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Mr. Malik is an art teacher at Offordale high school in Bradford England. Alexandra High is the student who is care free and sweet . Mr. Malik never knew her until she was transfered to his advanced art class . He was always attracted to younger girls but not ever his students .. She was sexually attractive to him . What happens when he finds out she feels the same way ?


17. Chapter 17

This is Natalie Lmfao!! XD

Ahhh my friggen god sometimes I be killin' myself Whoooo!! 

But seriously this is Natalie ... until I find a better picture . Okay to the storehh (We no like natalie anyway)

Alexandra's P.O.V 


I rose from the pillow . For some reason I had cheetos on my face. The fuck!!? . I was too focused on wiping off the cheetos on my face to notice Zayn wasn't next to me . But then I heard the water in the bathroom running . I shrugged and slammed my head back on the pillow . I'm going back to sleep . 

Zayn's P.O.V

I stepped out the shower drying off my body and wrapping the towel around my waist . I have really been thinking about yesterday.  Its really worrying me more than Alex . I don't wanna lose my job but more importantly I don't wanna lose her .

I pulled my pants over my boxers and pulled a white tshirt over my head . After I put on my socks I phone rung . I wonder who it is this early . I know its not one if the guys because its Saturday .

I answered my phone as quiet as I could . I didn't wanna wake Alex . "Hello?" I said . "Where are you love ?" Natalies voice sung . "None of your business where I am  .. why are you calling me ?" I asked ."I came over early to make you some breakfast .

I'm sitting here waiting for you" something told me she was smirking . "The fuck out my house !!" I yelled quietly . "Nah I think I'm gonna wait for you .. but thanks for the offer" She said and hung up .  "Fuck!!" I groaned .

I bangged my head on the wall a couple times until I heard the bed shuffle . Alex must be up . I grabbed my stuff and walked out the bathroom quietly . She was still laying down . Her messy blonde locks on the pillow with her stomach showing and her shorts seriously tight .

She is the most beautiful person I have ever met . I sat my stuff down and crawled next to her and kissed on her neck . I heard a giggle come from her . I love when she does that . I turned her body toward me and her bright gray eyes looked in mine .

I smiled "good morning" She smiled back "Good morning" She stretched her arms out then wrapping her arms around my neck and getting on top of me . I kissed her cheek . "What are we doing today ?" She asked .

"After breakfast we can go chill in the art studio . " I rested my head in my palm . "Why can't we just eat at your house ?" She asked . I had to think of a lie . "My dining room and kitchen is getting painted" I said . "Oh .. we can still chill in the living room for a while" She got out of bed "The paint fumes babe . I have other places we can go downstairs okay ?" I told her . "Okay that's cool" she said and took clothes out her closet .

"Can I see what your shoes look like for a second ?" she asked me . What ? "Yeah " I said and pulled out my shoe box with my new red ,white,and blue vans in it . She nodde and pulled out the same box . Wow this girl has shoes for days . 

Alexandra's P.O.V


After breakfast me and Zayn drove to his house and he grabbed me and pulled me in the house quickly taking me downstairs.  He basically pushed me down the steps . "Zayn be careful damn!" I yelled ."Sorry" He said . "Come on let me show you the game loft. " He smiled and grabbed my hand and we ran down the hallway . He ended up in this pretty room with soccer or football players all over the walls a pool table in the middle with gamer chairs video games fat screens and everything in there . "This place is amazing" I looked around . "Thanks .. hey lets take a picture .. I wanna show you off ." He smiled.  "Boy you don't gotta show me off ... but you can that's like totally acceptable . " I nodded . He laughed pulling out his phone and signalling me to come to him. I walked over to him and got under his arm doing a cute pose with duck lips . I love duck lips . He did the same and held the camera to the ceiling and we looked posing . Best picture evahh . 

Later were laying on the couch snuggled up in the zebra print blanket watching titanic . It was about to get to the sad part when I really had to piss . Seriously the piss is like right there . "I gotta pee" I said and shuffled my socks down the hallway . He caught my arm .

"Theres a bathroom down her babe" He said . Okay this is starting to get suspicious . "What's upstairs that you don't want me to see ?" I asked ."Nothing " He looked away . I furrowed my eyes . I started to run up the stairs . He tried to catch my foot but he fell .

I got up the stairs nothing was there . He caught me "Alex!" He said . "Nothings even up here .. can I pee now?!" I asked he kept holding onto my arm . Then the bathroom door opened and out came some girl in some pants and a t shirt that looked waaaaay to big for her . "Hello ?" I asked .

"Hey .. Zayn who is this?" The girl asked . I turned to him . "Alex I can explain" He said . I just stood there looking at him . "Alex its not like that between us I swear .Shes--" Before he could finished his sentence I started to cry .

"Babe noo don't cry" He pleaded grabbing my hands. I snatched them away and ran down the stairs. 

Zayn's P.O.V


I watched Alex run away tear going down her cheeks . I was so mad now "WHY COULDNT YOU JUST FUCK OFF HUH ? .. INSTEAD OF TAKING AWAY THE ONLY THING THAT MADE ME HAPPY ?!" I yelled . "But Zayn.." She said trying to grab me . "Get out . Just get out before I call the cops and give me my key !" I yelled .

She slowly put the key in my hand and grabbed her bag and her jacket and left . I ran downstairs seeing if I could find Alexandra . I hear screaming coming from the art room . I walked in seeing Alexandra ripping up every single project she drew . I watched the tears go down her face as she ripped the picture of me in haft.

"Alex calm down baby please!" I grabbed her arm . She snatched it from me a back handed me right in the face . "You fucking lied to me !!" She screamed . "Why would you do that ?" She asked . "I didn't lie to you just--" She cut me off "If nothing was going on between you guys then why was she here ?" She asked .

I couldn't speak . Tears started to come down again "what happed to 'I love you and only you ' ?" She said . I shook my head "Love .. listen to me" I tried to grab her but she ran out the door before I could catch her . Dropping the ripped drawing on the floor .

I didn't say anything else .I couldnt breathe . I blinked a couple times to keep the tears from escaping my eyes but it didn't work . I started to cry . I just let my source of happiness .. the only person I love slip out of my hands .

And there's no telling if I'm gonna get her back or not . 

Whoooaaaa there . Alot just went down how do you feel though ? Do you think Alexandra is going pull it together in the next chapter  ? Find out soon . (I'm answering yo questions tomorrow btw :D ) 

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