voice wasn't just american .. it was the voice of a surfer boy .. california has a lot of those but this one was special .. it was . "Evan!!" I yelled turing around ." Hey ! I missed you sweet heart!" He said hugging me . Dayum Evan's gotten cuter .

Its been what ? 2 years since I've seen him "Wow .. you're more beautiful than I remember . " He compliments me . I blushed "Why thank you .. Why are you here?" I asked . "Well I missed you .. I hated waiting for you to come back .. so I packed my shit and took a plane ,car,party bus,and ferry to get here .

"Why party bus?" I asked . "In New York .. come on who doesn't take a party bus down there" He laughed . I laughed with him " But anyway . I enrolled here in advance since I knew where you were . I'm gonna persue the dream together " He smiled .

"Really that's awesome" I said hugging his torso . He wrapped his arms around me . Evan was 1 in taller than me  and I was extremely short . I remember we used to fit in each others arms perfectly.

I had to admit I missed this feeling . His warm arms . That one little tattoo on his wrist of a heart beat I loved so much . The smell of playboy cologne . He was somewhat worth my fucks again . What the fuck is going on !!? ."Look.." He started .

"I know I haven't been the best boyfriend in the world ... I chose the waves and the guys over you but honestly I'm sorry .. and I love you" He said . Wooahhhh . Do you guys know how fucking long I've been waiting for him to say that ?. My entire middle school through 10th grade exactly!

"Really ? ... you love me ?" I said not looking at him . He lifted my head up with his finger "Yes .. I love you ..and only you " He said repeating the same words .. that tore me down . My eyes started to water .

I tried to wipe away my tears as they came down faster . Not even 5 seconds later I was crying "Why are you crying don't cry baby girl ." He said and pulled me into a tight warming hug  . I was crying about something that had nothing to do with Evan .

I snuggled my face in the crook of his neck and he rested his head on my lion mane ."you're hair is so soft" He mumbled . I lauged a little bit .

But then I realized who was in their door way watching me not sudden movements but the tear coming out his eye . He quickly walked back in the classroom . It was Zayn. 

Zayn's P.O.V


I've been crying for the past 2 days . I just stopped last night and now ... seeing that Alexandra has already moved on .. My emotions are taking the best of me . I know I should have took action about Natalie a long time ago and none of this would have happened .

Alex wouldn't hate me , I wouldn't be crying so much  , and I would definately not be wearing my shirt inside out right now . As soon as Alex saw me I walked back in my empty classroom closing the door . I locked it sliding down the door onto the floor . ( that rhymed lol)

I couldn't take this . I feel like an emotional teenager during puperty . It must fucking suck to be me right now . You know what I'm not about to end it this way . I'm not about to let her go like this .

I dried my tears and grabbed the free draw paper of my table and opened the door to let the students In "Morning Mr . Malik .. have you been crying" A girl in my class asked . "No I'm fine " I smiled fakely .


Alexandra's P.O.V


I came home after school and my brother wasn't here . He left a note somewhere . Now let me think . Where would Deangelo Tatum High hide a note ?. I went in the kitchen and opened the cabinet and grabbed the peanut butter and there was three note . I licked the peanut butter off the note and ready it 

Went out . I'll call you as soon as possible ♥U


I shrugged sitting the note on the counter . I went upstairs and my phone started to make that stupid noise it makes for weather advisories . Its gonna rain or some shit but its gonna be bad . I laid down on my bed slowly closing my eyes . Then falling Into a deep sleep .

1hour later I woke up and it was raining bad . Rain was hitting my window but so was something hard . Million of those shits tapped against the glass . I walked over to the winow opening the drapes to see Zayn throwing rocks at my window . When he saw me he stopped . I opened my window .

"Alex please ... let me in I love you . " He yelled . I ran downstairs  and looked out that window and he was already there . His clothes were drenched and his hair was covering his for head . He looked at me and I looked at him .

"♪They don't know about the things we do ..♪" he sung . I never heard this song . "♪They don't know about the I love yous ...♪" . A tear fell out my eye as I heard the crying voice of his . "♪But I bet if they only knew ... they would just be jealous of us ... T-They don't know about the up all nights ..♪" He trembled in tears .

I covered my mouth crying . "♪They don't know I've waited all my life .. to find a love that feels this right ..♪ " He sniffled . He stopped singing and stared crying .

I was crying too . I put my hand on the window and shook my head . "I love you Alexandra " He cried . Then a car pulled up in the drive way and out popped Louis , Sparrow, And Cher . They looked at me and him . I watched louis pull out his phone then my phone rung . 

Do you want him here ?- B00B3AR


I didnt even have the courage to press send . "Zayn .. come on she doesn't wanna see you right now " Louis mumbled . "I'm not leaving ... I-Im not leavng til she forgives me ." He said . "Alex please .!" Zayn said . "Alex baby I love you don't do this to me !" He said .

"I love you" He said again . I tried so hard not to cry again . I've been crying all fucking day . "I c-can't do t-this" I tried to say as best as possible before running upstairs . I could still hear Zayn screaming my name . I couldn't do this . I don't know what I'm doing .

I'm standing here crying over someone I claim I don't give 2 shits about .. but I do .. I care . Its just so difficult .


oooooooooooohhh!!! MAH GAWD like to know what happens next and more Evan .. Heartbreak . And somewhat funny stuff XD




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