Mr.Malik +16

Mr. Malik is an art teacher at Offordale high school in Bradford England. Alexandra High is the student who is care free and sweet . Mr. Malik never knew her until she was transfered to his advanced art class . He was always attracted to younger girls but not ever his students .. She was sexually attractive to him . What happens when he finds out she feels the same way ?


15. Chapter 15.

We got a few questions :D

For Zayn 

Q: How long have you been an art teacher ?

A: Quite some time now . Its really fun I enjoy it a lot .

 For Harry 

Q: When did you decide to go bi?

A: Well in college i was in a relationship with Niall . I was falling in love .. then he told me he was straight ... yeah .But I honestly have better relationships with guys now .

 For Alexandra 

Q : Tell the truth .. are you really comfortable having sex in a classroom ?

A : Nooooo it was weird I think people could hear us which made things weirder ! 

Das it ! ASK MOAR!!! (Now to the storehh)

Zayn's P.O.V


I walked in my flat shutting the door and locking it . Its been a pretty long day for me and all I wanna do is take a nap but the moments I have with Alexandra keep me from falling into a deep teacher depression like all my teachers did .

I threw my stuff on the couch and ploping down on the chair . I turned on the Telly and just sat there looking at the ceiling . I saw Alexandras face every time I closed my eyes . I wasn't complaining though she's so beautiful . I was about to fall alsleep when my phone rung . Dont text back . I just wanna say I love u thoee!! ♥-Love

I smiled at her text . She's so adorable . "Having fun there Zayn?" A voice said . I gasped and turned around to see my ex fiancè Natalie . "Yo how the hell did you get in here ?!" I yelled . "Oh don't act like I didn't keep your key to your flat .

" She laughed like a demon "You were probably just jerking off again anyway .. still haven't found love darling ?" He asked . "For your information --" She cut me off .

"I know you're single by choice .. I thought you would say that " she smirked . Then she walked over to me and started sloppily kissing me . "Whoa hold the fuck up Natalie ! I have a girlfriend now " He said backing away slowly .

Ohhh I almost forgot ... Little girl Alexandra High yeah ?" He asked . "How do you know her?" I folded my arms across my chest . "Oh she's the talk of the town darling .

Great artist I love her mural she painted in L.A of Michael Jackson .. but worst part about her is she's your little fuck buddy " She said . "She's not about sex " I explained .

"She's not huh ? But you are .. I know you only want her for 1 thing .. am I right or and I right " She chuckled . "Darling you don't love her love me ... and it would be pity if you got fired after the principal hears about you and your little friends sex chain your running " He swipes her fingers under my chin .

"That's not true .. I love her .. don't tell a fucking thing or --" She cut me off once again "or what Zayn ? " She turned back to me . "You can't just think I'm gonna leave you alone ... I get what I wan Zayn .. I always do " She smirked .

I gulped in the biggest baby barf I have ever tasted . I had this feeling I needed to drink after she left . I ran into the kitchen getting all my alcohol out and drunk shot after shot . I rested my elbows on the counter thinking to myself . She won't tell anybody she's just crazy .. but she's crazy .. so this might me worst than I think . 



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