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Mr. Malik is an art teacher at Offordale high school in Bradford England. Alexandra High is the student who is care free and sweet . Mr. Malik never knew her until she was transfered to his advanced art class . He was always attracted to younger girls but not ever his students .. She was sexually attractive to him . What happens when he finds out she feels the same way ?


18. Chapter 18.

Question Tiiiiiimmmmee XD

Q: how does noone see sparrow alex or louis and cher with there teachers? just curious 

 A : They usually arent seen and if they are its just random fuck holes that dont know them .

 For Zayn

Q : Did you at least take your key from your ex

A : Yeah .. that doesn't change the fact Alex is gone :(

Q: aww u always know how to calm Alexandra down in a very love able manner aw ur soo cute!!!

A : Yeah .. but things aren't how they used to be :(

For Alexandra 

Q: OMG how come you and Zayn didn't use a condom that day in the classroom

A : Just not thinking as usual . The same mistake I made thinking Zayn really loved me 


Alexandra's P.O.V

When I got home fuck yeah I told my brother everything . Not only am I pissed but I feel so dumb . I talked to my brother for a while then I went to my room . I'm not gonna do anything stupid like cut or commit suicide because I'm a pussy and once I pull out those sissors or knife and hold it to my skin I'm gonna chicken the fuck out ! Besides this bullshit is not worth taking my own life .

I laid on my back starring at the ceiling . I wasn't really the one to start crying over a boy . My grandma always told me it wasn't worth it . That's why when I moved here I didn't cry over Evan he wasn't worth my fucks I didn't give .

I turned to my side and started to cry once again but I covered my face . "Is she sleep?" I heard a voice that sound like Louis's . I didn't want him or anybody to see me crying . I tried to suck my tears up as fast as possible .

"ALLLLEEEEXXXXX" he whispered in my ear . Yep this is definately Louis . "Yes?" I asked. "She's not sleep come in " He walked to the other side of the bed where my face was and he knelt down looking in my eyes "Hey ... what's wrong ?" He asked .

"What do you mean ?" I said . He took my face in his hands "You've been crying !" He said sounding shocked . "What ?! Who made my cousin cry ?" I heard Cher yell and run over to Louis' side . "What happened?" He asked .

I shook my head "Was it Zayn .. ?" He asked again . I could never hold in my tears when I heard his name . I couldn't hold my lie together because the tears "N-No" I trembled . "Aw hell no !!" Cher yelled . "Wait til I find where that fucker lives ima kick his ass" She screamed . Louis jumped up and hugged me . "Its okay " He said .

I cried into his shoulder grabbing on his back hoping he'll never leave my side . "Let me call harry were gonna stay here with you okay ?" He said .

I nodded barely . He held the phone up to his ear . I heard harry faint "What's up babe?" "You remember where Alex's house is right ?" Louis asked . "Yeah why" Harrys voice asked . "I need you over here its an emergency .Bring ice cream too"

He said and rubbed my back . It kinda made me feel better . They didn't really have to do all this comforting and raising hell for me . "I just called Sparrow and Liam  I think he's bringing Niall too " Cher said and joined Louis in the comforting .

I was beginning to feel better .. that's when the ringtone I set for Zayn went off Ride by SoMo . "Fuck no" Cher said . She took the phone off the night stand and read Zayns text . 

Talk to me please -Zaynie

Please!!- Zaynie

Alex please I'm not about to let you leave like this -Zaynie

 Then his text soon lead to him calling . Cher answered the phone. "Zayn Alex hates your fucking guts don't call this number !" She yelled . "Alex baby I know your right there ... I love you . I'm sorry .

Believe me when I tell I didn't mean for any of this to happen " I heard his voice . I snuggled my head into Louis' chest not saying anything . "Bye Zayn "Cher said and hung up on him then coming back to comfort me . 

When everyone came for some reason everyone knew to bring ice cream for what reason I don't know . "So are you gonna forgive him ." Sparrow asked. "No Zayn is a fucking dumb ass no way she's gonna  forgive him" Cher said . I sat next to Louis laying my head on his chest playing with my ice cream .

" I don't understand way you guys care so much its too crazy right now " I mumbled . "Girl I'm your first cousin I'm pretty sure if someone did this to me you would be all up in theyre ass too" Cher said . I laughed "Yeah you're right " .

"And were your good friends .. your the most sweetest and happiest person I've ever met .. nobody wasn't to see you sad like this " Harry siad and rubbed my shoulder . I smiled  "You really think so ?" I played with my fingers . He nodded . "Awwww that's so nice " I squealed . They laughed . "Yay curly is back !" Liam yelled and attacked me I laughed . 

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