Mr.Malik +16

Mr. Malik is an art teacher at Offordale high school in Bradford England. Alexandra High is the student who is care free and sweet . Mr. Malik never knew her until she was transfered to his advanced art class . He was always attracted to younger girls but not ever his students .. She was sexually attractive to him . What happens when he finds out she feels the same way ?


13. Chapter 13.

Q&A #1

(Some of these questions are from my friends .. don't judge them I know they're sick minded )

(For Zayn)

Q : Zayn ... Why are you so damn adorable ?

A : I dont know . But i have to admit its pretty cool :) 

Q : Why were you so sex crazy when you met Alexandra ? 

A : The turn on is REAL :D 

Q : Would you choose your job over Alexandra 

A : No not even if the earth depended on it .

Q : Fuck me good ;)

A : And you are ?

(For Louis) 

Q : Why did you decide to go bi ?

A : I decided to when I saw Mr . Styles I mean .. if you were me you would go gay for him right ? 

(For Alexandra)

Q : So .. I'm confused . Is your brother okay with you dating a teacher ?

A : He hasn't said anything .. I guess he's fine with it

 Q : Is it just me or are you like really pretty :D

A : No its just you sorreh :3 

Well that's all the questions for now Ask moar!!!! (Okay now on with le storeh!)

Alexandra's P.O.V 

I am soooo sick . Okay maybe I should have listened to Zayn because I feel like shit . "Its just a cold or whatever it is .. its not serious though " Deangelo said . " It feels so bad .. can't you stay home with me :(" I whined "Nooo . Maybe Cher will be home early or something " he shurgged . He kissed my fortes and left . I groaned in my pillow then getting a text . 

Ive gotten worse :(- Zaynie

Hey we're sick together :D -Love

 how about I pick you up and we can chill at my house :)-Zaynie

If it will help you sleep tonight -Love

I'll be there in 10 ;D -Zaynie

Yay I can be with Zaynie :D . I won't suffer alone . I wobbled out of bed and to my closet . I don't feel like dressing sexy . Fuck jeans I'm wearing sweat pants in this 60° weather .

I put on some gray sweatpants and a white longtail t-shirt that said Rasta in jamacian colors . My favourite t-shirt thoe! . I knew it would get hot so I put shorts under my sweatpants .

I finished putting my hair in a bun when the door bell rung . I grabbed my black air jordans and my black north face jacket and dragged myself downstairs .

I opened the door to Zayn wearing a black hoodie a gray beanie and sweatpants . "You ready?" He asked . His voice was raspier than usual . "Yeah " I grabbed his hand and he led me to his car .

When we got to Zayns house we watched T.V for a while then we started eating ... a lot ! . Now we are in the art room working on stuff . Zayn was drawing something for me and I was drawing something for him . He kept peeking at my paper .

"Stop looking !!" I whined . He laughed "Okay Okay" He said and continued to draw . "Annnnnd Done!" He yelled. "Oo! Let me see!" I screamed .

I crawled to his lap and sat between his legs and saw his picture of me in cartoon form . "Ah this is so cool! .. all my dreams came true!" I clapped . He smiled and wrapped his arms around my waist.

I took it off the eisel and hugged it . "Smells like pencil led" I sinffed it . He chuckled . "What about yours?" He asked . "Oh yeah! .. I worked on the rough draft for the art project and I just don't wanna do it in class" He took my picture off the other eisel.

"Oh let me see " He smiled . I handed him my drawing of him . I remember I took a picture of him at the mall blushing because of course I said something charming :D .

I drew it because it was one of my favourite moments  . He blushed again . I giggled "This is amazing Love .. Just amazing " He smiled . I curtsied at his feet flounsing my invisible dress .

He got up and hugged me kissing me over and over . He started to tickle me . "Pleased" I begged for mercy he continued to tickle me when I picked up a paint brush with wet paint on it and flicked it at him . He screamed .

I laughed . "FUCK ITS IN MY EYE!" He yelled . I covered my mouth "Oh I'm so sorry let me see" I ran over to him and tried to look in his eyes when he took the paintbrush from Me and painted my face .

My mouth opened my mouth in shock and he burst out in laughter . I picked up the can of pink paint and threw it on him . He scream laughed and pixked up orange paint and did the same to me .

He ended up having a full blown paint fight and when we finished ... we were both like taste the fucking rainbow bitch! .

"You look beautiful with the rainbow love :)" he smirked . I giggled . "Stahp it you!" I gave him that bashful hand . I yawned . He smiled "You tired ?" He asked . I nodded .

He walked out the room and came back with some pillows and a big zebra rpint blanket .. and it was fuzzy :D . He laid down covering himself with the covers and held out his arms for me to join him . I played down in his arms and he covered us up .

He kissed my for head "I love you" he said . "I love you too " I mumbled and he'd onto his neck as we slept peacefully in the middle of the art studio . 


Did you like this chapter ? :D




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