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Mr. Malik is an art teacher at Offordale high school in Bradford England. Alexandra High is the student who is care free and sweet . Mr. Malik never knew her until she was transfered to his advanced art class . He was always attracted to younger girls but not ever his students .. She was sexually attractive to him . What happens when he finds out she feels the same way ?


14. Chapter 14

Alexandra's P.O.V


The morning came and I felt sooo much better . Maybe spending time with Zayn really helped . His sexy smile really cured my hell of throat pain so .. thatnkyou teacher .. boyfriend .. guy .. anyway let's get ready for school :) .

I put on a white v neck and black short .

I skipped downstairs to get breakfast when I saw Zayn , and Deangelo sitting on the couch playing the game together . "Babe!! There's my lovely girlfriend " He held out his arms getting up and hugging my body tight . "You feeling better ?"He asked .

I nodded "Mhm" I sang with a smile after . "Good me too .. I just came to get you early so we can have breakfast before school" He kissed my cheek . "Sounds good to me .. so ... you and Deangelo playing the game together ? .. okay what the fuck kind of plan is this ?!" I asked giving them the evil eye .

"I just wanted to talk to him about this whole ... 24 year old dating 19 year old shit " He nodded . It was quiet for a second . "Annnnnd?" I signaled him to continue .

" And I guess its fine .People call it inappropriate I call it .. age ain't nothin' but a number love " Deangelo smiled . Me and Zayn clapped . "Best quote by far darling" I said . He laughed .  

(Mat class)

For some reason I couldn't find Cher . I thought she would be here . But come to think of it she didnt come home yesterday so it makes sense .

I walked in the classroom sitting next to my normal seat next to Louis and put my cute blue fringe ankle sandals up on the desk. "Hey .. wheres Cher ?" Lou asked .

"I don't know she didn't come home yesterday . " I shrugged . "Maybe she's with Liam he's not here either " He suggested . "No that couldn't be --" The I thought for a second .

She was talking to Liam that one night about something . Something mysterious . While I was thinking my phone rung a text from Cher .

Im moving in with Liam S.C.R.E.A.M. -Cherry

OMG REALLY ?! That explains so much :D -Andra

 "Oh shes moving in with Liam today I guess " I said . "Oh ... cool" He smiled . I laughed . Just then him and Sparrow walked in the classroom .

"Okay class tomorrow we have a test so I want everyone to study in their groups quietly " Niall smiled winking at Sparrow . "So did you guys make any babies lately " Louis asked . We laughed . "Noo " Sparrow giggled . Niall walked up to the table .

"So I heard you and Zayn had a good paint fight yesterday " Niall smirked . "And who did you heard this from ?" I folded my arms . "Ehh a little birdy told me " He smiled being so cocky as usual .

I rolled my eyes smiling "But Zayn did tell me yo guys were sick I'm happy you feel better " He said . "Thanks" I said back .

"So what's your excuse for coming in late today humm?" Louis asked referring to him and Sparrow . They looked at each other and smiled . Me and Louis looked at each other with the perv face . My friends Thoee!

Skipping Chemistry Class)>>>> Hallway

We had some really crusty sub name Mrs. Wheatbox . She looked like a wheatbox too . She smelled like fish and her head reminded me of a hairy toe . I just had to text Liam a picture of that

 Ew what the fuck is this D': -Leeyum!

This is what the fuck we get when you don't come to work !! >:). -AlexandraLeGreat . 

I laughed at the text I just sent . I opened my locker and 5,000 kool-aid singles packets fell out my locker . Oh yeahhh I forgot Cher put these in there to hide them from Deangelo . I'll take a couple to class for me and Louis . Nummy :D. The bell rung . "Come on Aleex!!" Lou and Sparrow yelled . I started to run and tripped .. but I got back up like nothing happened :D .

 (History Class)

"Today were gonna do a play on sparta and athens and you get a card for your part " Harry said and started passing them out cards . "Yes! I'm leader " Rubert  yelled . "Me too" I said .

We gave each other the evil eye .

We went outside for the play and put on our gear for it . "The epic battle between Athens and Sparta .. King Louis  ? " Harry called ."Let Le battle begin!" Louis yelled .

He blew the whistle and he all immediately started attacking . It was pretty easy all the sexy kids were on my side . When they all were down it must have been over "And sparta takes the battle" Louis yelled .

We cheered . "WE ARE SPARTAAAAAAA!!!" Me and sparrow yelled . "Dangnabbits" Rubert said crashing his helmet to the floor and walking away . Funny :)

LUNCH -----> We were in the lunch line . I didn't want that saggy booty pizza and Louis and sparrow were just up to get pepsi . We got to the front and the lunch lady was calling my name "Alexandra High?" Her raspy man voice asked .

"Yeah" I smiled . She place a bag of Mcdonalds on my tray and a carmel frappe with extra whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles . What how did she know this is how I starbucks! . But then I looked at the note on the bag that read 

Just because

♥ Zaynie  

Awwe he cares about me not dying from food poisoning . "Thank you" I said cheerfully . She gave me a smile picking at her mole .. lucky she did that after she touched my bag and drink .

While he ate we made fun of people for a while until we started talking about other random things .

(Art Class) 

I finished my project already so I just sat there on my phone texting Louis . I don't think Zayn really noticed and if he did he probably didn't care . I started to get really tired though . I needed sugar and I remember the Kool-aid packets in my pocket .

I made sure Zayn wasn't looking and I pulled out one and poured it in my hand . I licked the sugary goodness from my palm one tongue touch at a time .

Then I poured more in my hand licking it all from m palm .. this shit is guuuuuddd!! . I was enjoying my sugar boost when - "OMG ALEXANDRA ARE YOU BLEEDING!!?" Zayn yelled .

"Am I what ? No .." I said . I looked in the mirror on the wall seeing I had red stains all over my face . "Were you eating in my class ?!" He asked .

"Uh .." I stuttered pushing the plastic off with my elbow and throw the rest of the powder behind me . "Ahh it got in my eye!!" The kid yelled . Whoa dere .

I smiled sweetly "sorry?" "Detention " was all he said . He ran his finger on my face get some of the sugary red stuff and licking it . "Yep that good" He smiled . I sighed .


I was washing my hands trying to get the red stains off and it wasn't working ! :( . I kept scrubbing and scrubbing until two hand took my and started helping me and it finally came out . "Why does everything work when you show up " I smiled .

"I don't know .. maybe its the love working " He shurgged . I giggled . " Come here" He smirked suductively taking my hands and pulling me into a kiss. His tongue slid across my bottom lip making my mouth open . I don't understand how good that works .

He back up against the table french kissing me . He started to unbutton his shirt and slid it off his shoulders I felt on his tattoos "Maybe one day I can get a tattoo just for you " He smiled . "Mm one day " I said before he went back to kissing me.

He took off my shirt kissing down my body while pulling off my shorts "Never have I ever felt so horny in my life " He smirked . "Such a lie " I smirked back . He picked me up putting me on the table .

He pulled down his pants and boxers at the same time "We are really about to have sex in the classroom ... you dirty man child" I said . He laughed . He pumped himself a couple times before he places his D*ck In my vagina hole and (The 'D' is big :D) 


I got this idea from today because I was eating kool-aid during class with my friends . It was guuuud!

But anyways did you like the chapter lemmi know doe :D 



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